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What is Instagram marketing? Instagram marketing is a marketing strategy where users use this social media platform to promote their business and brand.

Instagram marketing - Complete guide to master the strategy


Instagram is a free application that allows users to process and share photos via the Android and iPod platforms. Instagram started working in October 2010. In April 2012, the social network Facebook bought Instagram for one billion US dollars.  

This online service gained huge popularity with more than 100 million users in 2013. It was initially intended only for iPhones and iPods. However, in April 2012, it became available for Android devices as well. In 2012, Instagram became a social network. Users can then connect with other users and follow all of their posts.

What is Instagram marketing?

Instagram marketing is one of the types of marketing on social networks, in which brands are promoted on Instagram. Instagram helps the brand connect with a huge audience, increases the brand and the sales volume. Instagram marketing is another strategy that is very important for spreading marketing stuff to the digital channel.  

What sets Instagram apart is that many discover that they can apply marketing influences to reach a wider audience. Instagram marketing is useful for expanding the customer base, content, increasing online sales, and presenting the brand to the whole world. With more and more places where jobs can be advertised, it provides a great choice for most businesses.

Content marketing

Based on the highest level of business, the goals and content of the campaign are set and differentiated.

  • Brand awareness

The most common cycle is Instagram; it can show the brand (advertisement) to the user interested in the services provided.

  • Reach

This service brings longer publishing ranges. As a result, more people will see your content.

  • Engagement

The service is used to get more likes, shares, and other things.

  • Application installations

A common brand wants users to download an application.

  • Traffic

This service allows multiple visits to the website or online merchants.

  • Conversions

Conversions are important cycles. Potential customers are converted into conversions, the brand decides on the action that the user wants to take.

  • Video reviews

A very important factor in promotion. It's about promoting video content.

Marketing options

Instagram posts

To make a good post on Instagram, you need good pictures because they are the most important part of the profile. Choosing a good color palette is different for each brand. Every worthwhile post must also contain a well-designed title. The title must contain the principles of good writing, such as clarity, no spelling mistakes, and a clear call to action.

One of the important items is that unnecessary words should be excluded for the audience to have a better insight. Including a call to action in a post that directs people to a link in your profile biography is also one of the items that affect an excellent post.The use of hashtags increases the 12.6% higher engagement compared to those without hashtags.

Content must be well-designed for the channel to be more efficient. Instagram provides some technical specifications for posts. For Instagram videos, the most practical length is 15 seconds, optimized for viewing without sound. The Instagram algorithm uses the carousel of posting.

The longer a user stays on a post, the algorithm finds it very useful and displays it to many Instagram users. The call to action is lovely on the Instagram platform. Inviting the user to like, comment, save the post, participate in the prize game increases the value of the post.

Instagram story

More than 500 million people worldwide create and watch stories every day, concluding that Instagram stories are becoming an increasingly popular and better way for brands to stand out and fight the competition. Instagram stories get a lot of views and engagement with the audience.  

Using Instagram stories leads to interactions with potential customers, i.e, service users, and a much higher percentage than traditional advertisements.Brands and business firms have a desire to be as visible as possible. Instagram offers options such as post reach, video viewing, traffic, or conversions.  

Instagram Live

Instagram Live is a function that ensures the audience's engagement in "live broadcast" in real-time. The useful thing about Instagram live is that the story will first appear in the feed of the user's stories, and they will also be notified that this happens when they open the application.  

Of course, this takes much responsibility: Instagram live should not be used if the brand does not have good content to share or will be uninteresting to potential customers.

Instagram Hashtags

The vast majority of people on Instagram use Hashtag. The hashtag is marked with a "#" symbol and helps users to link to similar posts. When users add a hashtag to their posts, they can later see other posts that use the same hashtag, increasing the chance of interacting with brands and with each other.

Hashtags should not be randomly arranged in an Instagram post, but you should research what the target audience is typing the most on Google. By looking at which competitors use hashtags on Instagram, one gets an idea of ​​which hashtags have the most engagement of the audience. Various Instagram tools also provide information on popular and relevant hashtags for specific content.

Instagram algorithm

An algorithm is a set of rules that can control the organic reach of content. For example, Instagram claimed that the former system led to the fact that as much as 70% of the content could be promoted on the user's profile, and for that reason, an algorithm for ranking the content was introduced.

By opening the application, the algorithm immediately creates the best combination of content. The algorithm decides which post will be first shown in the news and in what order. It also decides on posts, recordings, as well as IGTV, Story feed, as well as Instagram life.

Instagram ranking signals

  • Connections

The algorithm assumes that those who have established the type of interaction with your profile will still want it. So, for example, if an audience often likes, shares, comments, and keeps the content, the posts will be shown to them all the time.

  • Timeliness of publication

Instagram believes that current posts are more important, and that is why they are in the foreground. Therefore, sometimes the algorithm will display older posts, but the most current ones still go to the top.

Brands suggest that it is best to publish content when users are online and when they will immediately see what is new that the brand offers. For these reasons, it is important to monitor your profile analytics regularly and adjust your posting time.

  • Interest

The algorithm is designed to offer content that best suits the interests of users. By tracking what users click, Instagram knows when to whom it is offering. Brands must create content that fully meets the interests of the target group to be shown to them. Companies need to know what users like and post stories, posts, reels, and similar content.

Instagram online shop

Most companies have found that appearing on Instagram can have a positive effect on sales in online stores. Instagram followers are more engaged than followers from some other social networks. In addition, 70% of Instagram users make a purchase decision after seeing something on Instagram. The most popular items are clothes, shoes, jewelry, and make-up.

Why own an online store on Instagram?

  • Reach on Facebook has been reduced by 63%, and on Instagram has been increased to as much as 120%.
  • Post on Facebook reaches 6% of followers and on Instagram up to 100% of followers.
  • The average value of a purchase per person on Facebook is $ 55 and on Instagram $ 65.

The online store aims to:

  1. Creating brand awareness - People who have decided to follow the profile will surely visit the online store.
  2. Creating Loyalty - Increasing the number of followers on Instagram means more visits to the website and strengthening the business.
  3. Introduction to the product - The main goal is to use the social network Instagram to promote products from the Internet store.

Price of Instagram advertising

Many companies want to be present on every social media platform. Due to the number of its users, social media is a great platform for advertising. The price of Instagram advertising varies from month to month. If many brands are advertised on Instagram and in the media, the price will be higher.  

If the number of advertisers is smaller at a given moment, then the price will be lower. Some surveys have found that great results with a budget of up to $ 250 can be achieved on Instagram. Advertising requires resources and patience.

Payment varies based on the campaign that was created. It can be pay-per-click or pay-per-impression. So there is a possibility to fully and very precisely control the costs of advertising.

Interestingly, the budget can be limited per day or distributed so that the campaign lasts as many days depending on the allocated budget. There is another possibility, making an advertisement that is displayed only on certain days or at a certain time and on the principle of link clicks, impressions, or unique daily reach.


The goal of the business is to achieve a profile, but without growth, there is no big profit. Instagram is one of the best and cheapest ways to promote brands and their products. Using this app can increase sales enormously. The goal is for the algorithm to be an ally and for the machine to work for you.  

Advertising through this platform has the best effect and the best results of all social networks. Using Instagram increases the base of clients from all over the world or from the region. Success requires time and investment, as well as success on Instagram.  

With a good strategy and vision, knowledge of the target population, the business is expanding. Quality and interesting content are crucial for the success and growth of the supporting base. With little money, you can create and make a great product and brand, which is the goal of Instagram marketing.

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