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In the modern era of technology, where everything and anything can be found on websites, everyone wants their fair share. Like social media (which are also websites) in which everyone likes to show their personality and be a part of modern society, everyone wants to show the same phenomenon on a platform they have made.

The websites then come into the picture. Websites can be explained as the virtual environments that a person creates to portray their personality more accurately over the internet. And more than just creating a website for themselves, one of the most considerable portions of websites is made by people for their businesses or maybe for the communities they represent.

But since we all know that designing and developing a website is not one of the manageable tasks, everyone can't portray their thoughts correctly on their websites. Well, that's where wordpress comes into play.

WordPress is one of the largest CMSs (Content Management Systems) that are out there, covering an area of about a total of 40% of all the websites that are on the whole internet, according to the reports taken by 2021. Since it has such a broad community, the categories in the website owners also vary in it.

Why is there a need for website builder tools?

If this large number of people know how to code, the industry would probably thrive too much of the people who can build and design websites then the demand for them would eventually run out in the online and offline world. But, that is not the case here as there are two types of website owners.

One category is those who know how to properly build their websites from scratch by programming their way through it with the help of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and a programming language that includes anyone from many of them. The second category is those who don't know how to code but still can build a website no less than those made by web developers or the people who design.

They make websites with the help of inbuilt tools that other web developers and designers make. These tools include themes, pre-coded snippets of code, and even plug-ins, in some cases, which even make WordPress even more significant as a website builder.

And the best part of using WordPress as a website builder for the people of this category is that the vast community also helps in having a massive number of web development tools choices that professional developers and designers have already created. WordPress gives equal amounts of support to both of these categories of creators.

Where to start?

After knowing about the basics of what there is to know about creating a website without having to learn to code. The first question that I think would pop up in anyone's mind will be, "How do I exactly start with it now?".  

Well, don't you worry, that's also covered in this article. The fundamental way of creating a website without having any prior knowledge about web development is by choosing an appropriate hosting platform, then purchasing a template, and then finally using WordPress as the sole CMS (Content Management System) to let you be able to create, add, design, and then edit the content the way that you imagine to.

WordPress started its journey back in 2003 as a website development site aimed mainly at helping bloggers support their blogging website. But these days, this CMS can provide all the help that any web developer can ever need while developing their website.

The question that would pop up in anyone's mind is, "Why was that information mentioned here?". Well, the answer to that question is mentioned to inform you that one solution to all the problems you have while setting up a website is WordPress.

Setting up a website without coding first requires choosing an appropriate hosting platform and then purchasing a template, which can both be done on WordPress, making it an all-in-one solution to all the boulders that lie in the way of creating the website.  

One more of the perks of WordPress includes it being free to use and without any restrictions. Except for the fact you would probably have to pay for its hosting plans, which generally consist of a free domain if you take a year plan which can be quite a help if you're on a tight budget.

Best WordPress themes that exist

When it comes to templates, the CMS provides many of them, but many of them are the ones you'll have to pay for and many that are free. But whatever you do or whatever template you choose, never use it on your website in the same condition that you got it right out of the box.

This mainly means that you probably don't want to make your website look like others if you're spending this much time reading about it. So, just using a template on your website without making any changes to it is not recommended as many others could be using it in the same way, eventually leading your website into looking boring or nothing much interesting to gaze at as a design masterpiece.

Other professionals make these templates (accessible and paid both) of the WordPress community if you're wondering. Modifying a website to one's own needs doesn't just help look out of the crowd but also lets the web creator be more creative and portray their thoughts on their website more on to the point. Some of the best and widely used themes of WordPress are:


If you have ever sat between a talk of WordPress, then there are no chances that you wouldn't have heard about this one. This theme is considered their flagship theme, and there is a good number of downloads and purchases of it that back up its flagship title.

Its leading cause for such a wide usage is that anyone can use it as it is a website building framework that doesn't require even writing a single line of code or downloading and installing dozens of plug-ins for different features in the website.


It is a theme designed for everyone but mainly aimed at those searching for a theme that allows them to achieve a good SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which everyone who builds their website wants.

Aside from that, this theme can make any website look marvelous and breathtaking if used properly, and it has nearly 100s of layouts and designs which can be used in innumerable permutations and combinations.


This is a website for those who are on a budget but still looking for a bang for their buck. Of course, they would eventually get a bang as this theme is free on WordPress, but that doesn't let it compromise even a tad bit of its premium looks, making it a must-try for those who are looking at the other paid options.


Well, if you think the name of this theme is cute, wait till you try this theme for yourself. This theme is one of the most artistic and flexible themes that are available on WordPress.  

This theme is a must to try if your website's niche is about blogging, artistic showcasing, or even food items. This is also one for the minimalists in the house who believe in telling stories through a sheer amount of words without all the riff-raff.


Presence had to be mentioned as we absolutely can't forget the business people in the house who are looking to create a costly website, pun intended. The demos that are included in this theme package are those for the sites related to e-commerce, music, real estate, personal portfolio, and many more.

