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There are many computer languages in the world, but developers widely love Java across the globe. Java was developed first in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. Java is an object-oriented language like C++. It is coder-friendly, versatile, and class-based. Therefore, Java is the most sought language skill set while hiring, followed by Python and JavaScript.  

Why Java?

  1. Java has a good processing speed and programming language of choice for developing Android Apps
  2. Java is a scalable language
  3. Java is easy to learn, so that you will find a lot of talented people.

What do Java Developers do?

This mostly depends on the company you are working with or the experience that you have. To give an idea, here are some of the responsibilities of Java Developers:

  • Design and implement Java apps
  • Writing a well-designed and efficient code, of course
  • Software analysis
  • Programming and debugging
  • Checking whether the designs comply with the requirements
  • Resale software components
  • Continuous improvement of the applications
  • Presenting the apps for approval

Java Developers do back-end development and mobile application development. As a back-end developer, Java developers are expected to work hands-on in conceptualizing, analyzing, and designing the production. The developer goes through the entire software development life cycle that includes:  

  • Designing, implementing, and improving Java Applications
  • Conduct analysis
  • Testing and debugging the codes
  • Programming
  • Identifying the issues and troubleshooting them
  • Convert the requirement into a specification
  • Recommend changes for continuous improvement
  • Develop app codebase for programs

To do the above tasks, the developer must possess the following skills:

  • Git and GitHub
  • SQL databases
  • Data structure
  • API Creation

How to become a Java Developer?

You must possess a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or Software Development to become a desirable candidate. Though it is not compulsory, this will give you an extra edge. You may also learn Java through some online courses and training as that is time and cost-efficient. Here is a walkthrough to go ahead:

  1. Learn the Basics- understand the fundamentals of Java. The fundamentals are essentially the same for most programming languages. It would be best to learn what loops, arrays, functions, and object-oriented programming are here.
  2. Get the hang of it: the more you practice, the more efficient and faster you can develop. Learn new concepts every day. Learn what is Java Enterprise Edition, Servlet, WebSocket, etc. try different types of problems.
  3. Build your portfolio: create some applications or case studies to add to your portfolio. Anyone can learn the basics of Java, but you should go the extra mile and create samples that will entice your recruiters to hire you.
  4. Learn the widely-used tools: you may already know that most companies use Spring frameworks. For example, Spring Boot and Spring Cloud for developing. Learning them will make your recruiter's work easier as they do not have to train you to use that. Another great tool to learn is using Hibernate. It is used in mapping a domain model to a relational database and Hibernate Query Language.

Skills required to become a Java Developer

There are two types of skills that any professional should possess. The first type is a hard skill, and the other is a soft skill.  

Hard skills: they will help you in the development process.

  • Spring Framework: It is an application framework about which we spoke in the previous section also. It is one of the most popular Java Enterprise Editions available. It makes programming quicker and easier.
  • Eclipse: it is used to create an Integrated Development Environment(IDE). It requires a Java Development Kit to run. It has recently been left behind by its competitor IntelliJ.
  • Angular: it is a front-end web application. So you can execute it in a web browser but not in a Java app. What is it used for? To create a single-page client application using languages like HTML. It is an effective cross-platform development tool.
  • React.js: it is a component-based front-end library. The reusable components in React reduce the overall cost of web application development. Another major benefit is its ability to reuse components. Did you know that Facebook's webpage is built using React?
  • Jenkins: this is another open-source tool that allows continuous integration. It is also written in Java programming language. It builds and tests software projects making it easier for Java developers to integrate changes.
  • Oracle Simple Object Access Protocol(SOAP): it was developed by Apache Software Foundation. It is a transport protocol used for sending and receiving responses on the internet. It works well in a distributed enterprise environment. It has its security known as WS Security.
  • Jakarta Server Pages: It was released in 1999 by Sun microsystems. It is similar to PHP and ASP, but it uses Java programming language. It helps mix textual content, including HTML and XML, with custom tags, expression language, and embedded Java code.
  • Cloud Computing: cloud computing is a cost-efficient way of accessing applications and data from any location worldwide and any device with an Internet connection. It provides excellent data security and mobility. Some of the famous service providers are OneDrive and Dropbox.
  • Algorithm Development

Soft skills: these will help you in delivering and communicating effectively with your colleagues.

  • Time management: is very important as you may be working on many projects at the same time.
  • Teamwork: even if you become a senior developer or work in any other role, you will still have a team to coordinate with.
  • Organization
  • Adaptability
  • Problem-solving: this is one of the basic skills that you will make use of every day. The core function of a developer is first to identify the problem and then proceed with troubleshooting it.
  • Critical thinking: how can you find solutions to problems without thinking critically and diversely?
  • Communication skills: along with teamwork, you should be good at communication. Having good communication skills will allow you to create a positive and motivating work environment at your workplace.

How much do Java Developers earn?

This is not a hidden fact that Java Developers make a lot of money. However, some factors may vary the pay, like your experience level, skill set, country, etc. According to the recent updates by Indeed, a Java Developer makes around $101,375 per annum. While the highest is paid in New York City ($118,657), followed by Washington ($111,514) and Alpharetta ($102,599).


In this continuously moving-forward world, changes take place every day. Technological evolution happens through Computer programming, and Java plays an important role in that. This is why students these days are taught Java from a very early age of 15-16 years. Java is one of the first programming languages that you may learn in your graduation too. It is easy to understand and has a huge scope of job opportunities. So if you want to change your career path, go ahead with learning Java. It is estimated that by 2024, the demand for Java Developers will increase by 19%. This job will pay you well, and this final factor makes Java Development a good career option for both youngsters and adults.  

We have covered why Java is a good programming language to use and how to change your career path to become a Java Developer. We have also mentioned the hard and soft skills required to become a good developer. There are many roles that you will play in your whole developer career.

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