Recruiting Solutions

Recruiting solutions aid firms find the right person easily. Recruiting solutions are tools like software and websites which are used by recruiting specialists.

Why should businesses invest in recruiting solutions?

In this modern era where technological advancement has replaced the many jobs done by human efforts, it is hard not to take advantage of some of its cuts. Technology has revolutionized and changed everything to keep our everyday tasks rolling, whether for physical help or computing, communication, or processing data.  

When it comes to recruiting staff and employees, technology has started taking its role in getting the process faster and more efficiently. It's hard not to get our hands on the different tools technology can offer. These tools can be used by businesses and firms to contact potential candidates to gather information to decide whether the candidate is fit enough for the job.  

What are recruiting solutions?

Recruiting Solutions are the various tools: software, bots, websites, applications, or even agencies that assist recruiters in finding suitable candidates for the job. Recruitment solutions help firms find the right person easily. It is also important to note that recruiting specialists or agencies also run these various tools like software and websites.  

These recruiters may be limited to a certain region or country or can span their services worldwide. Clients use the services of these recruiters either because they cannot spend too much on human resources or don't have the spare time to interview all the candidates. We know how recruiting a person is a very lengthy affair, and it can even take up to a year. Also, the expenditure and workforce involved in reviewing and getting to know each candidate's background and conducting tests and interviews is a very costly affair.  

Why do Businesses invest in Recruitment Solutions?

Businesses struggle to meet the recruitment process standard suitable for the industry. Considering today's world where the hiring of passive or temporary candidates has been a trend among many businesses, businesses may not have the talents from within their workforce who have the experience to select the right candidate for the job.

Recruitment takes a lot of skill work, from advertising about the job positions to the point of selecting the right employees. The advertisement tactic needs to attract the desired talents and attract the best professionals available in the industry. Finding the right medium for the advertisement is also a very important factor to get the best result.  

Some solutions focus on a specific part of the recruitment process. For example, some focus on organizing events, some focus on conducting multiple interviews, and some focus on reviewing resumes.

  • Event organization: This is the part where recruiters organize career fairs on a university campus or at any other arranged place. Students and freshly graduated attend these fairs and get insights into the career prospects of their field of interest. The young graduates explain the organization's contribution and existing career prospects after joining the company. This also helps put forward the business's presence in people's thoughts.

Other important aspects of a recruitment solution are:

  • Real-time reporting
  • Interview scheduling
  • Referral management
  • Onboarding management
  • Diversity recruitment tactics
  • Internship program management
  • Apprenticeship program management
  • Super Day interview and outcome management

Best Recruiting Solutions  

Applicant Tracking System

Any job advertisement posted in all kinds of media can attract thousands of job seekers who may not have the necessary qualifications. Filtering out the undesirable ones manually can be a daunting task. This is where we need automatic intelligence systems that automatically reject undesirable applications. It has saved a lot of time for recruiters rather than doing it manually.

The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is an automatic intelligence application that screens out the best and most qualified candidates from a pool of thousands of applicants. This has greatly enhanced the recruiting process for your company. This AI is an all-in-one solution that processes job applications, reviews resumes, and keeps interviews.

This ATS is user-friendly and helps candidates apply for a job easily. This system ranks candidates based on their merit, qualification, experience, and skills, making it easy for recruiters to choose the best ones. In addition, these ATSs can be easily accessed from different devices without the candidates logging in.

This system is suitable for businesses that recruit employees regularly and have to process thousands of job resumes at a time. The ATS also helps automatically generate emails to candidates regarding interview schedules and to arrange interview locations.


Indeed is a job recruitment agency that helps businesses hire the right person using their human resources specialists.

