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What is a website creator? A website creator is a (content management system) software program that helps users build and manage websites without codes.

Website creator - Everything that you should know about

With the passing of time, creating a website has become easier and easier. The tedious usage of codes has been gradually phased out. Building a website has never been easier in terms of increasing efficacy while reducing time waste. Would you rather learn to code than just applying a theme with a click and dragging and dropping? No, right? This is why website builders come up. It saves people from the headache of implementing codes that may or may not work. Of course, you won't modify every aspect and function to your liking, but it will help you get started with your goals.

What is a website creator?

A website creator or website builder is a content managing system (CMS) software program that helps users build and manage websites without using any codes. With this CMS, even if you have no coding knowledge, you can immediately launch a website on the internet in a matter of minutes.  

While you may not get as much control over your website as a web developer can, these builders provide you with the best tools that give you the chance to customize your website as per your desired look.  

What are the advantages of using a website creator?

Nowadays, creating your website is no more an issue of learning codes and spending time problem-solving every line of code. This is why Website builders are getting more popular amongst many bloggers, businesses, and organizations. WordPress is the most popular and oldest website creator amongst all website builders. In this section, we will look at why using a website builder is advantageous in this competitive era.

No programming skill is required

This one is quite obvious. Any person who does not know programming can get their website up and running in an hour. You have to get a web hosting server, buy a domain name, and install the preferred web creator program.  

From the web creator program, you can easily apply a theme from a collection of thousands of WordPress themes available in the WordPress console. The web creator tools also come with many tools to help customize your website so that it is functional to the fullest according to industry demands.  

It's faster

As mentioned, it's fast, and you can get a well functional website in no time. Then, all you need to worry about is putting up content for your website.

The collection of plugins

Creating a website with a website builder is very much better as you get to choose from a library of many templates and features that you can never get building with  

You can edit your website from anywhere and from any devices

This is the best advantage of having your website up with a website builder. How things work here is you just log in to your website creator Dashboard and start making whatever changes you need to make to your website. You could do this because all website creator programs are online-based so that you can edit your website from any place, and you can do this from your phone as well by using a web browser.  

Cheaper than hiring a designer

Designing a website requires creativity and consumes a lot of time. Even if you hire a designer, you can never imagine the cost of hiring one. Of course, if you have the budget and time, you will be better off hiring one. But if you are just starting, spending on a designer is not necessary.  

You can choose a template from an array of templates that come with web builders. Some website builders are free, and some cost about $5 a month to $100 a month. These page templates are customizable and have high-quality graphics. Hiring a professional designer can cost $1000 or more, depending on the extent of your requirements.

Flexibility of options

Changing your website themes, templates, or even functionality can be done with a click. All web builders provide drag and drop tools. As a result, you can easily move elements like images, comments boxes, and buttons from corner to corner.  


Though content is what matters in SEO, it is said that the Google search engine likes WordPress websites. Google trusts WordPress websites as being bug-free and responsive. A WordPress website can easily be viewed on mobile devices due to its volatile nature without affecting the quality.  

Best website builders in the market

Before you decide on choosing your website creator tool, there are certain things you should keep in mind. First, a good website builder should make it easy to:

  • Create New Page: Getting a new page is important if you want a new category for your products or a page for putting some specific things on your website to arrange things in an orderly manner. It shouldn't be a hassle to put a task as simple like this.
  • Arrange menu options that display different pages of your website: It should be easy to arrange a menu bar with sections that lead to different website pages.
  • Changing colors and graphics: It should be easy to change the color of the pages' layout and compositions.
  • User friendly: It should be beginner-friendly and fast. Users should not have to look up tutorials for every small change.
  • Add media and upload images: The use of pictures and videos is critical for SEO and engagement. As a result, putting a stumbling block in the way of uploading media will be aggravating. Adding links should be easy as well.
  • Should have an inventory of options to add new themes, templates, and plugins
  • Change fonts, editing and formatting your content like H1, H2, paragraph, etc., should be made easy.

We have known about the qualities that a good website builder should have; let us list out the best one out of the list.


This is the most popular and most dynamic website builder universally used by top bloggers and top businesses worldwide. Perhaps it is because of how flexible, and customizable its web-building tools make it the best to date. WordPress is an open-source website builder, meaning anyone can use its code for study, distribution, and change.

It also helps in on-page SEO customization due to numerous customizable attractive templates. When alt tags are used with pictures in WordPress, they aid in search engine optimization. The builder is adaptable for creating different kinds of websites thanks to the numerous plugins and templates that come with it.  


This site builder has very attractive templates to design your websites. To make these templates your own, you may change any design aspect. For experienced users who know how to code, Squarespace also includes custom CSS, allowing you to have even more control over the design of your site. You may work with the raw HTML or the WYSIWYG editor to modify your site.  

It is not as good as WordPress when it comes to customization of your website. It also takes a little bit of time to get used to. As of January 2018, it has about 1.8 billion websites created using this CMS. Unlike WordPress, this is a paid CMS. It offers a 14 day free trial for users. If you love the setup, you can opt for the premium version, which starts at $12 per month.


  • It has the best attractive templates in the market
  • It is optimized to be viewed on different devices
  • Ability to restore deleted posts within 30 days
  • Trusted security


  • It takes time to get the hang of the various tools and features. But you will learn to adapt
  • The editor lacks an autosave feature which is very important if you make mass changes to your website layout


Weebly is another CMS program that helps users get their website up in no time. It's one of the fastest-growing builders out there.


  • High upload speed
  • Provides good security
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use User Interface
  • Through the CSS module, we can use our coding skills as well. This gives an added advantage
  • Offers strong community support to help with difficulties
  • Many templates to use as starting options


  • Most elements in the are not customizable. This can be frustrating if you come over from WordPress
  • You cannot work on something else as long as the videos or photos have not finished uploading to your site. This is frustrating if you have a slow internet connection and a short time.
  • Plugins are limited

The plan starts at $6 per month.


Wix is another platform that helps you create your website with ease. However, this one doesn't sacrifice customizability for ease of use.  


  • It has good site speed.
  • Free version available
  • Numerous design templates to choose from
  • Best to create all kinds of business websites.
  • Intuitive drag and drop features
  • It also has a mobile editor so you can edit your website from your mobile devices.
  • Like WordPress, it has a Wix App Market where you can install many features required for your business. These apps are like plugins.
  • Lots of help and support


  • Wix uses the free version to promote their brand. This makes the websites seem unprofessional.
  • The biggest drawback is that websites aren't transferable. This can be a big problem if Wix can't offer the desired features you require for your business and leave you lamenting your decision to work with Wix.
  • Analytics and traffic tracking options require a premium plan.

Wix prices range from $14 to $49 per month.


Website building CMSs are improving and evolving as we talk. New updates are being made to make it more and more viable and as compact as possible to make website building faster and easier. Independent bloggers and small businesses use these website creator CMS to cut time as well as expenditure.  

It has made the website creation more dynamic in terms of style and performance, and affordability. The various apps, plugins, drag, and drop features add to the productivity, popularity, and appeal among businesses owners who wish to get a website at once.

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