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The world around has rapidly moved to virtual platforms. In recent years, social media has established itself as a force to be reckoned with. Today, our physical world is accompanied by a virtual world as well. This virtual world contains a treasure trove of information and data from all topics under the sun. People connect on it regardless of the physical distance between them. It is a medium to exchange thoughts, ideas, and information at a fast pace.

The importance of the internet in today's world cannot be overstated. It has become ever-present in both personal and professional spheres. The internet is a place to meet like-minded people, broadcast views, and engage in interesting frivolity in personal lives. Professionally, the internet is used for operations, marketing, and branding, among other things. Within the internet, social media platforms, in particular, have become increasingly prominent.

Half of all the people in the world use social media. About 90% of all internet users have social media accounts on many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Millions of active monthly users drive traffic to these platforms. As such, social media has emerged as a powerful tool for branding and marketing. Brands are often fighting for visibility on social media to establish a strong presence.

But why is it important for brands to build and manage their social media presence? How do they benefit by managing how they present themselves online, and who handles this management? Read on to find out!

A strong social media profile exposes brands to new customers and helps them specifically cater to their target audience. This can help drive greater traffic for the organization. Increased traffic brings in more ad revenue. It also increases potential earnings if customers buy from the company online. This helps build the brand's reputation, brings them closer to the consumer community, and allows them to communicate directly. This communication can be the dissemination of relevant information such as offers and sales. It can also be the quick address of queries or concern resolution without making the customers wait long. The increased engagement with the customers builds the brand's credibility in the community.

So, if having a prominent presence on social media is so important, who takes care of it? This is where social media marketers step in. A social media marketer's job involves:

There's a lot that goes into a social media marketer's job! So let's take a look at some of the responsibilities of a social media marketer.

Responsibilities of a social media marketer:

A social media marketer's job comes with its fair share of responsibilities. A competent marketer delivers on these responsibilities to drive the social media presence of the company. Some of the important job roles of social media marketers are:

Develop social media campaigns and strategies

These are tailored for specific platforms. The content strategy for Instagram will vastly differ from that of the Twitter strategy. For instance, Twitter has a shorter word limit. This requires brands to make an impact with short-form content. Alternatively, longer, more descriptive posts can be uploaded on Instagram without a short character limit. Instagram is more suited to video graphics content than Twitter. Pinterest exclusively allows photos that require a different content strategy. A good post strategy helps the company meet its engagement goals and hit marketing targets.

Account monitoring

One of the significant job roles of people who have made their careers as social media marketers is account monitoring. They monitor the company's social media accounts and handle client interaction. Brands interact with customers on social media in a variety of ways. One example of this communication is via personal messages.  

Queries can be resolved this way, or customer complaints can be addressed and channelized into the proper places. The time taken for this should be short, as customers should not be kept waiting for long periods. In the absence of an engaging communication method on social media, the brand's reputation suffers.  

Worse still is an amateur providing inaccurate or unhelpful information. This frustrates clients. They might stop buying from the brand and even post negative reviews that discourage others. So, it is important to have a seasoned social media marketer thorough with all the s.

Platforms provide a variety of data such as organic engagement generated, number of people reached, etc. Tracking the trends in these and then making suggestions to boost visibility further are important parts of a social media marketer's job. In addition, they should devise operations policies that generate greater engagement on social media platforms.

Create various kinds of interesting content

This includes custom photo content, video content, and textual content. This is used across social media platforms to attract audiences. The content should thus be aesthetic and creative so that it captivates attention.

A social media marketing job involves tracking popular trends and documenting them and pitching them to employers and executing content tailored around that trend. Reports of other kinds such as performance analysis reports and strategy effectiveness reports are also required.

Skills required for a social media marketing job

A social media marketer's job required a variety of skills. In general, employers have high expectations from their social media marketers. Some of the key skills most important to success in the field are:


In a competitive space, brands try to distinguish themselves. When the consumer is flooded with information on social media, their attention span decreases. To capture their attention, eye-catching posts need to be pushed out.  

Writing Skills:

Content on social media can be of many forms. Of these, writing is an evergreen method of communication. All platforms require proficiency in various types of written content. Making an impact with the textual content is imperative to any brand's hopes of becoming prominent on social media. Engaging content that motivates customers to interact with the brand by sending messages, inquiries, or purchasing products, hinges on the writing ability of the people who are pursuing their careers as social media marketers.

Efficiency and cross-platform tasking:

Social media marketers are responsible for keeping the brand active on all platforms regularly. A competent social media marketer will efficiently execute tasks across platforms. This should ideally be done efficiently without operational delays. To do this, being organized help, and so does being adept at cross-functional tasking.

How to join a social media marketing job?

Demands for social media marketer jobs have steadily increased in recent times. The thrust on remote work intensifies this during the pandemic. A good way to hunt for a social media marketing job is via a simple Google search. One can also search for a social media marketer job on, well, social media! Brands often post requirements on their pages. Look for a job that aligns with your interests and experience level, and apply.  

Social media management jobs are flexible. These roles are offered full-time but also as part-time or internships. Both physical and remote working options are usually available. Usually, the posted jobs require applicants to join immediately on selection. The experience level for a job can range from 0-2 years for an entry-level position and 7-10+ years for senior executive roles at large organizations such as Netflix. Therefore, it is wise to apply to roles that match your skill level to increase landing opportunities.

A degree in a relevant field such as journalism, mass communication, or English usually helps candidates get a foot into the industry and start their career as a social media marketer. Of course, these are mandates only for prestigious opportunities. However, the human resource team of various organizations also welcomes candidates from different educational backgrounds and allows them to join as social media marketers given the right experience.  


When it comes to building a career as a social media marketer, the job comes with great benefits like remote working opportunities, freelance openings, flexible working hours, and amazing remuneration. All you need to do is reach the right team engaged in human resources and apply for the job that suits you the best!

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