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A WordPress plugin is something that adds new functionality or extends existing functionality on your WordPress site. WordPress Plugins can be further coded.

WordPress Plugins - A brief explanation of its uses

Hey there. Are you in the mood of establishing a business of your own? Or do you want to start your new blog? Well. Congratulations. It is easy to create one with a website. Have you ever created a website of your own? Oh, you don't know what a website is? Well, let me tell you, it is magic. Anyways, today I would like to educate you about one of the many tools now readily available to people, especially bloggers, business owners, and the marketing world.

What tool is that, you ask? Well, the name is WordPress. A website where you can put your ideas to the test and make them a reality. You can produce an amazing blog post, or you can launch your business online with the help of WordPress. It is the most uncomplicated way of making your content/product as attention-grabbing as possible. And the best thing is? It's free!!.


In 2003, Mike Little and Mike Mullenweg created this software for free blogging. First, let us see what WordPress is? WordPress is software used for website building and content management (cms). It is coded in PHP language (a programming language). It is a very easy-to-use website even for beginners exploring this world for the first time.  

For developers, it is considered a potent tool. You can quickly generate an article and make your concept even more appealing by using many templates and themes provided. The WordPress community functions through 2 sites itself. WordPress.org and WordPress.com. With many talented programmers and developers, the website always comes up with new and improved modifications, keeping it up-to-date.  

For this exact purpose, many small and big seminars and events are organized by the WordPress community. These events provide a clear view and purpose of this organization. They also help them navigate a way to use the software with more ease and flexibility. Nearly more than half the world's websites are the fruition of their seeds.  

From a first-time article to international web platforms, all were so appealing and attractive that WordPress is now a household name for many worldwide platforms. Some of these are Variety, Sony, Time, Disney Company, and many other personal and business sites. WordPress is accessible, free, and flexible. WordPress is "open-source" software that everyone can use.  

The purpose of making it accessible was to provide a voice to anyone who has an idea or concept that they can present to anyone globally—providing them with a presence and identity of their own. What is the biggest pro of this situation? The worldwide audience accessibility. WordPress can be installed in just "one-click”. The most recently updated version of WordPress was approximately downloaded 22 million times already.

WordPress also gives you the option to modify or edit your content to your suitability. You can add or cut out any modification you desire and present your product or content according to your aspiration. WordPress is the biggest provider of a versatile variety of themes, templates, plugins, security features, etc. WordPress is consumed by one-third of world web consumers.

Plugin? Definition:

If you have read the above description, you will notice the word 'plugin.' Any ideas? None? Let me acknowledge you guys. The plugin is a feature that is also referred to as an add-on. It can also be considered a piece of the software. It enhances the capability and performance of the software. It is adding improved features and more functionality to it. And adds modifications that provide the consumer with a much better experience.

WordPress Plugin:

Now let's move towards the more specified term of this article—the reason why I am telling you guys all this stuff. And the reason why you are reading this. WordPress Plugin. This term is now widely recognized, especially where WordPress is concerned. A new terminology that specifies the variety of features is provided by WordPress. In the WordPress company, there is a saying, "there's a plugin for that."  

WordPress plugins are also written in PHP, which provides a consistent blend of powerful, immensely creative, and practical attributes. That makes it simple for the users to use the product to its total capacity without knowing a single word of coding or programming. As a result, the consumer experience is widely and wonderfully enhanced, which as a result, increases the consumption of this software.

Working of WordPress Plugins:

Let’s review the math of it. WordPress Plugins are written in such a way that they can be further coded. This option is given so that they can be continuously improved by other programmers. This supports and enhances the performance and functionality of WordPress itself also. WordPress allows its users to store data also in the WordPress database.  

This facilitates the WordPress plugins to get the data and enables the user to perform various tasks with ease. When you install a WordPress plugin, it automatically gets registered in the WordPress database. For use, we have to activate or deactivate it.

Uses Of WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins can be used for numerous tasks and modifications, not only for blogs. WordPress plugins can be used to perform multiple functions. We have prepared a list of chores accomplished by the WordPress plugins below:-

  • Starting your podcast website.
  • Building a photography website.
  • eCommerce store.
  • A job board.
  • Coupon website.
  • Wiki website.
  • For establishing a business directory.
  • Questionnaires.
  • Kicking off a personal website.
  • For starting Auction websites.
  • For creating Automated Email senders and receiving plugins.
  • Starting your blog website

In Blogs and Articles, WordPress plugins include features like grammar errors detection, SEO, easy social sharing, improving your content, and various other elements. They are also used for preparing articles, blogs, emails, letters, applications, etc.

Variety Of WordPress Plugins:

Thousands and thousands of WordPress plugin options and features are available. Approximately 48,000 WordPress plugins are available free of any cost. In addition, thousands of more commercial WordPress plugins included and used by the website are seen. These are the contributions of other third parties, like Github and partnered developers.

No matter what you are trying to achieve, there will be a plugin available for that. If you are working as a site administrator, you can easily install/uninstall and use many unique features. Application designing and frameworks can also be enhanced by using various WordPress plugins. However, some of the WordPress plugins show more promise than others.  

So to make your site or content more functional and valuable, you have to use the WordPress plugins suitable for your needs. Some WordPress plugins are so powerful and effective that they can convert your business/work site into a fully-fledged eCommerce store, social network, or forum. WordPress plugins can also make your site queue a cut above in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Do you guys know the ironic part? You can also use other website plugins to support the functionality of your WordPress plugin.

Usage WordPress Plugins:

WordPress is also known for its easy-to-use ability. The same rules are applied to this piece of the website. The WordPress plugins are as easy to use and show the same accessibility. The process is as complicated as you want to make it. To keep it simple, the basic steps to start your site are given below:

  1. Choose a WordPress plugin that supports your need and view.
  2. Then insert the selected plugin in your WordPress dashboard.
  3. Configure the chosen plugin on your WordPress dashboard.
  4. See! Simple!.
  5. The important fact to remember here is that you cannot use the WordPress plugins on WordPress.com. But you can find them on WordPress.org.

Finding WordPress Plugins:

A variety of WordPress plugins are found depending upon whether they require payment or not. The places are given below:

  • WordPress.org: this is the part of the site where free plugins are mostly found.
  • Code canyon: this site presents you with a mostly paid variety of plugins.
  • Third-party programmers: A vast majority of people create and sell plugins independently.

Some last moment facts for you guys for using WordPress plugins are; The WordPress plugins must be activated and deactivated according to your usage. To activate your plugin, you have to visit your WordPress dashboard. Also, keep your WordPress plugin numbers to a moderate. Keep only needed WordPress plugins on your WordPress dashboard. Lastly, keep upgrading your WordPress plugins for your site or content to work as flawlessly and smoothly as possible.


If you have reached this point, I welcome and congratulate you for gaining this information. Now let us review all that we have learned today, shall we? First things first, the worldwide used software WordPress has resulted as a framework for the bloggers and developers of the world. The users are equipped with a well-built platform to showcase their uniqueness..  

Furthermore, we discussed the most powerful feature of WordPress, WordPress Plugins. WordPress Plugins are the enablers that enable the consumers with resources to give the best results, enabling them to put their ideas out globally.

Then we briefly looked at the body of WordPress plugins, including their working, availability, accessibility, importance, and much more. In short, the WordPress Plugins are additional features of software providing enhanced functionality to the site or articles.  

WordPress plugins boost performance, help you add social media buttons, provide you with contact form fields, improve the SEO, and assists in creating galleries. All these facilities yield a better usage and a satisfying experience by the consumer, at the same time providing them with a platform to expose themselves.

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