All the themes mentioned above are not the only ones available on the market but are just some of the most recommended ones due to user ease and beginner and professionals friendly.

Giving any of those a shot is worth it as you don't have to buy them all the right way to see how they'll look as you can see that before buying them in the demo sections that each of the themes has, it doesn't matter if they're paid or not.

Pros and cons

As sweet or sour, the thoughts may come into your mind after knowing about these WordPress themes. However, anyone can agree that it is neither the sweet ones nor the sour ones. They're a bit of both; the tip of the scale goes as much toward either the best or worst side as you want it to.

So at the end of the day, it all depends on you and your goals. But to probably give you an idea as to which side you’d like to tip the scale more, here’s a list of pros and cons of using themes on your website:

Pros of using WordPress themes:

  • You do not need to learn how to incorporate codes with your website to look and work as a professionally made premium website. This makes it great to use anyone who doesn't have enough time or doesn't want to learn coding to create a website.
  • You get a website that is made by a professional, so most or maybe all the bugs are already sorted and resolved by the developer. This saves the time of the website creator of learning how to make a website, coding their way through towards making the basic framework for their website, and then sorting out all the bugs that are caused while trying to run the website.
  • You get to maintain your budget. So, if you are one of the people whose primary concern is the money you're starting with, WordPress themes are among the most fabulous affordable options for you compared to most other themes providing companies. And to remind, many of the themes are free too.

Cons of using WordPress themes:

  • Security hazard: WordPress has grown a lot since it was considered a hazardous option due to the constant info leaks and the hacking that happened to the CMS server whenever a new version or update came into the market. But some cases still occur from time to time, so if any black hat activity happens on your website, then you'll have to become your own IT developer or pay someone to be that for you.
  • Incompatibility: Another thing to understand while using WordPress themes is that it runs on pre-made code created by another developer according to imaginative scenarios. And there could be many possibilities that when you run a theme after connecting it with your website's back-end server, the theme would glitch a lot or maybe not work at all.  That's why it is recommended that if you have enough money, then you should hire a web designer to design your website instead of buying a WordPress theme. As a web designer, they would be able to conjure a front-end code that goes along with your back-end code without creating any bugs.
  • Limitations: There is one more con in the WordPress themes, which is also a designing issue. Pre-made websites which many people use are excellent, no doubt about that. But there is still universal flexibility. This means that when a developer or designer makes a theme, they only make the theme flexible enough as much as they think is required, which may not work for everyone. As everyone has different imaginations and ideas to portray those imaginations and put that imagination down on the website, even a single limitation can dim the whole surroundings. So, a web designer can help in this case as they can put down a whole lot of your imagination by making the entire thing from scratch themselves according to your needs.

WordPress As Website Builder

WordPress is excellent support for people who know how to code and best for those who don't. While coding is necessary for building a website, WordPress provides many equal facilities to those who can't code their way to making a website. To boast about some of those facilities that WordPress provides for non-coding peeps, here are three things that a non-coding geek could always do on WordPress:

Enhance your site’s feel

As discussed in the article, WordPress allows its users to change their site's layout and designs by using themes anytime they feel like it. But what is even more significant for the people who know the basics of CSS is that if they know how to encode their imaginations in their themes properly, it could consist of pretty cool effects such as transitions or maybe even animation. Admittedly, not as much as a web designer could do but always remember, perfection lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Give birth to breathtaking websites

Well, the primary purpose of WordPress is to create a website, and that is what it could do for you whether you know how to code or whether you don't. Websites generally made on the CMS are for bloggers, e-commerce, communities, games, entertainment, and even portfolio websites.

Get your troubleshoots done

There are errors while practicing or doing anything, and so are there while making websites. Troubleshoots are very rare and occasional but sometimes or the other, they may occur, and when they do, you can quickly fix it on the very same WordPress too. There are many ways available only with the help of which you can quickly fix this issue.

Take things up a notch using plug-ins

If everything else about this website doesn't compel you to come at it, this reason would sure seal up the deal. Plug-ins are like the new modifications that you keep doing to your website to keep it constantly renewed. These plug-ins are the things that let you add functionalities to your website, such as a comment section, taskbar, emojis, etc., literally anything that you can think of applying to your website either for better or for worse.


The versatility that WordPress provides its users with is one of the best and genuinely appreciable and well justifies the reason for it having one of the biggest, if not maybe the world's most extensive web creating community that there is. It is quite suitable for web developers, web designers, or website creators, whether novices, intermediates, or professionals.  

If you’re ever thinking of creating an online account (which everyone should), then there is no other option such as WordPress. Along with having a truly fantastic experience at building your website, you will also get the best community forums that consist of people from all around the world, which can help you overcome any boulder that might be getting in your way of creating your dream website.

So, giving a shot to this CMS can result probably in a good way despite whether you are a coding geek or just someone who wants a decent website for themselves or their business. 

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