This Indeed recruiter solution helps reduce the time and manpower needed by companies on skilled staffing workers. Hiring a skilled worker takes longer than hiring for a job requiring particular skills or specialization. This solution acts as a liaison between businesses and job seekers. Depending on your job requirements and hiring needs, such as screening, scheduling, and candidate communications, this recruiter serves the purpose that your company needs in a very efficient manner. In addition, talent acquisition teams may enhance their productivity and time to hire by automating repetitive processes in the hiring process, saving up to 9 hours for each requisition.

This is how the process works on Indeed:

  • First, you provide the details of the job and the role you need to hire. Similar jobs may be already upon Indeed. But you can make a new job listing. Using the Indeed platform, you can have more reach for talents.
  • Next, specify the date and time you want to schedule for the interview.
  • Add team members who will interview the candidates to stay updated during the time leading up to the interview.
  • You can create screening questions on the platform, or you can use the platform's specialists to make them for you.

LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn is a platform where businesses and professionals who seek jobs meet and chat with each other. This platform works in a referral system where professionals refer a person who has the desired skills to companies. This platform works in the same manner as Facebook, where people send a connection request to each other. After you make connections, you can send and read private messages to each other.  

Here is how LinkedIn works:

  • The home feed is your newsfeed once you've logged in to LinkedIn, and it shows recent updates from your connections with other professionals and corporate sites you're following. Your profile prominently displays your name, photo, location, occupation, and other information. When you scroll down, you can see a form where you can create your portfolio or CV. Here you can update your work experience, education, add photos, and give a short description of yourself.
  • In the My Network section, you will see a list of professionals you have already connected with on LinkedIn. You can also find new people to connect with within the section.
  • Based on the information you have given in your profile, you can get suggestions about jobs posted by recruiters and employers. Like with Facebook, you will get suggestions about the pages and groups related to your interests and activity history. You can follow these as well.
  • LinkedIn provides the best opportunity, especially for job seekers, to connect with employers. Because you can connect just like on Facebook, you will learn better and connect deeper with the other person through private messages.
  • There is also a premium membership where you can get additional features not available to the free members.


This system allows recruiters to post job openings to various platforms. In addition, it allows recruiters to accept multiple applications at once. Then, in just a few clicks, employers can post job openings online. Recruiters can use evaluation templates, applicant messaging, and interviewer notes to assist candidates in having a pleasant interviewing session.  

BambooHR and Slack are two prominent applications that Recruiterbox interacts with. It has a nice interface to interact with. The best thing about this is the customization. It allows you to customize different post ads for different jobs. People also enjoy the email tools, which allow us to let candidates know where we are searching, arrange interviews, and send personalized emails.


SignalHire is also a very easy and efficient website to search for talents on the web. SignalHire accumulates candidates from different sources, and it provides access to over 200 candidates, 8 million companies, and 200 industries. It has many different features like HR management, hiring activity, ATS, and you can check and manage the workflows of your team members.  

It is said that it will add Customer Relationship Management (CRM) soon. In addition, it has an analytics feature that helps track candidates. The Chrome extension helps you detect their contact information like emails and phone numbers, and it will show through a pop-up. You can get both the free and paid versions, but it is highly recommended to get the paid version.


Jobvite is one of the Software as a Service (SaaS) programs that helps clients create employment invitations and manage recruitment in different social media platforms.  

It has several tools to give efficient service to its clients. These include:

  • Jobvite video: This helps interviewers help reach candidates face to face virtually and conduct interviews.
  • Jobvite Hire: This helps employers and candidates to monitor and manage recruitment.
  • Jobvite Engage: Jobvite Engage will empower a firm to develop the greatest teams and attract cream-of-the-crop talent faster and at a lesser cost by allowing recruiters to manage and mine data surrounding candidates' skill sets simply.
  • Jobvite Refer: Gives your employees easy-to-use social sourcing and referral tools to help them find qualified friends, past coworkers, and people in their extended networks on social media sites.
  • Jobvite Onboard: Onboarding helps automate human resources materials in digitized forms. This is done to help new hires adjust to the company's work environment and execute duty requirements quickly and smoothly.

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