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What does a google ads manager do? Google ads manager is a workplace from where the website owner handles the ads that would show up on his web page.

Google ads manager - What more could be done with it?

The times that we live in today are the ones in which the opportunities to earn money by just doing simple things are a lot. Back in 2008, when the google ad, when the first version of the google ads manager was launched, it was merely taken as a sign joke and was not paid much attention to. Fast forward to the current world, where a huge community is not just earning for themselves through these ads but is also making enough money for their start-ups to thrive upon. That is where the role of google ads manager comes into play.

Google ad manager can mainly be seen as a workplace or the headquarters from where the owner of a website handles every aspect of the ads that would show up on his web page. Google ads manager acts as both the selling and the buying middleman between a website and a company. That's how the website developers embed and sign certain ads on their websites for which they get paid according to the type of ad it is that they have embedded, and the company gets an increase in the graph of their sales due to the promotion that they got due to these ads.

Types of google ad managers

After knowing about the basic working and the role of the google ad manager in the working process of an ad, let's know more about how many kinds of such managers there are. As per the basics of every single business that there is, there are certain offers available for usual consumers, and there are offers that are available only to those who are properly established and have a sign, brand of their own. On the very same basis, the google ad manager has also been divided into two parts. Both of these types of the google ad manager are as follows:

Free version  

As per every business structure of most websites or businesses, google ad manager allows its services to be used for free for the individuals who do not generate a lot in monetary terms. This ads manager allows the user's privacy website to consist of up to a value of hundred and fifty million impressions per month along with non-video ad units. This is the same in the cases for most of the countries but differs in some countries. As in countries such as the US, Canada, or Australia, this number of hundred and fifty million comes down to ninety million. And in countries such as those in eastern Europe and the Arab region, the number goes up to a gigantic two hundred million.  

This drastic change in numbers is mostly because of the difference in regions. In the regions of rich countries, the potential of privacy ad watchers that can become buyers is greater than that of the countries where the population is less likely to buy things after seeing those ads. This emphasizes the ad providers as providing their cookies through settings to the viewers that are not much inclined towards buying their product is no less than increasing useless expenses.

Ad manager 360

As the name suggests, it is a complete solution for publishers, businesses, despite the number of viewers it gets per day, hour, minute, or even per second. This is a service provided to only those who have the account balance to pay for it, such as Twitter. This solution is recommended or made available for the website whose impression numbers exceed those stated in the previous description. Handling the settings of daily impressions that are more than that is not in the capabilities of the previous free version.  

The revenue-generating possibilities are even greater with this version of privacy ad manager. Advertising properly whenever your website gets shown up, due to the search that a user might have, is essential to create a good amount of revenue from your website and its ad publishers. The account that the subscription of this service provider provides you with is more than just the function to handle your website's settings smoother than before. An account in this ad manager provides you with the advanced video options, the ability to target the desired audience, and getting the automated suggesting ad units, which can be of possible growth to your website.  

Reasons to choose it

Advertising through online methods can be tricky as it requires a thorough understanding of managing ads properly. There are various methods by which google ad publishers can help you manage your website correctly. All these functions vary according to the website you own, how much the website creates, and how many impressions the ads on your website get. Here are some reasons that can make you choose the google ad manager over other ad managers:

User-friendly interface

This is one of the best things that any website owner who wants to monetize their website can ask for, as he/she probably wouldn't have known much about the ways to use it. This is also one of the properties that any product or service of Google consists of, and this has played a huge role in creating Google as big of a company as it is now.  

This is a great perk, and a hugely attractive function of this service by Google as the manager has a guide in its workspace and tutorials that anyone who wants to learn can access. This makes it a better option for the ad managers who provide the users with fewer features and a system that needs to be thoroughly learned before the user can even work on it.

Keen reporting tools

Learning about the data that your ad manager has collected with the help of the activity on your website in the past is a very important function to be done by any website owner that uses it for advertising. The data that the manager collects allows the developer to understand what he/she did wrong, and it gives them the ability to work on those weak links to make the website's response better. This data is collected through the use of cookies with the help of a browser.  

This means that all this data is collected and stored by the ads manager itself. The tools that represent this data on this website are the ones that enable the users to see it properly. If this data is shown too complex, then a beginner would easily get frustrated and leave at once. Whereas, in an ad manager such as the one presented by Google, it is extremely easy to do so, making it a very good choice among its competitors.

Ability to target a certain audience

Making a website is all about basing it on a genre or niche in which a certain audience would be interested. The same goes with online advertisements shown wherever, such as Twitter, your search for something on a search engine such as Google itself. Targeting an audience with your ads is a huge perk of the advanced ad manager 360.  

It allows you to target a certain set of audiences that can be interested in buying the product that the advertisement is about. This audience is specified by an ad manager based on the data collected by the cookies that a website asks permission for whenever you open a website.  

