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Web development is a job handled by front-end and back-end developers to create, build, and maintain websites using various tools and programming languages.

Web Development - Info about types, tools and languages

In the modern world, anytime you need to search for a thing or want to know about something, my best bet is that you take out your phone on the very instance you need to do so and type about your query on the Internet. On the Internet, there are as many websites as there are grains in a wheat stack.  

And the websites that you like to go to the most are the ones that their developers have properly developed. From the above scenario, I think you might have gotten a pretty good idea about what web development is and what web developers are. But to put it descriptively, web development can be said to be the process of constructing and maintaining websites.  

The web developers are the constructors and the maintainers of those websites. "But what does the process of constructing and maintaining include?" you might ask. Like a building, from how strong and rigid it is from the foundation to how it looks, everything matters, and everything should be focused on.  

While construction includes the process of back-end and front-end development in a website, maintaining a website includes making sure that the bugs in the website are constantly dealt with. Now, back to the analogy of the building, the web developers, commonly known as the 'web devs,' are the constructors of these buildings.  

From building a foundation to deciding how it looks, a web dev decides it all behind the back of the curtains. Web developers do this through two methods, front-end development, WordPress, and back-end development. These development methods are executed by using various coding languages such as ruby, python, java, c++, and many more.  

Web Development is gaining more and more heat day-by-day due to more and more businesses and communities getting online, and this has created a lot of need for web devs in the modern markets. Due to this, turning to web development could turn out to be quite a good choice as a career option for many people out there. So now, let's dive a little deeper into this topic.

Types of Web developments

There are two types of web developments. One of them is front-end development when it comes to web development, and the other is back-end development.  

Front-end development deals with the part that goes on behind the curtains in which a web developer decides how the website will work and how it will function, and how its source code must be like. However, When it comes to front-end development, it's all about how the website will seem to the user and how the user will experience it virtually.  

The essential tools for a front-end dev are letting a developer take care of the website's layout design and interactivity. He can do so by using languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The basic aim of using these sites is that it gives the front-end dev the capability of turning any imagination in his mind into reality.  

So, whenever you see a stunning website on the Internet, it's probably because a front-end dev has enhanced the websites' looks with the languages mentioned above.  

On the other hand, the back-end developer works as a foundation layer planter who builds the basics of the website, such as how it would work and respond to the user's input. The back-end is where all the website data is stored, and without this data, there cannot be a front end.  

The back end mainly consists of the server that holds the website and its database and contains the website's data. The back-end developers usually work with the languages, especially server-side such as PHP, Ruby, Python, and Java. The main emphasis of the back-end developers is to ensure that the website runs smoothly as much as it looks.

When a developer is proficient in both the back-end and front-end parts of the website, then they can be dignified as a full-stack developer. This is because a full-stack developer takes care of just the single part of the website and both the front end and the website's back end.

Platforms for Web development

Since websites are a necessity rather than a trend, there are thousands of options for choosing a platform for developing a website. The only goal of a website is to reach as much of a crowd as it possibly could. Some of the most popular websites that of web developers can surely give a shot for web development are:


This is one of the most preferred platforms by web developers as it provides one of the most convenient and usable functionalities in the whole dev market. There is also an App Store that users can use to update the latest features on their web pages without sweating about it.  

The site also helps move elements efficiently whenever there is a need to add various features to the website. The users can also Change as many templates as they want to achieve the perfect look for their website that they're looking for.  


This is one of the first names that comes from the mouth of a website developer when you ask for the best web development platforms. It is also one of the most popular trends these days. The best part of the website is that it helps users create the website without getting in much hassle.  

The website is also a huge help for web creators that have no experience in coding. Since there is no coding, a person can think that the website that will be made would look very petty in front of the properly coded websites, but that is not the case.  

Even though the website allows its users to create a website without coding, it does not compromise the quality of the website at all as it has thousands of templates at the user's disposal. This makes this website worth a shot for any web developer.


This is one of the most commonly used websites for web development as it has a very user-friendly environment. This website allows its users to choose from a wide range of features and templates available on the website in just about a matter of clicks.  

Its best features are bloggers and online shopping stores due to its self-explanatory Build up. It's hassle-free. Do you do its features such as the drag and drop feature? A web developer can create a website from this platform from scratch as it also gives the option to choose a blank template and show their creativity on it without any restrictions whatsoever.


If you have ever gone out on a journey to create a website, you would have already heard this name 1000 times. This is because WordPress alone expands over nearly forty percent on everything that is over the Internet. This not only makes it a platform worth giving a shot to, but also it is a platform that is trusted by a vast community.  

In addition, the customization options and the templates available on this platform are innumerable, and consist of as much variety as a person can find nowhere. And the cherry on the cake is that this is a free webpage that offers many options for web hosting.


It is another one of the most helpful web hosting and web development platforms out there. It offers a large number of templates and customization options. And it also allows the user to host the website on the same platform too.

