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Find employees best suited to work for your organization. Find employees who work their best out, build a productive team and raise companys' standards.

Find employees - Best suited to work for your organization

The term employees, though, refers to someone who works for your organization, but you can say that it is no less than nerve for a company to rephrase it. Well, it's easily understandable how risky a blemished nerve could be; therefore, the need to hire the best talents becomes inevitable. After all, your business is not just a mere profession or commercial activity you carry out; instead, it's your dream. Isn't it?  

Talking about the availability of employees who could fit the requirements and contribute towards the flourishing of an organization, there are many. However, the challenge is to find such top-notch employees, a procedure that always demands precision. The process of recruiting is not limited to reviewing resumes and conducting interviews but is a strategy consisting of communication, marketing, and relationship-building skills followed by patience.  

Did you know who's contribution is going to be the foremost in the global workforce? The millennials! According to reports, it's projected that the millennials will build up 75% of the total workforce. Now, there are lots of slip-ups that could prevent an employer from finding the right employees. Mistakes in the crafting of job descriptions are just one of the examples of the same.  

All this gives rise to a common question, how to find employees who are talented, confident, and meet up to your organization's goals? To help you with the same, this post talks about the best practices to consider during recruitment. Additionally, it's divided into two parts - one to assist you with direct hiring and the other to seek professional help. Keep reading!

Direct hiring - Steps to consider

To streamline the hiring process, there's a lot to be served on the table. As discussed earlier, it's more than resumes and interviews and requires the correct methodology to bring in the best employees to build a productive team. Mentioned below are some highlights of a suitable recruitment procedure.

Reputation - Being the desired employer

What do you think will attract most professionals to reach you for employment? It's your reputation as an employer! Rather than being aggressive towards recruiting and screening over flooded applications, it's your credibility and brand value that would drag in the best talents to your table. This factor also increases the chances of suitable candidates from your in-house team.  

A robust recruitment strategy  

The HR manager is the face of your company and plays a leading role while recruiting. Therefore, it becomes essential that HR is a part of your strategy building when you are ready to open vacancies. HR must attract quality candidates for interviews and maintain a good relationship with hired employees once they're on board.  

A detailed job description is essential

This is where significant companies lack behind! Unfortunately, explaining just the requirements and responsibilities isn't a key to your successful recruitment process. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the said practice reduces the chances of inward job application from competent personnel. Therefore, a job description is not only about what you expect from your prospective employees, but rather it should also state what your organization could do in return for them.  

The pre-screening procedure  

Time is money, isn't it? Pre-screening the candidates is an excellent move towards saving time while scheduling interviews with hiring managers. Though a candidate might look the best fit when considered based on papers, the case might not be the same when interviewed. A pre-screening helps you decipher the expectations of the candidates, and to some extent, you can also understand whether they are fit for your work culture or not.

Level of interview  

While on the role to find employees, a flawed interview process results in the selection of candidates, which in the future might turn out to be a wrong decision. The reason behind this is, selecting candidates solely based on skills, work experience, and qualifications. Various other factors add more probability to find employees who will be with you in the long run. Emotional intelligence, motivation, behavior & temperament, and trainability are some of the factors you should never neglect.  

Background verification  

One of the essential processes while you are on the activity to find employees, is the background check. A candidate might showcase qualifications, experiences, and abilities capable enough to delight you; however, performing a background check to examine the presentations is a must. Besides, it also helps you find if the job applicant has any criminal history, inconsistent employment history, etc. In a one-liner, you can say that the relationship between an employee and the recruiter is mutual benefits, and the discrepancy could ruin the same. Therefore, it's a wise idea to perform background checks timely while finding the best fit employee for your company.  

Professional help - Working with a staffing or recruiting agency

As of now, it is for sure that the recruitment journey isn't that simple. Besides, it's also a reason that you have searched and came to read this article devoting your valuable time. Being a professional in the field, you're into; you must have a sound knowledge of the work you do, right? Similarly, there are professionals in recruiting, which we know as staffing or recruiting agencies. Therefore, the idea of working with such firms is always a clever move! Besides, there are a lot of benefits which you will come across. Mentioned below are the following.  

Effortless Hiring - An undeniable benefit

For any business, the chance to make effortless savings is always welcomed and is a primary concern. Well, working with a staffing agency awards you with the same. While you are in the process of finding employees, several expenditures might incur. Mentioned below are some points where you don't need to put any effort to shake hands with a good recruitment agency:

  1. Advertising of vacancies via different platforms
  2. Pre-employment testing and Background checking
  3. Training and onboarding
  4. Creation of payroll databases

Besides, for a business, there are often conditions where laying off a few employees is periodic. However, this practice often leads to a lower reputation amongst employees and negatively impacts the balance sheets. But, choosing to work with a staffing agency, especially a temporary staffing agency, enables you to offer limited period jobs to workers. Besides, if there's a need or if the employee stands pretty well to your expectations, you can also provide a permanent position in the future.  

Get a boost in the hiring process

When you are trying to find employees with exceptional skill sets, the recruitment process might take a couple of months. Starting from publishing the vacant post to going through thousands of resumes, screening, interviewing, and finalizing, the search for the best fit employee consumes a lot of time for HR managers of a company. But, on the other hand, finding employees with the help of a staffing agency could gain you a quick hire. This is because such firms have already got resources, methodology, and a base of candidates willing to pursue the best of a career.  

Get to enjoy specialized knowledge

Recruitment is all about matching the right person with the right job. If you lack this specific skill, it may create a draining hole in your company's moneybag. However, when you leave the job on expert staffing agencies, they help you make your job easy and fruitful. From extensive candidate and talent search to picking the best-fit ones for the offered job role - they do everything with the finest touch of perfection and skillfulness.  

In addition, unlike the in-house hiring team, staffing agencies work with multiple industries, which allows them to build a more robust and vast network of people looking for a great career opportunity. So, naturally, it makes the selection opportunities broader, increasing the chances for better candidate acquisition. Additionally, they tend to be handy with different updated recruitment technologies and software, making the talent hunt operations even more downright.

Time & money saver

To find efficient and productive employees, you may need to invest a lot of time, which you could have utilized to wrap up other vital business and operation-related work. Especially if it's about hiring for a new project that requires a highly skilled workforce/resources for a set duration, the search may take relatively more extended than usual.  

However, with staff agencies, you always have the option of acquiring new resources on a temporary/ trial basis, which omits the necessity of long-term commitments. This, at a time, saves your money and time. For permanent positions, staffing agencies help you save a lot of productive time as they do almost everything involved in a hiring process. They search for the best candidates, wrap up the screening and handle the post recruitment paperwork - what else can be more helpful?


From the shared information, it's pretty easy to figure out that it's all about planning and executing things strategically if it's about finding good employees. It will help both the employer and potential employees fulfill their requirements to get best-fit candidates or start or redevelop one's career. Hiring is a two-way process, and it produces the best results if you keep it agile, transparent, and hassle-free! 

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has been working as a web developer and in online marketing since 1998. After building up a marketing agency and the exit in 2013, he consulted international groups as a freelance consultant. Since 2022, he and his team now offer staffing services in this field.

Dennis Hoinkis CEO, GLOMASTCO Ltd.

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