Freelance Writing Jobs

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Freelance Writing Jobs

I know what writing is, but what is freelance writing? Do we do it for free? People pop up with these questions every time. Freelancers are self-employed people. They work with clients of their choice according to their convenience and preference. If you want to make some easy money, you can take up some writing gigs here and there; then this is your thing. As a freelance writer, you can be any of these:  

  • Freelance Blogger – you would write blogs for the websites of various businesses.
  • Content Writer – this is a broad term. You would focus on different types of content like blogs, articles, etc.
  • SEO Writer – your focus here will be to rank your content on the Google search. You will write optimized content using specific keywords and other things to rank in Google Search.
  • Content Strategist- the next thing you become after being a content writer in an organization is a content strategist. You manage content, content writers and plan the flow of content.
  • Ghost Writer- you do a content writer or blogger job but don’t get the author’s credits. In other words, your name will not be shown as the author. You may write eBooks, emails, white papers, blogs, etc.

Where do you start?

Normally people start with writing Blog Posts for website owners because of two main reasons. Firstly, website owners or companies are easier to find, and secondly, blogs are easier to write than long-form content like white papers and eBooks. You don’t have to stick with writing only blogs; you may choose two to three forms of writing like blog writing, article writing, and website content. This way you can take up more clients.  

Services offered by freelance writers

Freelancers don’t only write different forms of content; they do more than that. As a freelance writer, you may be responsible for the following:

  • Editing- you may edit the already existing content or proofread it. Sometimes you may be asked to do revisions of the content that you deliver.
  • Ghostwriting- as mentioned earlier, you will not get the author credits. Sometimes, it may be outsourced work.
  • Copywriting- This is another form of writing. The motive of this form of writing is to generate sales. Good persuasive skills and command of language are required to write a compelling copy that generates sales.
  • Social Media Marketing- the importance of social media is no secret to any business. Since most of the population spends their maximum time on social media, it makes social media an ideal platform for marketing. As a freelance writer, you may create captions or another form of content suitable to the platform for your client.
  • Blog Management- you take the complete responsibility of a blog. From ideation and brainstorming to creating content and editing them, you manage everything. This way, you streamline all the work and content for your client.

How do freelance writers find clients?

You may have made your mind to becoming a freelance writer because of the comfort that you get by working from your home but here is the trickier part. Finding good clients may be a difficult task for you if you are just starting.  

It is known that every company and organization needs content, be it small or big. Try working with different people and writing in different niches to discover or identify the right one for you. You may work with some local businesses, start-ups, established companies, or any organization, but the question is, where would you find them? Some ideal places where you may find clients are:

Online websites:  

These days, companies hire freelancers directly from websites like Upwork and Fiverr. After you deliver the work, you get your pay and reviews to help you stand out from other writers.


You may find companies that are looking for content writers here also. By publication, we mean magazines, newspapers, and other print forms of publication.


There exist agencies that hire freelance writers only. These agencies will allow you work that they get from the companies they have a deal with. While you work with agencies, you will not have to go by yourself and find clients.  

Educational Institutions:  

You will create educational content like e-course material, eBooks, and other materials. This may not be a recurring work like writing for blog owners.

Blog owners:  

When you have niched down, you may start contacting the blog owners of your niche. Searching them online should not be difficult because every website has contact details at the bottom of its website.  

Though the blog owners start writing blogs because they are interested, they will eventually have no time for writing, and this is where you come into play. Working with blog owners is long-term work because they regularly post blogs.  

Working with clients step-by-step

We have mentioned the places where you can find clients, and now is the time to contact them and get yourself paid. Here is a typical step-by-step process:

  • Curate a solid pitch to your client, telling him a bit about yourself, your experience(if you have any).
  • The client will get back to you asking for your work samples, your rates, your availability.
  • You reply by providing all the details the client asked for. Once the client likes your samples and agrees to your rates, send him a contract(in some cases, the client himself will send a contract) and ask for the payment method and details.
  • You get on a call with your client to know more about what they want you to write and their expectations. Once you get an idea, try writing the first draft as soon as possible and polish it 2-3 times before submitting it to the client.
  • Submit the final draft to the client and see if they want any revisions in the content.
  • The client likes your work (hopefully), and then you send him an invoice.
  • Then comes the best part, the client pays you and tells you whether he wants to work with you on a long-term basis or not.

Note: Sometimes, freelance writers take an upfront payment before starting the work. That means you can ask your client to pay you 20-50% of the total payment beforehand to ensure that you will get paid.  

Do you need a Degree to Become a Freelance Writer?

NO. the answer is a big, fat NO. You don’t need a Degree to do freelance writing. Whether you are a waitress, a science student, a scientist, or anything, you can do freelance writing. Does it sound like it is an easy-peasy task?  

If you read the previous sections of the blog carefully, you would know that it is not as easy as it may sound. As not everyone can create content. Also, it is not for everyone but the ones who enjoy doing this. If you can convey information in an interesting way that hooks the reader until the end, this is for you.  

How much do Freelance Writers Make?

It is a very tricky question. The sky is indeed the limit for a freelancer’s earning, but how can someone find the average? Many studies happened to gather the data of how much do freelancers make but all in vain because it varies from country to country, area-to-area, and on a lot many factors.  

To give you a rough idea, the average pay per word for a beginner(or new to this) is $0.03-$0.06. An intermediate makes $0.07-$. Twelve per word and an expert makes $0.13-$0.12 per word. These are average rates, but the thing to note down is that more than 70% of the freelance writers make less than the average rates.  

Another way to charge is projectwise. You can take up some content to write and charge your clients per project. An example will make it easy to understand. Let us assume your client wants you to write four blogs per month. Instead of telling him that you will charge $0.02 per word, you can say that you will charge him $100 per month to write four blogs of 1000 words each.  

If you calculated it right, it would charge $0.02 x 1000 = $20 per blog, and four such blogs would come down to $80 per month. But since you are going the extra mile to plan the flow of blogs and carry out research, you may charge him a whole number as that is easier to pay and doesn’t look like a crooked number.  


We hope that this blog on freelance writing gave you a clear idea of what the job is like, what it takes to become a freelance writer, and how much they can make. This is a decent job if you want to create an additional income stream on the side, but full-time freelancers have their benefits and challenges. 

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