Best Web development tools

Since web development is one of the hottest career options nowadays, new and newer tools are being created daily. So, now the question on your mind would be, "How do I find the best tools for myself?". Well, don't worry, we got that covered too in this article.  

The only thing that counts about the tools is that they are beneficial and effective when seeking the finest tools for web development for beginners and professionals. The only thing that matters is the use of the tool.  

So, everyone who just starts with these tools should first work with them without making a mess in a short or long way. So, with no more adieu, the best web development tools are:

  1. CSS
  2. HTML
  3. API
  4. Programming languages
  5. Frameworks
  6. Clients
  7. Servers
  8. Front-end development
  9. Back-end development
  10. Databases
  11. Data formats

Best website dev technologies

To learn what true web development is, one must first learn the basics of the technologies used within web development. As you learn about the technologies associated with the development of websites, not only are you enhancing your knowledge about the subject, but you are also getting the experience of what using your dev skills in the real world would look like.  

Before starting to work with any of these following technologies, taking a professional course is a compulsion to understand its proper work. Below are some of the web dev technologies that every developer should get handy with:  

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • API
  • Programming languages
  • Frameworks
  • Clients
  • Servers
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Databases
  • Data formats


Frameworks are created for the developers to help them in developing websites with various programming languages with ease. Frameworks act as a structure for multiple programming languages with which the complex parts involved in creating a web are reduced.  

These work by either letting the developer do those tasks efficiently or decreases the overall work process by doing the said tasks themselves. These save the developers' time and reduce their workload, even if it is by the tiniest bit of a fraction.  

Now you may ask," What frameworks could be the best one for me?". Well, don't worry, we got you covered with that topic too. But before the list starts, a prescription towards the readers is that a course on any of the chosen frameworks should be a must-to-do on the list before working with them. So, here are some of the best frameworks that developers generally use:

Ruby On Rails

As the name well suggests itself, this is a widely known framework used by those developers who mainly work the Ruby language.


It is one of the most widely known frameworks used by those who like to work with one of the most trending languages of our time, python.


It is a back-end network used by anyone who likes to work with one of the longest-running languages in the history of programming, JavaScript.


It is one of the most famous and widely used user interfaces of our time, which is generally used for the process of development using CSS/HTML/JavaScript


This is also one of the best-known frameworks for its back-end usage as a CMS framework developed using the language PHP.


It is one of the best-known frameworks for its usage by full-stack developers as it allows the developers to handle both the front-end and back-end parts of the website efficiently. It is developed on PHP.


It is one of the only frameworks to end up at the top of its category. Its primary use is to work as a mobile framework to expose the native android and iOS APIs to adapt themselves while writing codes using the language JavaScript.


It is one of the best mobile frameworks in the market in its category.


While Microsoft is mainly known for its computer software and APIs themselves, it has one more star player framework in their team. .NET is created for helping a particular section of web developers, which are the full-stack developers. And it does also exist as one of the best full-stack frameworks that are in the current marketplace.


It is one of the most widely preferred front-end frameworks that are in use. Its easy-to-work environment has made it one of the best for beginners and professional web developers.

Web Development languages

Until now, you already must have read the term 'programming language' enough to consider it as something that we write, and the computer understands for the sake of getting through until now, but now, let's talk about these languages.

If you have made it here, you must already know that the computer only understands the language of 1s and 0s. Due to writing, everything that we want to convey to the computer is very hard as we would have to say out every word in the form 1s and 0s, which, if I state bluntly, is just something that can drive anyone nuts.  

Well, here is when a language and its compiler come into play. A programming language is a language that comprises certain sets of strings that can produce different machine code outputs (1s and 0s) on other usages.  

Therefore, a professional course on any languages mentioned below should be taken before putting it to work. Now then, as that is out of our way, let's address your query about the best learnable language options out there. So, some of the most used languages that exist are:


Even if you've never dived deep into the sea of programming, you still must have heard the name of this trending language king somewhere or the other. It is one the most widely used OOPs (Object Oriented Programming languages) that have ever existed, and it is all because of its user-friendly work environment.


This language also is in the topper list of languages. This language is an excellent option for anyone starting their programming journey or finding a new language to pick up.


Well, this is a language that even anyone elder in your family must have worked with for a long time as it has been reigning over the programming languages market for nearly three decades now.


This is a language that is a must for any beginner who is aspiring to master the art of back-end development. Its functional capabilities make it one of the best and worthy of getting in any top programming languages list.


Another bunkmate of java and python is this spectacular creation. It is also a must-go for any aspiring developer or professional who wants to learn a new language.


Choosing Web development as a professional field of work can be an excellent option for anyone aspiring to be recognized as something in data science.  

However, doing web development as a side hustle or central line of work, such as for your business, can also turn out to be a great choice as the era we are living in is all about digitalization. So, I would recommend you learning more and more about web development to become a part of the world that is soon to get fully digitalized.

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