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A full stack web developer is an expert who manages and develops both front-end and back-end. A Full stack developer is the Swiss Army Knife of web development.

Full Stack Web Developer - Everything that you should know

You must have heard about Leonardo Da Vinci - the person who managed to wear numerous hats in his lifetime. Probably he's the best example when it comes to defining the concept of a full-stack website developer. He was a painter, scientist, mathematician, astronomer, historian, sculptor, geologist, cartographer, and musician.

Full-stack developers are the "Swiss Army Knives" of web development because of their ability to execute a wide array of tasks across the different stages of website development. You can compare them with one of those silver screen celebrities, who can do it all-dancing, performing overwhelming stunts, singing; some of the full stack developers are true generalists, with a perfect distribution of proficiency over various stacks and frameworks. This post is going to take a deep delve into all that you should know about full-stack web developers. Stay tuned!

Let’s get to know who Full-stack web developers are!

Before you grasp over full-stack web developers, or as mentioned above, Leonardo Da Vinci of the web development ecosphere, let’s decipher the components of web development. Web development consists of two different aspects - front-end & back-end development.

The front end ensures the interaction of users with the web application, whereas, on the other hand, it's the back-end running with the ball. The back-end controls the functionality, data storage, and all required to keep the web application running smoothly. Therefore, the front-end and back-end were incorporated together to bring us a full-stack development.  

A full-stack web developer is an expert in managing and develop both front-end ( for users) and back-end ( for servers). Starting from the operating system, server, and database to vital tools like frameworks, libraries, and more, an adept full stack web developer masters them all. However, it's not just the technicality they look into, but also the web architecture to cater the best experience to users.  

In a one-liner, a full stack web developer excels multitasking who can be assigned for front-end, back-end, database, servers, and APIs. However, it’s a skill that’s thin on the ground. A professional and seasoned full-stack developer is backed by substantial experience and profound knowledge of software development.

Responsibilities of a Full-stack web developer

Their key responsibilities include-

  • Obtain project requirements from clients
  • Analyzing the project and providing solutions
  • Commence the design for user relations
  • Creation of servers and database
  • Testing of codes to get rid of bugs
  • Revamping codes with the help of software and hardware
  • Solutions to problems using methodical testing
  • Cross-platform optimization

Now that you’re aware of the skill sets which when merged, give birth to a full stack web developer, let's take a glimpse of the industry.  

Full-stack web development Industry - A summary

Well, undoubtedly, if we start searching for well-versed front-end and back-end developers individually, the market is abundant. However, an inclination of the IT industries towards full-stack web developers is on the verge. The reason is simple! Embraced with multiple skills, full-stack developers are proficient in playing multiple roles in an organization, thus, giving organizations the occasion to save operational costs, development speed, and money. According to a statistics report presented by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, it has been said that there would be a whopping 8,53,000 jobs for full-stack developers by 2024. Well, that's a handsome figure, isn't it?  

It's not just the job opportunity that paves the way for full-stack web developers, but a decent pay envelope follows. A full-stack developer creates value to effectively address all the aspects and bridge the disconnect between the front-end and back-end development process.  

Therefore, a developer who reckons the look feels manipulation of data and carries a clear understanding of the technical boundary of such executions is considered a valuable asset for any company. So, it’s not just the tag but the skills which enable such professionals in the U.S to bag an average salary of $132,158, while the latter earns $157,688.  

Well, obviously, the figures might invigorate the hidden talent beneath you. To taste the salary, esteem, and certainty of this career, there should be a punch of passion backed by knowledge to help you shine. Let’s take you through the stepping stones to become a full-stack web developer. Excited? Well, probably this post will help in the inception of a highly skilled developer!

Becoming a Full-stack web developer - All that’s involved

To start the journey, it’s highly recommended to commence an analysis of yourself. This will help you understand where you stand in this career as per the industry requirements. To do so, try to make out your cognizance about both the aspects of web development, i.e., front end and back end. Once you're clear about it, the realistic timeline towards paving a robust career would be easier. The golden rule is, don't just learn but get your hands dirty with implementing live projects on full-stack development.  

