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What is a temp agency? A temp agency, also ascribed to as a staffing agency, is devoted to placing job seekers into short-term and long-term contracts.

Temp agency - A quick brief on its existence and procedure

It's not apparent that the search for jobs is always intended for a permanent one. In many cases, there are scenarios when opting for temporary employment sounds vial. Now, this is the time when a temp agency or temping agency comes into play. These days, finding a job has become a never-ending process, but thankfully, such recruiting agencies have changed the way the cookie crumbles.  

Temp agencies - A quick briefing

Temp agencies bridge the gap between employers and candidates, and you can refer to their work similar to that of an employment agency. However, a temp agency is a medium for candidates and companies to hire or get hired on a temporary period. Now you might be wondering why a company would recruit employees temporarily!

Well, in most cases, the reason is an organization's requirement for project-to-project basis staffing. Though there's no certainty if a temporary job role can turn into a permanent one, there's a potential for the company to change a temporary job role to a permanent one if you're lucky and prove your efficiency.  

Now, in your search for an ideal job, holding the hands of a perfect temp or staffing firm becomes of the essence. Isn't it? This article will take you through all the facts revolving around temp agencies and recruitment so that it helps you bring a happy ending to your job search. Here we go! Finding a job - The challenges

The competition is fierce, and finding a job on your own is more complicated than ever. However, companies are always on the hunt for feasible candidates, intending to settle with the ones who are a perfect missing piece for their jigsaw puzzle.  

Therefore, candidates who don't cover the job description well aren't good to go. All this leads to the boom for temp agencies and recruiters, as they minutely decipher requirements from both parties and connect accordingly. There're plenty of other reasons which raise the hurdle high enough to cross. Listed below are the following.


  • Demand and Supply stands wide off the mark
  • Recruiters are choosy
  • Misleading job posts
  • Underqualified
  • Emerging technology

Choosing a temp agency as your pathfinder - The expediency

According to resources from the American Staffing Association, there are about 25,000 staffing and recruiting companies, which altogether operate around 49,000 offices. Approximately 56% of companies and 76% of offices are in the industry's temporary and contract staffing sector.

In this modern era, we all have access to various data and statistics, and predicting something is feasible. Now, as per the report mentioned above, it's understandable how beneficial and efficient it would be to choose temp agencies to achieve your job goal as the count is overwhelming. Listed below are certain other advantages which you'll get from a temp agency.

Access to numerous openings

The way you will be authentic and skilled at your work, in the same way, temp agencies master extracting out a befitting job based on your skills, experience, education, and overall profile. Staffing agencies are connected with hundreds of companies, and choosing and placing candidates in the right one is their deliverables.  

Refining your experience and skills training

A Temp/staffing agency recruits for various positions. It leads to adding more to your experience, as with multiple job positions comes new knowledge. Therefore, boosting your career along with your financial goals becomes easy. Besides, they can also assist you in learning new skills and brushing up your resume to raise your eligibility and confidence for available positions.  

It's free of cost

The services of a temp firm are not only limited to doing the legwork to seek the best available option for you, but instead, they charge a very negligible amount for the same. The reason behind this is that companies themselves approach such temp or recruiting agencies to help them find the best-fit talent for their open positions. Now, this gives light to the fact about the process and legitimacy which such agencies carry. There would be no hassles in following up with HRs, waiting day and night, losing sleep as the agency will take care of them all.  

Building up new connections

To stay updated and well-connected, networking is inevitable in today's world. Besides, maintaining and building up new connections continuously is a vital option to open up new avenues. When you stay connected with people from various companies, let's say, for example, HR Managers, the chance of getting help in your career levels up.  

Therefore, a temp firm will not only pave the way to your ideal job but also gives you exposure to a wide range of professionals from different companies and profiles. This, in return, builds up a strong circle around you and increases the chances of you getting in touch with a vial opening at the earliest. Besides the ones mentioned above, there are few other advantages which you avail being in association with a temp or staffing agency for fulfilling your job requirements.  

  • Short term job offerings go well with employees skill sets
  • Versatile scheduling options
  • Placements are completely free
  • Chances to attain permanent hiring after a temporary one.

Temp or Staffing agencies - Myths unrevealed  

Now that you have gained insights into what temp agencies could do for you, it's time to unveil some pre-existing myths which give candidates a mild reluctance to approach staffing agencies. Here they are!

Temp or Staffing agencies are costly

Somehow, many candidates have a common belief that staffing firms would cut big on their pockets. However, it's not true! In actuality, it's the company and organizations looking for their gems like you to take command of the open positions. Therefore, they pay these agencies a fee, making them duty-bound to hunt for suitable candidates in return. Thus, they act as a bridge between the recruiters and employees.

Entry-level candidates are a priority

Here comes another belief which bothers many of the candidates. Well, if someone suggests or has a belief that temp or staffing agencies only help entry-level candidates, your answer should be a big no! In clear contrast, these agencies are expected to fulfill diversified vacancies from companies. Therefore, regardless of the career stage, you are into, a staffing agency has to meet up the employer's demands. All they seek is a right fit as per the criteria, thus opening the doors for a perfect job with a considerable salary.

A threat to salary increment when recruited via a staffing firm

Incompatible with this myth, temp or staffing agencies are robust when discussing negotiations related to a candidates' salary. After all, it's a profession which they are into, and a legitimate & reliable temp firm will always look forward to accounting for both sides of the coin. Therefore, they try to keep both the parties, i.e., employer and employee, in a win-win situation. Sorting out from the available options, an agency strives to deliver the best possible package on your table.  

Temp or recruitment agency deducts a percentage from your payout

Not! As mentioned above, recruitment agencies get a fee from organizations to bring true talents to their baskets. Therefore, by no means, there's a need or even a rule where such agencies will aim to deduct any specific amount from your full paycheck with or without any information. In addition, the salary packages offered are true to your skills, experience, and whatever criteria are required to meet for the same.  

Temp agency recruitment - The procedure

Well, talking about the operations of a temp or staffing firm, there's a significant difference when compared with a normal HR department. In a temp agency, the entire procedure of hiring, firing, and onboarding of any temporary worker is their responsibility. Therefore, the company, i.e., the agency's client who hires the worker, has completely no hand in offering any benefits.  

There's a simple agreement between the parties, the agency, and the company, once the payout negotiations and duration of work are accomplished. Therefore, the responsibility of workers' timely payments and various other employment details are on the shoulders of the temp or recruiting agency. If there's any disruption or issues, the worker can communicate and complain to the staffing agency.

Now, on the other hand, there might be a situation where the organization, i.e., the company which recruits, somehow gets disappointed with the worker's performance. In this case, they don't have the authority to terminate a worker directly; rather, they will need to approach the temp or staffing agency based on the agreement. Again, be it a full-time, part-time, or even seasonal employee, the agency will be solely responsible for availing the benefits, taxes, and whatever else is required.  


Therefore, in a one-liner, it can be said that sharing your journey of job search with reliable temp agencies is a bright idea. It minimizes your hassles from finding a job and remains by your side till the time you are into it. This is one of the most important reasons why thousands of skilled people depend on temp or recruiting agencies as a helping hand towards their careers.

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