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Any text written using a computer, smartphone, or similar other digital devices is called online writing. Online writing is also called digital writing. Texting, emailing, tweeting, and posting comments on social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook, blog, tweet, instant messaging, etc., are forms of online writing.

Online writing is not simply a matter of learning about and using new digital tools in writing processes, skills, practices, and habits of mind. Instead, online writing is a dramatic change in the ecology of writing and communication.

The term "digital writing" is used rather than a computer or online writing because it anchors writing practices to digital spaces. Digital writing is the art and practice of preparing documents basically by computer and is often meant for online delivery.  

Digital writing often requires focusing on a dynamic and interactive text by designing, planning, and constructing tools. Texts that may include multimedia elements, like images, videos, and audio.

What are online writing jobs?

Online writing jobs are freelance writing services that allow writers of any skill level and experience to write online. The key feature of online writing is the flexibility to write anywhere and anytime, just with the internet and working devices like laptops, phones,s or tablets. Based on the writer's skills, they can access the clients that require their skills by simply viewing the task and the attached instructions.  

Online vs. offline writing

In offline writing, people buy newspapers and magazines to read them, and in online writing techniques, people generally browse on the internet.  

As an online writer, one should grab the attention and hold it to make people read on. On the whole, online writing should offer the reader greater interactivity and is more concise and brief.

Reading online is completely different from offline reading. People don't read in a linear, down-the-page manner. Instead, they scan through the webpage and see what grabs their attention. They skim the content that interests them. Therefore, it is essential that whatever you write is easy to scan and effortless to skim. The main objective is that you need people to navigate to what you've written.

Benefits of Online Writing

Many companies have shifted their working platforms from corporate offices to work from home or co-working workstations in past years. In addition, many companies are turning to online employee searching to source for employees, which increased job traffic and provided opportunities for freelance writers. You can take it as a full-time or part-time job to get benefits and take advantage of this opportunity.  

Discussed below are a few of the benefits of being an online writer:

A never-ending stockpile of jobs

Several websites offer a platform for freelance writers to advertise themselves and show their skills. You can say that online jobs will never run out. Taking it as a full-time job, if you have the right credentials, you can start working as soon as you wish to. Compared to searching deeply for vacancies in companies just to appear for an interview with 100 other candidates only to be turned down. All that matters in online writing is how willing you are to take on your desired job. If some website is known for its quality content or blogs, it will certainly have an endless scope of jobs throughout the year.

A wide range of job opportunities

Right from creative content writing to transcription jobs, the online writing world has various jobs available depending on your skills and your skill level. Everything is there for everyone. Which therefore means that you can find the jobs as per your choice and comfort level.

Online writing platforms have an endless supply of jobs because so many clients need their small tasks completed at an affordable cost while they can spare that time for other things.

Learning new things is inevitable for students who are into online writing since you'll do these work assignments very professionally to get paid, perhaps better than you would do your course assignments.

Flexible working hours

One of the major benefits of online writing is that you can work as per your available time. Hassle of dealing with long hours of work and stressful reporting time issues, you can choose to take up online writing and formulate your schedule as per your availability. Even while taking up a job, you can set your deadlines.  

Your sweat is your income in the world of online writing. How much you earn depends on the number of jobs you can complete well in a given time frame. Whether you want to work 12 hours a day or 5 hours a day, it is up to your choice. Hence, as an online writer, you can pick the best-suited job based on your availability and delivery ability.

Jobs according to your skill level

Ranging from college students to professionals, there are jobs available for everyone; the online writing platform gives equal opportunity to those passionate about it. Whether you are looking for a part-time job to make some extra cash or looking to take it on as a full-time career, it all depends on your commitment.

It is quite unfair as, in traditional job systems, both hard-working and lazy employees are paid equal salaries. But that's not the case in online writing jobs where your income depends on your skills.

No certifications required

You will find no such institution that offers online, digital, or content writing as a separate course. Hence you need not graduate if you wish to start this line of work. Therefore it means that online content writing requires no certifications to start your work. Though they reflect good impressions when you are making your resume, they are not that compulsory, or rather a requirement to start working. This gives equal opportunity to anyone willing to start working as an online content writer.

Challenges of online writing

But it isn't always rosy. Some jobs will trouble your mind. You can take a week off and remind yourself that your life is more important than anything else during such times.

Before getting into the field of online writing, you should know what you'll be getting yourself into.

  • For online writing, you need to manage your time. It takes a lot of discipline since you only work as per your available time. Nobody is watching your back or keeping an eye on you.
  • This working-class comes with the freedom to work, but the challenge is that you must learn to organize yourself to get the most done. If working part-time, you need to balance your freelance job work with your main job.
  • There are high and low seasons that will knock you off balance sometimes. During high seasons jobs are plentiful but then comes the low seasons when the number of jobs drops significantly, which will affect your earnings.

For survival as an online writer, it is essential that you are capitalizing on high seasons and serving during low seasons.

  • Your personal life, pressure, and sleep deprivation will be a part of your regular lifestyle. Maybe your boss will wake you up some nights to work over some revision requests sent by clients. Job calls for gentle reply in these situations.

At times the clients do not provide all the required instructions which they should provide. But since you should reply to your client with respect, you have to be gentle enough handling such situations to get the job done and get paid, or else you can lose your account.

This might not be your thing if you can't afford to have sleepless nights. But if you can still take the tall task ahead, you can always consider some wilderness therapy that will help young people develop coping mechanisms.

  • For most people, an online writing job is easy, but for beginners securing an account or academic writing, job can be challenging.
  • At the time of first sign-up, you need to submit your qualifications, degrees, and certificates. College students who are working as a large percentage of online writers don't have these required documents.
  • When looking to buy accounts or job suppliers, sometimes you'll meet many fake people eager to fraud you. So you need to be quite vigilant, especially while purchasing accounts because it involves a lot of money.


You can take advantage of this golden opportunity if your English foundation is strong and you can pen down your thoughts comfortably. You can start with any field of your choice, e.g., web content writing, blog writing, social media content writing, ad and sales copy, journalistic or news writing, creative writing, etc. Online writing is one of the easiest ways to make money while working as a freelance writer.  

Focusing on jobs that are in your area of expertise is a genius move. However, the monetary benefits may not start flowing in instantly for some people, so you need to give it some time. So without further ado, let's dive into the world of online writing.

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