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If it's about developing an in-depth understanding of WordPress themes, it's imperative to explore the available options for picking up a suitable theme for your website.

With wordpress themes it is easy to create your own top professional website. Pick a wordpress theme of your choice and consider a handful of factors.

Wordpress was created with a distinctive mission, i.e., to democratize publishing. To keep it simple, you can say that Wordpress aims to ease the process of designing, publishing, and sharing content on the web. It doesn't matter what programming skills you've managed to acquire; you can always go ahead and consider getting your hands dirty with building an appealing and responsive website on Wordpress. The best part is, Wordpress has been victorious in achieving this goal. Around 30 percent of the recently lived websites have been built using Wordpress.

However, when developing a website using Wordpress, being well-acquainted with the WordPress themes makes your job even more convenient. Thus, to help you make your WordPress development experience even more convenient and enjoyable, we’ve come up with today’s post. It delves deeper into the nitty-gritty of WordPress Themes.  

What Does a WordPress Theme Refer To?

You can take the WordPress theme system as a mode to skin your weblog. In actuality, it’s way more than skin! When it’s about skinning your website, it indicates only the design modifications. But when you work with wordpress themes, they equip you with better control over the aesthetics and presentation of your website's material.

You can define a wordpress theme as a bunch of dedicated files to produce a graphical interface that comes with a basic blended design for a weblog. If we go by the technical terminologies, these files are known as template files.

In a one-liner, you can say that a theme determines how to present the content of a website to its visitors. A theme consists of elements like graphics, layout, styles, content type, and organization.

Files That You Can Find In Wordpress Themes

Every wordpress theme contains the following files. Let’s take a glance at them!

  • Files
  • Details
  • author.php

A template that provides information about the website authors.

  • comments.php

A template that renders the comment form.

  • functions.php

It’s a file with a simplistic outlook. It describes the required additional functions & features of the theme.

  • header.php

As the name suggests, it defines the header of any website.

  • index.php

It’s nothing but the primary template of the theme.

  • page.php

It’s the default page template. Generally, you can find multiple page.php files, which makes each page of your website look different.

  • single.php

It’s a template used for blog posts.

  • style.css

It’s the primary stylesheet that holds the CSS rule of your theme. In addition, it acts as an exclusive comment that conveys information like website URL, author, and soon to wordpress.

Various Theme Options to Choose From for WordPress Development - All That You Need To Know

If it's about developing an in-depth understanding of WordPress themes, it's imperative to explore the available options for picking up a suitable theme for your website.

An Overview of The Themes on WordPress.Org

When it comes to talking about the wordpress themes, the wordpress.org theme directory definitely deserves mention. The themes you find here are free, and all of them are GPL licensed. Typically, wordpress users like you and me create these themes. However, you need to be careful enough while picking up themes from wordpress.org. There are a few official wordpress themes like “twenty xx," which guarantees the quality. 

Moreover, they're compatible with any future updates and bug fixes. Contrarily, most of the other user-created themes available on wordpress somehow lack the quality parameters. In addition, you can face issues with future updates and support things with them.

Professional Themes for WordPress

If you want to bring that ultimate touch of professionalism to your business website, it's always a great choice to work with professional themes. When you start exploring the premium theme market, you find numerous fee-based themes. The best advantage of going with these themes is, they offer support and upgrades from the developers for half a year or 12 months. After that, you need to renew the license to access those supports and updates further.

There are various platforms to get a premium theme. Among them, Themeforest, Template Monster, Studiopress, theme, and Elegant Themes have gained the utmost popularity level. These premium theme directories allow you to browse innumerable themes and select the best one. Compared to the wordpress theme directory, these are vaster and more functional.

Theme Customization Is Always Possible With WordPress

If both the WordPress themes and the professional themes fail to win over your heart and you’ve already something in your mind related to the look and feel of your website, customizing your own theme is probably the best-fit option for you.

You can get a tailor-made theme designed by a professional. However, it may hit your pocket hard.

What To Check While Picking Up a Theme?

When it’s about picking up a theme, you need to consider a handful of factors to make the most out of the selected theme. Let’s take a tour of those considerations.

Don’t Forget About The Less-Talked-About Theme Lock-In

So, you're done with the job of picking up an eye-catchy theme for your WordPress website. It contains shortcodes for embedded galleries, portfolio items, custom post types, and every other attribute that your website requires.

Now, you've completed the development process, and your website is live now. Suddenly, after a year or a  few months, it looks necessary to change the theme, and you simply go ahead with the alteration procedure. You get another beautiful theme, but surprisingly, all your website data disappears. They're neither removed nor deleted- they've simply vanished! In this scenario, what else could you do except building everything from scratch?

This particular issue is technically referred to as the ’theme lock-in’ effect. When your theme performs the set of tasks that shouldn't be performed in the first place, it locks your website to that specific theme.  As a result, when you change your theme, at that very moment, your website loses all the data.

So, while choosing themes, don’t miss putting in some effort in discovering the probability of experiencing the said ‘theme lock-in’ challenge. Check its features thoroughly, and get to know if it offers them via the theme itself or it uses plug-ins for the same. By doing so, you’ll be able to enjoy a hassle-free development experience.

Check for The Available Community Support

The best part of WordPress development is its fantastic community support. Whenever you choose a theme on WordPress, make sure enough community support is available for the same. It will help you handle any challenge that you face while building your WordPress website.

When you know almost everything about choosing a wordpress theme, consider checking out the best wordpress themes in 2021. Here we go!

The List of the most popular wordpress themes in 2021 includes but is not limited to:

  • Astra
  • DEEP
  • Ocean WP
  • DV
  • Enfold

Now let’s check out how each of them stands out in the crowd.


This sleek and multi-purpose theme has won over the hearts of the developers  -both beginners’ and experts’. Astra’s highly customizable outlook makes it stand out in the crowd. It allows users to adapt it in their preferred styles. In addition, it will enable the easy integration of tools like WooCommerce and Yoast SEO. Being exceptionally lightweight, it helps in maintaining the optimum page loading speed.


It’s one of the most versatile wordpress themes that comes with a set of robust features.  Besides, its free version allows access to twenty-eight demos and some lucrative additional features. When it comes to talking about its paid versions, the pricing plan is noteworthily flexible. Upon purchasing its premium license, you unlock more than a hundred demos and an array of mind-blowing exclusive features.


This is a free theme. However, its robust features can compete with many other paid themes available in the market. It’s quite a well-maintained and eye-catching theme that boasts several great plug-ins to enhance the functionality of any website.


It comes with a wide range of great editing tools that allow you to customize your website in the way you want. Additionally, it includes innumerable premade design templates and more than eighteen pre-set layouts. If you’re looking for highly responsive designs, Divi is probably the best pick!


The quality checker of Enfold is Evanto -one of the best-known template and element builders of today's world. In addition, Enfold offers six months of support. It’s amazingly user-friendly. You won’t find any difficulty setting it up since a number of demos are available with this theme. With Enfold, gripping the theme's robust features is almost like a child's play!


Knowing the know-hows of using wordpress themes can play the role of a game-changer. Be it a beginner developer or a professional one, Wordpress has made the job far easier for all. All you need is a little practice, and the dream of shouldering the responsibility of developing your own business website comes true!

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