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Remote graphic design jobs - Check information and vacancies

In this virtual world, all digital and social media platforms use visually appealing graphics to make a long-lasting impression on the audience. The graphic designs convey ideas and messages visually. Organizations use graphic designs to promote and sell their products through advertising on websites.  

You can find freelance or remote graphic design jobs from across the recruiters around the world. Here you will find all the detailed information and guidance required to grab a remote graphic design job.

Graphic designer

Graphic designers are creative people who produce visual solutions to communications needs. There are many avenues available for remote graphic designers to work virtually in technology and marketing. It provides a work-from-home opportunity for graphic designers to work in an adaptable environment.

Working remotely as a graphic designer

These days more and more people prefer remote jobs over the work-from-office. As a result, the graphic designing sector is undergoing various changes, and there are tremendous demand and market opportunities available for creative graphic designers.

There are numerous remote opportunities available for graphic designers. You can start working remotely with a design agency or on freelance projects also. A graphic designer provides services to various industries like media, advertising, fashion and textiles, software industry, manufacturing, and many more. Start your search now!

Types of graphic design jobs

  • Contracts – A contract position demands committed work for a specific time.
  • Full-time – A full-time position demands your time.
  • Part-time – A part-time position demands to work only for a few hours.

Entry-level remote jobs in graphic designing  

At the entry-level of your career as a graphic designer, you can get job positions like junior graphic designer, instructional designer, and mobile graphic designer. Having basic graphic designing skills, working experience, and knowledge of various Adobe tools, Canva, and Photoshop can help you grab a junior or entry-level graphic designer position.

The career path of a graphic designer  

Graphic designing is a creative career path with multiple career paths opportunities. Creative graphics designers work on designing packages, book covers, games, and animators. A graphic designer can work in various industries and sectors and get employment in a design studio, an ad agency, and a web designing firm.

Typical jobs begin as a junior designer. Then can progress to be a senior graphic designer, creative art director, and beyond. Other job titles for a graphic designer are illustrator, email marketing designer, UI/UX designer, commercial artist, game designer, muralist, packaging designer, conceptual professional, and layout manager.

Roles and responsibilities of remote graphic design jobs

The major roles and responsibilities of a remote graphic designer are:

  • Convert client need into design and visuals
  • Conceptualizing visuals and creating graphics
  • Creating layouts and images
  • Testing various graphics across different media channels
  • Develop illustrations and brand logos using software
  • Work with the creative director to bring out the best design

Qualification required for a remote graphic design job

In general, there is no qualification required to get a remote design job. A bachelor's degree in graphic arts and science satisfies the qualification demand for a graphic designing job. However, qualification requirements vary depending on the industry.  

For example, the advertising and media sector demands marketing knowledge, the IT sector demands computer and web applications knowledge, and UI/UX designing demands knowledge about different elements of websites. For senior-level positions as a graphic designer, having a master's degree in graphic design is advantageous.

Skills required for remote graphic design jobs

Having certain graphic design job skills will help you to strengthen your candidature for the position.

  • Previous experience – Having prior experience in graphic designing will help you get a remote or freelance graphic designer job.
  • Experience of project management tools – The work of a graphic designer counts on various project management tools like Trello. Don't forget to mention such tools or software that you have the experience to work with.
  • Effective communication skills – Aside from impressing your employer and being hired, effective communication skills will help your everyday routine work as a graphic designer.
  • Self-management skills – To work as a remote worker, following a strict schedule and self-discipline is very important. So having self-management skills is an outstanding competence.

Certifications to get remote graphic design jobs

To grab a remote graphic design job, it would be better to possess a few certifications depending upon the sector or industry you are working for. A few major certifications beneficial for graphic designer jobs are:

  • Adobe Photoshop – Adobe Photoshop is the critical tool for all graphic designers. It is a must for every graphic designer to create image composition, image retouching and editing, and website mockups.
  • Adobe creative suite – This certification is offered by Adobe and is basic for any entry-level remote graphic design job.
  • Adobe Illustrator – Having an Adobe Illustrator certification provides an excellent extent to budding graphic designers and pro designers. This graphics software is used by millions of designers and artists across the globe. It helps create everything, like mobile graphics, billboards, brand logos, book illustrations, icons, and product packaging.
  • Animation – Knowing animation can land you many opportunities in the gaming sector and IT companies. So having a degree or certification in animation can be an added advantage for you.
  • Canva – Having work experience in Canva will help you at every stage of graphic designing.

Tools required for graphic design jobs

Tools make the life of every graphic designer easy. Top tools which would help graphic designers perform better are:

  • Software like Adobe, Sketch, and Canva.
  • HD monitor
  • Wacom tools like digital tablets, styluses, and software.
  • External Hard Drive for lots of storage space.
  • Behance to showcase your skills.
  • Google Cloud storage
  • Antivirus protection

Pro tips for building a graphic design portfolio

For a successful professional, having a solid design portfolio is very significant. It represents your skills and accomplishments as a graphic designer. In addition, you can't miss affixing certain remarkable elements to your portfolio. Few suggestions for a solid design portfolio:

Include your best work

Your portfolio should better reflect your design skills. Try to include your finest accomplishments in your graphic design portfolio to give potential employers a sense of your offerings. In addition, try to include a variety of work done by you, showcasing your potential and expanded abilities.

Keep updating your portfolio content

Don't forget to update your portfolio with the latest content regularly, representing your technical proficiency. Along with the experience, your portfolio will also get superior. For example, you can use a separate box to present your top achievements as a graphic designer. Here you can also add your key skills and capabilities as a graphic designer.  

Try to build a story through your portfolio

Ensure that your graphic design portfolio highlights your best skills and work to leave a positive impression on the employer. Your graphic design portfolio should be easy to navigate. Keep the captions short and sweet.  

Exclude questionable work

Make sure that your portfolio does not represent any of your downfalls or failures. It may result in a negative impression on the employers. Just select your best 3 to 5 work samples to showcase in your graphic design portfolio.

Choose a good formatting website

A good website can play an important role in designing a professional graphic portfolio for you. Therefore, choose a website that can easily accommodate all the visual content of your portfolio in good quality. Choose templates best suited to your design samples. You can create mini-portfolios for each style of work done by you.

Mention your social media handles

Use your social media handles in your portfolio to showcase your online presence as a graphic designer. Keep updating your professional achievements on your social media platforms and keep your feeds professional.  

Remote graphic design jobs salary payments

The skills and expertise of a graphic designer decide the salary packages of the designer. A beginner remote graphic designer can earn an average remuneration of $43,519 per year.

With the experience of 5-8 years, a remote graphic designer can earn up to $49-50,000 per year. With more than 10 yrs of experience, a graphic designer has a package of more than $50,000.

An art director and a creative service manager are the topmost paid remote graphic designer jobs. At these positions, you can easily earn an average income of more than $85,000 per year. Other topmost paid positions are the creative director and UX/UI designer.


If you are looking for some side hustle opportunity to work remotely, the graphic designing sector offers multiple opportunities. So, before you wonder how to find graphic design jobs, build an outstanding graphic design portfolio for yourself, and start looking for remote graphic design jobs. We wish you the very best!

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