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Introduction: What is Social Media Management?

Did you know that 57% of the world's total population (4.48 billion) will use social media in July 2021? That is a huge number. Every brand and service has a social face today. Companies have realized that their target audience hangs out on social media to be the best place to grab their attention. But do you think business owners themselves create the posts and engage with the audience in the comments on their posts? Of course not. They don't have the time to do that because their energy and brain cells are required in other parts of their business. This is where social media managers enter the scene. We will see more about what they do in the next section of this blog.  

What does a Social Media Manager do?

This question doesn't have a universal answer. It varies from company to company. If you work with smaller organizations, you may head every social media-related task from creation to posting. But when you work with bigger organizations, you may be working in a team. You will be expected to do a specific task like only creating posts or only replying to the comments, etc.; social media managers should be up-to-date with the recent trends and changes in the market. Let us see the tasks that social media managers do to keep the business running:

  • Ideate and brainstorm the social media marketing strategy
  • Create content calendar including the schedule
  • Posting the content. This may be automated using tools like Later and HootSuite.
  • Engaging with the audience in the comments and giving them feedback
  • Create an excellent brand experience for the customers
  • Including visual design strategies by working closely with the specialists
  • Keeping track of the Key Performance Indexes to measure the success of the campaign
  • Planning and implementing promotional strategies like influencer marketing and running advertisements
  • Working closely with the upper management of the organization for feedback and changes
  • Analyzing whether or not all the platforms are working and producing results as planned
  • Maintaining the brand voice and brand guidelines throughout the platforms to maintain consistency.
  • Follow and set new trends. Keep a note of the trending reels and recreate them according to your brand voice. Try this with the trending memes too.
  • Work with copywriters to create social media copy for conversion, like advertisement copy.

How to Become a Social Media Manager?

The one thing that the lockdown has revolutionized among many is the beginning age of freelancers. Children as young as 14 and 15 years have started doing some or the other form of freelancing, and the two main freelancing services they provide are content writing and social media management. So let us see the ideal roadmap followed to become a social media manager:

Step 1: Learn about the working of different social media platforms:  

Do you think you would be a good social media manager because you have grown up with it? Then you're mistaken because using social media for personal use and managing the social media platforms for organizations are completely different. Every post that you will post for your client will have a very thoughtful strategy behind it. Try learning how different social media platforms work, which type of content each platform is made for.

Step 2: Try creating social media marketing strategies:  

Reach out to your friends/family member that runs a business. Talk to them about how they use social media for marketing their products or services. Offer to work with them to learn about how business objectives and goals are achieved through marketing strategies on social media. See when and how marketing strategies change when they do not work for a particular platform over time.

Step 3: Gain relevant work experience:  

You can only gain experience by executing the strategies you learned in the first step. You gain experience when you work for your friend or family member, as suggested in step 2. The other way to gain experience is through joining niche Facebook groups and offering free service for a week or two in exchange for testimonials.

Step 4: Build an audience on social media where you share strategic and valuable content:  

You must already be knowing that people trust someone who has social proof of achievement. When you build an audience on your own, your clients know that you know how social media works. The types of content that you will share on your page will also exhibit the graphic and copy skills that your potential clients are looking for.

Step 5: Analyze the analytics yourself to get the hang of it:  

How do you know your marketing strategy is working? Yes, through the analytics. As a social media manager, you should be aware of every analytics. Some of the common KPIs that you may want to watch are the number of followers, page views, likes, shares, comments, and impressions. Of course, you will always have the number of impressions greater than the number of interactions. Making reports based on the analytics may take some time, but it will give you insights into what is working and what is not.  

Step 6: Attend workshops and undergo training to enhance your skills:  

You may learn graphic creation, research, and analysis through various online courses and workshops that help industry experts. You may try learning new tools like content-sharing tools, publishing tools, and trending tools. Social media listening tools are utilized for knowing what consumers say about them. Hootsuite and Hubspot provide social media listening tools. You don't have to be jack-of-all-tools; just know which tool does what and whether it can enhance your marketing. Another bonus of doing courses is that you get a certificate that you can add to your portfolio at the end.

Step 7: Build a portfolio, preferably online:  

How will your clients trust you and hire you to handle their social media? Create an authentic portfolio that speaks for itself. Add the results you brought for your previous clients in your portfolio like the analytics, and your clients will be impressed by that. You may create a PDF or Video portfolio, but a website portfolio is very enticing. It will take just a click to see your online portfolio, whereas your clients will have to download your PDF portfolio to see it. You know which one is easier. You can use WordPress to host a website; it is easy to use, a free site like Coroflot, or an app like Milkshake.  

Step 8: Engage with your competitors' audience and your dream clients:  

Follow or have a close look at your client's business competitors. See what they are doing, which type of content is working for them, and what their audience likes because chances are such content would work for your client's business.

Skills required to become a Social Media Manager

There are some skills that you may need to become a social media manager that companies would get excited to work with:

  • Good hold of basics of a language, mostly English
  • Time management
  • Good customer service
  • Visual eye for your client's brand
  • Analytical skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Organization skills

Is any qualification required to become a Social Media Manager?

Freelancing is done in all the jobs these days. You can find freelancers for every job that you may think of. Similarly, if you want to become a freelance social media manager, you would not need an educational qualification in management or business. But suppose you want to apply as a social media manager at some company formally.  

In that case, you may be expected to have a Bachelor's degree in marketing, business, advertisement, or even psychology. Why psychology? Because as a social media manager, you will be engaging with real human beings, and you already know their behavior. You may even enroll in online courses if you are not of the age to undergo graduation.  

How much do Social Media Managers make per annum?

If you got enticed upon becoming a social media manager after reading this blog's previous parts, you would be happier to know how much you may earn as a social media manager. As a social media manager, you earn according to the experience that you have. According to PayScale, an entry-level social media manager makes around $42,000 per year, and with experience of over 20 years, you may make around $68,000 per annum.  

But these numbers account only for the full-time positions. If you decide to become a freelance social media manager, there is no limit to your income because you may take as many clients as you want. We have covered all the nitty-gritty to start your career as a social media manager, like the skills required, a step-by-step walkthrough, and their pay scale. You will not need any other guide to start your journey if you read this blog thoroughly. 

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