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The demand for temporary workers in many industries continues to grow. Organizations often look for temporary staff to be working on a project-by-project basis and to complete special assignments. These temporary jobs are a great choice for candidates who want a work schedule with extended time off.

What Is temporary employment?

Temporary employment is when an employer looks for someone for a specific role, only for a defined or limited period. For example, employers hire temp employees to cover for an employee who's out on leave.

Temping is doing short-term work assignments with employers that need work done. These temporary roles, although similar to seasonal positions, are generally available year-round. In addition, organizations often hire temporary staff on a project basis for part-time work as office workers. Such temporary employment allows staffing without hiring regular employees.

In the past, the temp jobs were for largely non-specialized and entry-level roles. Gradually we have witnessed a gradual morphing into specialist and niche profile temp jobs. These days organizations across almost all sectors around the globe have started putting a premium on this talent.

How do temp jobs work?

Organizations engage temp workers only for a defined period. Depending on the organization's needs and employee performance, the end date can be extended, or temporary roles can become permanent roles also.

You can find temp jobs directly with organizations or through temp service agencies. Temp jobs are a great choice for people who prefer to work on an expected schedule without a full-time commitment.

Although not guaranteed, many times, companies convert a temporary role to a permanent one. However, it depends on both the parties and enough work to permanently justify the temporary employee's employment.

Why do you want a temp job?

Whenever organizations need short-term workers, they hire temp employees. However, there is no assurance of those positions getting converted into permanent ones. But of course, working as a temporary employee allows you to participate and have an advantage over external candidates when applying for permanent jobs.  

On a personal level also, you need to be clear about why you want a temp job. Is it for extra income or some different experience to your resume, or do you want to explore a new career path? Before making a choice think about your career goal, evaluate your level of motivation.

Reasons to consider a temp job

A temp job can be the best way to lead you to the right career path. However, it does offer few potential benefits where your career is concerned. Advantages to working for temp jobs :  


Temp jobs provide flexibility to earn, allowing you the time to work on your other passions. In addition, it offers a way to focus on the work that gives you joy.

You get to know a job beforehand

Like an internship, a temp job offers a chance to sense the work, the people, and the organizational culture without committing yourself to a full-time position in the organization. Based on your experience of working, you can make your decision whether you'd like to work there and pursue a permanent role or not. It also saves you from the issues of having to quit due to a poor fit.

You can learn new skills

A temp job provides an opportunity to pick up various new expertise and proficiencies and learn different things about the job profile. In addition, the temporary worker gets exposure to a plethora of job affairs and office procedures.

You could get a permanent job

Many times temp jobs lend you a permanent job offer. When a job opening becomes available, organizations prefer temp employees, as they are already on the top of mind. In addition, they know the quality of your work and your work ethic.

Downsides of temping

Along with the benefits, there are potential downsides of temping too.  

  • Sometimes, you may not get the kind or amount of work you want to do.
  • At times you might find yourself in the middle of organizational, political battles.

If you want variety and challenges and want to gain new skills, networking contacts, experiences, and temping, you are the perfect fit.

Hot sectors

The recent pick-up in market demand for temp jobs is very inspiring. Sectors like telecom and energy are the new growth engines. FMCG and power have accelerated the hiring demand. The hot sectors offering temp jobs are:

  • Automobiles
  • IT Enabled Services
  • Power and Energy
  • Telecom
  • Construction
  • Insurance

Who should think about temp jobs?

A temporary job is an amazing option for workers looking for work only for a specified period.

Job seekers of all kinds

Temporary jobs are ideal for job seekers looking for some supplemental income while searching for a permanent long-term role. In addition, such temp jobs are a great option to fill a gap in the resume and build up the credentials.

Career explorers

A temporary job is best for people who search for jobs to build a career portfolio. Temp jobs offer opportunities to try out new roles and work in an advanced environment.

Employees looking for a job change

A temporary job is a great option for job seekers who want to try out a different industry and add more experience to their resume. However, they don't commit to a long-term job.

Things to consider before taking up a temp job

Although for a shorter period, a temporary job requires careful consideration as any other job opportunity. Before opting for a temp job, you should answer four questions yourself:

Are you ready to take on the unpredictability?

Temporary jobs are only for a specified amount of time. Hence, you could have to face frequent periods of unemployment. When one temp job ends, and you have to look for another. It may induce anxiety in some people. So it is always better to gauge your comfort level with the same beforehand. This will save you from unnecessary stress.

Are you a quick learner?

Since they are hired for a shorter period, temporary employees should be fast learners. They need to pick up the job responsibilities associated with a job swiftly.

Do you have a sense of belonging at work?

Usually, temporary workers are considered as less connected to the team and workplace. So it's challenging to deal with such perceptions. But, on the other hand, if you enjoy building relationships and try being an integral part of the organization, you may have to deal with such cognizance.

How to get a temp job?

The process of getting a temp job is a bit different from a permanent job. For a temp job, you normally can not put in an application directly to an organization. Rather it would be best if you approached the organization through a temp agency or a temporary staffing firm. A temp agency is a recruiting or staffing agency and hires employees for different organizations.

Are temp jobs just for unskilled people?

No. Organizations often need temporary employees with multiple skills and diverse work experiences. For example, the Manpower positions in-demand these days are administrative jobs, call center agents, business analysts, customer service representatives, and sales managers.

Skills in demand for temp jobs:

The temp job market is constantly evolving. Technology-driven temporary careers are gaining popularity. No matter which field you choose, certain career skills always increase your prospects of success. You should pursue the in-demand skills to push your career forward. Here are some top skills you should develop to make sure you are the best place to succeed.

  1. Good product understanding.
  2. Varied experience in the sales function.
  3. Good communication and interpersonal skills.
  4. Administrative skills

How much does a temp employee make?

The hourly pay rates of temporary employees vary considerably depending on the job profile. Payments also vary by geography. Regions with higher living costs offer more hourly pay. Usually, the temp employment agency sets the pay parameters for candidates.

What are the rights of a temporary employee?

Depending on the business and state requirements, temporary employees get the same rights as permanent employees.


The idea of temp jobs is to provide increased flexibility to the employee and employer both. This trend of hiring temp workers has brought some changes in terms of business models and structure. Employees reject the traditional 9 to 5 working days and opt for a job that offers them freedom, flexibility, and work-life balance. It also presents a cost-effective opportunity for employers to drive cost savings, enhance their market adaptability and keep their business afloat. A win-win situation for both!

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