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A freelance web developer doesn't need to be highly qualified. For a freelance web developer, experience and skills are most important key to get clients.

Freelance Web Developer - What are the requirements?

The times are changing, and so is the world along with it, either for better or for worse. This also means that there will be the arrival of new job opportunities along with the dismissal of old jobs that don't serve a purpose anymore. And some of the most growing fields of this time are the technology sector. This sector has impacted other sectors for better or worse, but it has also affected people's daily lives.

As no one goes out of their home without a phone anymore, sends letters to people, or even sends messages as everyone talks on social media now. But that also raises questions such as how do these websites, online portals, and apps keep working without causing any problems to the users. Well, that's where the web developers and designers come into the play of life.

Being a web developer comes with creating websites that work efficiently without causing any bugs or providing any glitches. On the other hand, being a web designer comes with the responsibility of providing its users with such a look at the website that it attracts them to use again and again without irritation being caused to them.

As no matter how good the back-end code of a website is, if the looks don't resonate with it, it's no better than a rotten looking apple with a new core as no matter how good the rotten looking apple is, most people always go for the one with good appearance.

Does anyone even want a freelance Web dev?

If anyone has a question regarding the employability status of a freelance developer, such as whether or not anyone wants to hire a freelance dev, then you've come to the right place.

Because no matter which online freelancing platform you may look at, you would always find a competitive number of web developers on it, and this is because there are many companies and sole proprietors who need to specifically hire a freelance developer instead of putting one on a daily job and increasing their expenditures. Some common reasons due to which people hire freelance web developers are:

  • Many companies like to hire a freelance web dev instead of hiring a full-time developer to work with them. After creating a website for a company, all there is for a developer to do is to make sure to keep updating the advertising structure from time to time.
  • While this can seem like a compulsion to have, some companies might find it a temporary thing to do, so it does not hire a full-time web dev but calls a freelancer whenever he seems the situation to come and come and do the timely advertisement structure update. This saves the company money and promotes the employability of the freelancers and their freely working will.
  • The second type of people who usually hire freelance web devs needs to get a personal or work-related website made. This category could include people who want to get their blog website up and going, get a portfolio website completed to show their achievements in a modern way, or maybe they want to get their online shop set up and running in the exact way that they have thought it to be.
  • The third type of people that hire freelance web dev are, surprisingly, the freelancing web designers. This ensures the designer that their front-end code would run smoothly with the back-end environment. But, of course, this whole scenario also goes vice versa when a web dev gets an entire project and needs a web designer on board.

This might surprise you, but yes, the designers also hire developers due to their needs. For example, since working in the same freelancing field, a designer often gets a project to build a whole website instead of just designing it. In such cases, the freelancing web designer looks for another freelancing web dev to collaborate to complete the entire project together.

These three categories of people are filled up in the modern freelancing marketplace, looking to hire someone who can provide them with the service they want without committing for an extended period. And these are just the more significant portion of people that hire; many more people have many reasons and are looking for a freelance web dev who can provide the right solution to them.

Go-to websites for Web developers

Now that the talk about who wants to hire a freelancing web developer is out of the way, let's talk about finding such possible clients. The client market for a task such as web development is quite a large one as there are not many web developers who stand up to their commitment to providing their client with the desired result, which they need for quality web developers is quite huge.

So, if you have what it takes to stand up to your word and be a quality freelance web developer, then the websites mentioned below are worth a shot to give. So, the most appropriate websites for freelancing web developers are as follows:


Even if you haven't gotten into very deep freelancing, there is still a huge probability that you must have heard this name before. Fiverr is one of the ultimate platforms for freelancers, no matter what niche or field you work in.  

When it comes to web development, you can expect to find some of the highest-paying jobs on this platform. However, when you start, you shouldn't expect much pay from it as it will take some time and reviews on your profile for high-paying clients to appoint you.

But if you stay consistent with providing clients with the best you got, you will find a pretty good chance that you will find a high-paying window.


A spoiler alert for this website claims to take only about 3 percent of all the applications they receive from the senders. So, this website also pays due to this status quo as the highest paying clients are found there.

So, if you think that you could land in that 3 percent range, then do give a shot at it. Because if you want to be a part of this platform, you'll have to take this as a competition more than a typical job application.

After reading that cutoff rate, there might be some intimidation happening, but if you can work hard enough to pass it, you get to work for big shots such as Zendesk, Airbnb, Thumbtack, and many others more like such.


Upwork is another one of the giants of the online freelancing industry. But, more than being just a famous name for freelancers, it is one of the most genuine ones. And getting an audience to advertise your services as a freelance web developer only makes it an even sweeter of a deal.

But since it has such a broadly known name, you should be ready to face failure too as the competition is as tough as an exam with the best students from all across the world. But if you can be consistent with your work, then you'll shine differently even in the middle of all the others.