Your experience level decides where you stand

Your early experience and educational qualifications are the keys to the transition. You must have heard the term, "the more, the merrier." This applies to your web development career, as the more technically savvy you are, the easier your quest is. If you have already nailed both front-end and back-end development, you're probably going to make your way to the awaiting industry with ease and, of course, fast.  

However, if you're an amateur and lagging with hands-on experience in development, the challenge would be upraised. But is that going to stop you? Of course not! Hard work and patience always pay off. As mentioned earlier, start exploring where you stand, and you will come up with any of the three statuses as follows.  

  1. You are a complete novice having no prior experience in development. However, you are quite fond of using web applications but have no clue how they're developed or the web architecture. Yet, it's your fascination with web development and the technical aspects driving you to learn.
  2. You are an aficionado! You have worked on live projects that involve simple coding and carry a clear idea about HTML, CSS, PHP, and so on. With a clear idea of the web architecture, you’re trying to explore more and rise in this particular development field.
  3. You are already a professional in this industry with decent experience in both front-end and back-end development. It's your craving to polish your skills and become a dedicated full-stack web developer.

Regardless of the category, you fall into; the idea to decide your goals will keep you inspired and bring a clear vision. The reasons to become a full-stack web developer are probably going to be the ones as follows.

  1. Freelance Web Developer
  2. Work as a consultant for various organizations.
  3. Work for an organization you have always dreamt of
  4. To develop for yourself

Skills are non-negotiable  

Now, there could be any of the mottoes that delight you, but there are some non-negotiable skills, and you need to master them to become a full-stack web developer. Come, let's check them out!  

  • HTML/CSS (HyperText Markup Language / Cascading Style Sheets)
  • JavaScript
  • Git and GitHub
  • Back-end Languages ( At least a few of the following - PHP, Python, Ruby, Java)
  • Web architecture
  • HTTP and REST
  • Database Storage ( Working with XML and JSON)
  • Basic design skills
  • NPM

Besides the ones mentioned above, there's something more to support your aspirations of being a full-stack web developer. Technical skills alone won't be sufficient; however, putting some soft skills in a perfect balance would help you do wonders. Here are some of the soft skills you should enrich yourself with -  

  • Your mind should be capable to analyze
  • Decent time management skills
  • The urge to learn
  • Paying attention to minor details
  • A vision that’s creative enough
  • Patience


The recipe of being a full-stack web developer is a mixture of true knowledge about the practical and creative sides of the development facet. Remember that you're going to be the person responsible for every single factor and bring a smile to any user's face when talking about their experience on a site developed by you. Padrone the three layers of development - database, presentation, and logic. Once you become a pro with all this, get ready to get praised as a full-stack web developer.  

To unleash the best of your craving to become a full-stack developer, here are three reasons to think of.  

It’s all about versatility

Any full-stack web developer is well acquainted with both sides of the development coin. Hence, appreciation comes as a return gift from IT companies.

Growth is intricate

IT companies no longer believe in pursuing specialized roles and encouraging multifaceted and versatile full-stack developers. Therefore, the scope for growth is multidimensional and fast-paced.  

It’s one of the highest-paid jobs

Who doesn't want high regard for their skills? Well, full-stack web development can give you exposure to the world of happiness or, in other words, money! So, get set and go - a lucrative career is awaiting; all you need to do is put in your best efforts and be dedicated. Then, the dream of touching the sky of success will come true, for sure! 

About the author

has been working as a web developer and in online marketing since 1998. After building up a marketing agency and the exit in 2013, he consulted international groups as a freelance consultant. Since 2022, he and his team now offer staffing services in this field.

Dennis Hoinkis CEO, GLOMASTCO Ltd.

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