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The corporate world today is dominated by mega-corporations such as Google Inc. with big projects and worldwide operations. However, some titans like Samsung Inc. have a presence across various electronics, financial services, medical services, and even shipbuilding! In every industry, similar companies work with cutting-edge technology and offer various services across industries and locations.

Naturally, these companies will have many projects and initiatives in progress simultaneously. As a result, multiple teams will concurrently account for various tasks at the same time. In this scenario, the risk of operational logjams arising becomes prominent. These are detrimental because they reduce the efficiency of both senior or junior-level teams of the company. They would also reduce the quality of the final deliverable or increase the time taken to deliver the service.

Thus, these companies maintain a dedicated role responsible for tracking various teams' progress and streamlining operations. Doing this is in these companies' best interests and helps them maintain efficiency; investing in competent Program Managers leads to far greater payouts.  

Despite commanding a high salary, a program manager helps the company handle greater project volume efficiently and deliver a sign of high-quality services to customers. As a result, their clientele becomes satisfied, their credibility grows, and they can competently handle greater workloads. But, how do program managers help companies do this?

What does a program manager do?

Any company operates with several programs, with multiple projects within it. For instance, a technology company might have programs like developing better devices. This program can have multiple projects, such as developing a mobile, a laptop, and a tablet. All projects are simultaneously being worked on by different teams, working under a project manager.  

  • A Program Manager is the head of all project managers.
  • A Program Manager's job entails supervising and tracking the progress of multiple projects within a program.
  • They analyze performance data and determine how well the projects align with the company's overall ideology. They are operating in a consistent manner that aligns with how the company would ideally like to operate as a whole.
  • They determine whether the projects are being planned, executed, and delivered in a manner that the company would ideally like them to be, or whether there are inconsistencies, lack of a cohesive approach across projects, and interference and overlap in the workings.
  • They identify areas of improvement after a thorough study. They then devise strategies that all teams and projects will adopt.
  • This helps make the company more efficient and consistent in its approach to all projects and programs.
  • Essentially, a Program Manager's Job entails overseeing many projects within their program and managing them through enforced policies to complete the program successfully and satisfactorily while meeting all deliverables.

Responsibilities of a program manager

A Program Manager Job involves many important responsibilities. Some of these include:

  • Planning the overall program and monitoring its progress.
  • Managing the program's budget. Ensuring that it does not require more funding than was assigned.
  • Managing the risks taken by various teams and projects within the program. If the risks are not justified, they should not be taken or can derail the program. If risks do not pay, a program manager should take appropriate corrective action.
  • Coordinating multiple projects and teams within a program.
  • Managing the available resources within the teams of the program as appropriate.

Program manager jobs

With many companies scaling worldwide operations, the demand for program managers has increased. Most companies have a dedicated program management office (PMO). The PMO is usually an active recruiting department within the organization. A career in program management comes with a lucrative salary. So, how does one get a program manager job?

Hunting for a program manager job begins with a simple Google search. Much data is available in the field, just like the one you are reading right now. This includes answers to questions like "how to prepare for a career in program management" or information on program manager job openings in your preferred location like Chicago, Schaumburg, etc. In addition, It's an ideal option to search for Program management jobs via job portals.  

In many cases, LinkedIn can be an invaluable tool. Networking on LinkedIn, doing specific courses, and creating interview opportunities can be the secret to creating a successful program management career.  

Attributes of the ideal program manager

A program manager should be well versed with a variety of tools, software, and business techniques. In addition, some skills contribute to making an ideal program manager, which includes:

  • Good knowledge of handling program management methodologies.
  • Establishing good working relationships and employee dynamics within those working under the program.
  • Strong leadership and management skills to drive and guide all teams within the program to successful program completion.
  • Creative skills to solve business issues that arise within the program with the available resources.
  • Ability to deliver with constrained resources through judicious budget allocation and management.

How to become a program manager?

There are multiple pathways through which people create careers in program management. There is no set formula, and one should choose the option that they are most comfortable with. Depending on their circumstances and experience level, many options may be available. The one that works best is the one they are most comfortable with, given their current condition. Some pathways to program management include:


Many program management jobs may require degrees in relevant disciplines. This would entail obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Business or Commerce. This will act as an entry into the industry if the applicant can meet the other job requirements, clear aptitude tests, and interviews. In many cases, higher education can help individuals break into program management. For example, a junior employee working in projects under a program manager can be promoted if they upskill themselves through a Master's degree. In such a case, a degree in management, finance, or economics can lead to careers in program management.

Natural career progression

While education in a specific field may be a potential pathway to program management, it is certainly not a singular mandate. In many cases, people with degrees in technology such as Computer Science and engineering also serve as program managers. So, how do they do it?

After beginning work, the employees are assigned different teams. Each team will work on a specific project, among others, in a program. The employee can consistently deliver on their expectations, at which point they may be entrusted with additional responsibility. Competence and experience within the team lead to opportunities to mentor others and manage certain aspects of the functioning. This is a gateway to team leader and project manager roles. After serving as project manager and consistently delivering high-quality project deliverables, one is well-positioned to become a program manager.  

This is extremely beneficial because a person can develop a techno-business skill set and gain experience in the organization's technical development and people management domains. This makes the individual extremely versatile. Due to their technical background, program managers can understand the nitty-gritty of the projects that teams are working on. Then, they can tap into their management experience and devise strategies customized to work happening within their program and drive better results.

Professional Program Management certifications

Specific certifications from reputed organizations are valued by recruiters looking for program managers. The organizations that offer these certifications include the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the United States Federal Acquisition Institute. For example, the PMI Talent Triangle course equips candidates with the technical, strategic, and digital skills required to become a program manager. People who obtain these certifications receive the training to then carve successful program management careers. A similar certification that is also valued in the industry is the Federal Acquisition Certification for Program Managers.

Hope this post helped you gain knowledge related to program manager jobs. So, without waiting anymore, kick-start your search for an ideal organization looking for program managers. Good luck! 

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