Freelancer is among the best platforms for freelancers, regardless of what field of work you're in. Understanding the work process of this website is not hard at all too, which can be added as a pro of this website.

But what an applicant needs to be careful about when applying here is that there are numerous spam accounts on this website, so be fully assured before delivering or even starting to work on any project as you may end up with only your time and resources wasted in the end.

Any of the websites mentioned above are an excellent option for anyone who's starting in the freelancing industry as these websites allow freshers and provide excellent opportunities for experienced web developers.

Must-have for Web developers

While knowing who can hire a freelance web dev and knowing where to find these hiring clients is good but will go all in vain unless they have the proper abilities or requirements that a web developer must have. As there are certain boxes of requirements in web development, a web developer must fill in to be accounted as one of them. So, before you or any of your acquaintances hops on any of the platforms to find a possible freelancing gig, it is recommended to look inside your box of skills and check whether you have or not. Some of the necessities that are required for every web developer are:


Experience is something that clients recognize in every field of work as it provides them with a vague idea of the practicality that the applicant would consist of in that particular field of work. It is the same in web development as someone familiar with developing a project from scratch to the very end multiple times would know about how much time it would take to complete a particular project and how to do it way more efficiently.


Understanding how all things work in developing a website is an excellent asset to the skill set of a web developer. So, a web developer should understand the process of working on web applications that generally include session management, securities, and other best practices at increasing efficiency.


Knowing about relational database systems is also a worthy asset to a web developer's skill set. As consisting of just vague ideas about the OOP (Object-oriented Programming) does not cut it due to the better competition that is out there which might have exact knowledge about its work process.  

Due to this, having a good amount of knowledge in OOP and web application development is a must as it could provide any aspiring web developer with a massive head start against their competition.


Consisting of the basic learnable skills is excellent, to be said vaguely, but that does not cut it enough if you only learn enough that anyone can understand. What makes the best web developers different from the other web developers is creativity.  

Creativity means solving more significant problems by breaking them into more minor, simpler problems and then engaging on them one by one, and this is way easier said than done.  

Creativity also means having the ability to write codes more efficiently than others as the answer to a problem can only be single or double, but writing those answers in code and applying it to the website is the most efficient way is what matters the most.


While many mind-blowing web developers out there have no college degree or any certification skill, it is pretty safe to consider a degree or technical certificate held accountable for employment.  

By this, it isn't meant that you couldn't become a good, if not, a great freelance web dev, but most clients do hold a specific belief in the ones that have either a college degree or a certificate of IT sector as it shows the efforts that they have put into their work.


Last but not least, a web developer must be proficient in any one of the languages that they deem comfortable in. This means exactly what it reads like the most significant and most essential thing that a web developer has to do is code, and they wouldn't exactly be much of one web dev if they cannot even code properly.  

Thousands of languages exist already, and more of them keep coming out, so all you need to do is find one and do all you can with until you reach proficiency in it. Some of the most commonly used languages by web developers are MySQL, PHP, Python, .NET, ASP, and this list can keep going on and on, so find one that you're comfortable in and stick with it.

More about being a freelance Web dev

Now, time to bring attention to an essential topic of the article today. As sweet as you might have heard the job term "web developer," if you perform it wrong enough, you won't call it sweet anymore.

As it is already discussed, the job title is very daunting for the aspirants preparing to get a job as one of the web developers. However, what is not talked about enough is that the job is daunting equally enough for experienced web developers too.

Working in a 9 to 5 job and writing codes for all this time is not ideal for everyone. This raises concern about what these web developers will do if they can't work a regular day job. Well, the answer is they're living in the 21st century, so they don't have to figure that out a lot.

In our current world, not having a regular day job is not very much of an issue. Instead, it gives you the flexibility to your accords, chooses work projects that you want to work on instead of getting assigned to random ones, and even lets some people have a regular day job and be a web developer.

Web developers like these are called freelance web developers who work for random clients on the internet from people worldwide that require their services and are willing to pay reasonable work fees.


Becoming a freelance web developer in this generation is a great option to consider. But saying that it is a title that can be easily obtained would not be correct, and it will be entirely appropriate to say that it is one of the careers that needs much hard work to be put into it. However, if you're up for the challenge and can be placed in the position, then this article is all the basic knowledge that you'll require to kick start your career.

This time is also one of the best to learn web development as most of its learning sources are on the internet for free, either in video, audio, or web page format. This essentially means that if one wants to learn web development and become a freelance web developer, the only thing stopping you from becoming one is nothing.

If you follow all the tips mentioned in this article and prepare for it the right way, then the dream of becoming a freelance web developer is nothing but a reality that will take hard work to achieve.

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