However, rather than just this data, you can also specify certain different conditions to the ad manager that a device needs to pass to see those certain ads. The different conditions are the target conditions that you can pick yourself for the better possibilities of earning revenue through those sales, such as Twitter does.  

What more could be done with it?

There are many more ways by which google ad managers can help your business grow and create revenue. Since your website is a brand of its own and probably has a certain reputation for holding along with it, it is quite natural for you to make sure that everything that happens on your website or along with it works in its best interests according to you. To ensure that everything in your website goes just the way that you want it, there are many features that the google ad manager provides which let you control every single aspect of your website. Some of those features are as follows:

Ability to manage direct advertisers

Unlike other ad management platforms, google ad manager allows the owner to handle his/her marketers based on their own will. This refers to the ability to embed the company's ads that you have collaborated with at that current moment without having to associate any other kinds of ads along with it as a necessity, or to be more precise, a liability.  

For this, you must consult with your associated google ad manager representative to get the ability to display ads on your website through the help of the platforms without using any other kinds of ads. There are many benefits of doing advertising, which make it a very important topic for a website owner to know about. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • Potential of creating more revenue: This is a very important aspect to know about direct advertising. It is so because a potential direct advertiser can sometimes pay a lot more than the ad revenue that your website would probably be able to create through traffic.
  • Attaining total control: As in every other algorithm, sometimes the algorithm of google ad manager also fails to stay up to the filters that you've applied for the kinds of ads that are to be shown on your website. However, this is not the case in direct advertising, as you get to choose which company you want to advertise on your website.

Ability to set criteria for the displayed ads

This is one of the biggest perks of this platform, as setting up criteria for the ads to be shown on your website is a huge deal for any website owner. This is because the ads that you show your viewers are the ones that will only create revenue if they are in the interest of the customer and hence, related to the topic or genre of your website.  

If your website consists of ads that have no connection to the topic or the basis of your website, then not only will the possibility of creating greater revenue decrease, but it could also result in the loss of your website's viewers. Your website's visitors will take no time to leave your website if they feel that your website is spammy, as it would be showing advertisements that have no connection to the products that it sells or the service it provides.

To solve these kinds of problems, this ad manager has developed some abilities that it provides to its users. Through these abilities, the users can restrict certain kinds of advertisements from showing up on your website. These said restrictions are as follows:

  1. Types of ads you don't want to promote: Google manager gives its user the ability to make a list of the things that he/she is not interested in himself/herself and would not like to promote or advertise on their website. This creates a field for the ad manager to not look within when searching for ads to apply at his/her webpage.
  2. Types of ads you want to promote: As stated in the above point, the ad manager allows you to list your preferences. This gives the ad manager a field to look within when it is searching for the right fit of a company to promote through an advertisement on your website.
  3. The competition you don't want to promote: There are always many kinds of websites that perform the same or nearly the same functions as your website. This makes those similar websites a threat for your website as there are chances that users can get attracted to them. To avoid this, you get the ability to block the ads of such websites on your website.

How can you target an audience?

Now that we know all about the basics of google ad manager and the perks that it provides its customers, and the types in which it exists, let's get to know more about it. At this point, we have already learned that the google ads manager allows you to target a certain set of audience according to your preference.  

But to target a set of audiences, there is a certain way by which it can be done. This way includes setting up a filter for many conditions. And the devices that pass these conditions are the ones that get these advertisements displayed.  

These conditions are created as set up by the website owner following the goals that he/she has in mind for his/her website. These certain conditions that can be manipulated are as follows:

  • Language: Certain people that speak the same language often have some similar interests in things. This can also advertise a website or a company that only operates or provides its services within a limited language-speaking area. Hence, it can increase their sales and decrease unnecessary advertising costs.
  • Geographical location: Many companies provide their service or sell their products to a certain geographical location only. The ads of these companies can make the maximum revenue for a website owner when displayed to the devices that lie in those specified geographical locations.
  • Device type: There are many kinds of things that only a certain device can be used or is preferred for doing, such as a laptop or computer for programming, an iPad for painting, and a mobile for social media surfing. Such as this, many companies only provide things for a single type of device. Due to this, a device type can also be set as a condition for which an ad has to pass through.
  • Operating system: The biggest examples of this condition are the iOS and the Windows OS. Both of these Oss (operating systems) have a whole lot of differences in them. This makes a good reason for a condition to be set as an operating system one. This makes it easy for the right kind of ads to show up in the required OS.


Google ad manager is one of the most preferred and used ways of managing your ads throughout multiple online platforms. The community that is already using it for about a decade is one of the biggest reasons for changing this platform to create better ad revenue. Creating revenue through advertising is considered one of the best ways to earn as a side hustler. In many cases, if enough hard work is put into a website with patience and consistency, then the people who do so become successful in this trade and make it their full-time job.

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