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Healthcare is one of the essential pillars without which society can't survive a day. In this day and age, medical science is discovering new drugs and devices for improving the current set of treatments and diagnosis. And with consumerism, informing the general public who is the actual user of medication becomes a necessity.  

Medical writer jobs are quite different when compared to other types of writing. Genuine research of scientific facts is to be conducted before writing any medical content as it indirectly affects the health of millions of users. The medical writer's job is dynamic, considering that he writes for a large audience ranging from healthcare professionals and general people to regulatory authorities and drug company owners.

Skills you need for a Medical Writing Job  

Language skills

Whether it's any type of writing, technical, philosophical, entertainment, or medical, proper language knowledge is a must. English being the global tongue, makes it to the most of medical content. A writer needs to be aware of the grammatical and punctuation rules of the said language. It's the primary requirement; writing engaging content in that language falls second on the list.

Medical Knowledge

There is an unwritten rule in writing. You should know what you're writing. Medical Science is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Hence it affects the lives of millions of people. A medical writer must be qualified for writing the medical content. He must possess a certain degree related to medical science. Knowledge of industry guidelines, different therapeutic areas, scientific terminology, surgery devices, etc., is a good stepping stone in medical writing.

Analytical Skills

Writing a medical research document is a typical labor one has to do in medical writing. A writer should have the industry knowledge as well as the required analytical skills. He has to research and collect data from multiple sources, and efficiently analyze it before using it in the research document. Apart from this, writing for medical publications also requires the same set of skills. The general people read medical publications like magazines, and they should only get the genuine facts. Good analytics lead to good communication of facts.  


A writer holds a special relationship with his audience. He provides the audience with numerous ideas and arguments. For writing precise information, he must know his audience. A medical writer may write for scientists, surgeons, physicians, regulators, patients, or general people; with each category, the style of writing changes. For example, if writing for the general public, the writer will not add too much medical jargon to his content but may otherwise for regulators and physicians.  


Medical science is an industry that witnesses different revelations, researches, diagnoses, and devices frequently. The medical writer quantifies these new pieces of information with the same unit as the core knowledge. Being aware of new dynamics and up-skilling yourself grants the writer an advantage over others.


It is pretty common that a writer is an expert or has experience in a certain medical field or physiology in medical writing. In the past, he has written some of the impeccable medical texts for regulatory agencies in that field. But new projects and clients may need content related to different medical fields. In that case, writers must be adaptive to different physiologies and areas of medical science.    

Types of Medical Writing Jobs

Although a medical writer works with different medical documents like research papers, magazines, etc., we can classify them into the following categories:  

Regulatory Writer

Clinical research is a part of the healthcare industry responsible for determining the efficacy of a particular medication, therapy, diagnosis, device, etc., while keeping the patient's safety in mind. The regulatory writer assists the related personnel to frame and efficiently organize the results.

Say a drug company has manufactured a new medication saying it'll help the stage 2 cancer patients. The medication will go through a process of clinical research for it to enter the market. The results of the clinical trials are positive for the medication. Now, the services of a regulatory writer are required to transmit the findings of research and trials to the regulatory authority in a concise manner. The skills of analytics and medicine that we discussed above are a necessity for a regulatory writer.  

Documents that fall under this category:

  • Study Protocol: A regulatory writer gives a helping hand to clinical researchers in procedures and guidelines of the trials and studies executed. Along with the core explanation, the writer also has to frame the modifications in techniques. He must do it in a manner that regulatory authorities consider the credibility of the organization.
  • Clinical Study Reports: After successfully commencing trials and other procedures, clinical authorities must compile the findings in order. And that is when a regulatory writer comes into the process. The clinical results affect the health of hundreds and thousands of people directly. Hence regulatory writers must provide flawless explanations for the findings of clinical research.
  • Informed Consent Form: Clinical research requires volunteers for the commencement of different procedures and trials. Before volunteering, people need to sign an Informed Consent Form to be aware of what they are getting themselves into. Regulatory writers summarize the procedures and risks associated with the Informed Consent Form.
  • REMS: A consumer has a right to know the risk involved with a particular medication as it is a matter of health. Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) are developed to achieve the above goal. Regulatory writers work on instructions and warnings by REMS.

Educational Writer

As the name implies, an educational, medical writer aims at educating the general public about scientific facts and sales figures related to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. From informing the consumer about the efficacy of different medical drugs to summarizing the results of various medical gatherings, educational writers do it all. Along with consumers, these writers also write for healthcare personnel like nurses, surgeons, and drug dealers.

Marketing and Journalism

Apart from the above categories, a medical writer can also market a particular medication or healthcare device. But for doing so, he must hold credibility in the healthcare field to manipulate the purchasing power of consumers. Journalism in healthcare is also a pool of jobs and opportunities. One can find numerous online and offline healthcare publications. Lancet and British Medical Journal are the top medical publications that enjoy the trust of consumers and health care workers.  

Medical Writing as Freelancing

With a boost in digital space and a freelancing culture, medical writers also work as independent freelancers instead of being stuck with a traditional desk job. In addition, small and medium-scale companies and publications often outsource the services of a medical writer because of the insufficiency of funds.  

Freelance medical writers bring a lot to the table with their technological advancement. In addition, people with a medical background are inclined towards this career option as this area offers them many financial opportunities.  

Freelancing demands the same set of skills as for an in-house writer like medical knowledge, language skills, adaptability, etc. Job search is a hassle in freelancing, but you can land a suitable employer with adequate marketing and technical knowledge skills. Upwork and Freelancer are two of the best online sources on which you can market your writing skills.

A freelance medical writer, on average, earns $85,742 per annum in the United States. And with the growing healthcare industry and internet connectivity, freelance medical writing is only going to grow. 

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