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Express Employment

Employment agencies across the globe offer great employment opportunities and contribute well to the country's economy. First, these employment agencies find the right skilled personnel and place them in the correct job position. Then, they search for suitable candidates and shortlist them for the interviews based on the employer's requirements.

Some of these employment agencies also offer training programs to build required skills as well. Before selecting an employment agency, you should consider your requirement and the agency's expertise and services charges.

Welcome to FSOM - An express employment services

FSOM is redefining the concept of express employment services. Managing every aspect of quality and dependable employment is an essential component of our turnkey approach. Our goal is to satisfy our clients' staffing needs by offering highly professional and speedy employment services while simultaneously creating employment for the workforce.  

Specialized in a wide range of employment services, FSOM offers highly competent employees tailored for each job requirement. We offer express employment services in diverse departments and categories. Our highly professional employment company offers temporary and permanent placement, direct hire services, and freelance and remote jobs to complete any staffing needs.  

We at FSOM provide each of our clients with a dependable service of trained and qualified personnel who are dedicated to their job right from start to finish. Our highly experienced employment team ensures guaranteed satisfaction to all your employment needs.

FSOM for job seekers

At FSOM, we are passionate about helping candidates exceed their potential. We specialize in matching job seekers to opportunities across a wide range of occupations. Covering flexible placement, permanent placement, and outsourcing, we offer a wide range of tailored services across all sectors.  

If you are looking for a new job, our employment services team is here to assist you in searching and applying for a job, placement, and post-placement support. Whether you are a fresher or a skilled job seeker, we have express employment services for you. Whatever your age, location, culture, or background, our team will assist you through the employment process. When you come to FSOM, we listen, learn about your experiences and bring out a program that works for you.  

Our team at FSOM holds a comprehensive interaction with the job seekers to understand their aspirations and work out a customized job search strategy for candidates. Depending on individual needs, FSOM also offers interview training sessions and professional resume writing services.

Applying for jobs through FSOM

Lots of employers post vacancies online with us. If you find yourself the best fit for the position, you can apply for the same. As your employment consultant, FSOM will act as the middleman between you and the employer. We will send your resume to the employer and put you forward for an interview.

If the employer accepts your job application, our team will assist you with interview preparation and walk the interview prepared, with everything you need to nail it. In addition, our experts will provide lots of tips and pointers, directions, and advice to wear on the interview day.

FSOM for employers  

AT FSOM, we understand the challenges of recruitment often faced by organizations. Now you can acquire top talent instantly, whenever you need it. We support you and your organization by providing tailored express recruitment services. We always have a perfect job-ready candidate to meet your requirements, fulfilling our promise of express employment services.  

We match the job seeker capabilities with the requirements of your workplace. The always-on approach of our fast employment services matches and delivers the right talent at the right time, enabling flexibility and agility for clients.  

What does FSOM offer?

Permanent placement

FSOM matches suitable potential candidates from the job seeker's database, screens their resumes, conducts interviews, and assessments, and advises the employers to ensure the right match of the candidate to the required skills.

Temporary placement

With organizations around the globe laying critical emphasis on HRM, temporary staffing is the latest trend catching up. FSOM assists in recruiting and managing temporary workers engaged only for a limited period, including fixed-term or project-based contracts. In addition, it helps you to deal with the increased workload, illness, or maternity/paternity leaves.

Remote placements

If you are looking for a remote job, there is no better platform than ours. FSOM also assists in managing the remote onboarding process. So, please begin your search for a remote work-from-home job or suitable candidate at our remote job boards. You never know what opportunities await you!

Freelancer placements

If you wish to be your boss or want to test a different career, or looking for a side hustle to focus on your passion, FSOM offers a wide range of freelancing opportunities in a wide array of sectors. Finding freelance work is no more complicated now with FSOM.

Direct hiring

FSOM offers employers direct hire staffing solutions. It reduces the recruiting time and cost while freeing up internal resources. Such direct hiring allows our clients to locate their next team member with distinctive skill sets. Our dedicated team streamlines the hiring process to secure highly skilled applicants.

Online jobs

This current era of not getting in physical contact with anybody has made job seekers and employers transition to online methods. Now FSOM has made the whole process of applying for jobs and looking for employees relatively easy and efficient.  

What does FSOM do?

At FSOM, we have our specialized process of working, which ensures a speedy recruitment process across all verticals, making hiring simpler and faster. In addition, our unique approach and sourcing methodology set us apart as a top placement consultant. We match organizations' staffing requirements with skilled professionals to build assets to the organization.  

Initial meeting with the client

At FSOM, we are committed to preserving the highest standards of ethical business conduct. We work closely with our clients to meet their employment needs efficiently. With the changing demands of the business, we provide tailored services to our clients for their workforce requirements.  

Job advertisement

Hiring a quality employee is a daunting task. At FSOM, we assist our clients to be more effective in reaching quality candidates. By focusing on the content and design of the job ad, our team produces a relevant and effective job advertisement for our clients. We incorporate keywords that clearly explain the company's work culture and summarise why this is a great place to work.

Shortlisting potential candidates  

At FSOM, we assist job seekers in spotting various available employment opportunities and taking succeeding steps to build a successful career. We monitor the current trends, like workforce mobility, skills in demand, and source the right candidate for the right roles. Our extensive network and fully digitalized sourcing approach help us to source the finest candidate for any role. By accurately mapping the interests of both our clients and our job-seeking candidates, our team selects the best potential candidates for the vacancy.

Job interview  

After screening the potential job candidates, FSOM schedules interviews of the shortlisted candidates with the employer. Depending on the size and wish of the hiring organization, one or more interviews are scheduled. The final interview process often involves conversations with the senior leadership of the organization.


FSOM believes in maintaining long-standing relationships with our clients and candidates. We hold our promise to provide the right talent at the right time. We professionally welcome the onboarding of candidates and lay the groundwork for a long-term productive relationship between the candidate and the employer.

FSOM responds immediately

We help organizations hire candidates in a flash. Our highly experienced team of recruitment consultants with a backup candidate database and an established network of professionals is always ready to serve you.

The efficient express employment at FSOM - Key to recruiting success

FSOM understands that seeking new talent is an ever-growing challenge for organizations. Therefore, we always strive hard to expedite the hiring processes. The shortage of skilled candidates increases the competition. So it is very important to attract, engage and recruit the best candidates faster.

We believe that a more efficient hiring process provides a better candidate experience.

So, at FSOM, we have paid great attention to developing and managing a great recruiting process with the right strategy. We have to speed up the whole recruitment cycle without missing important steps critical to identifying the most qualified candidates for the required role.

Benefits of FSOM express employment

FSOM offers fully screened and inducted candidates to our clients. This reduces your valuable time and energy in interviewing candidates. Also, the cost of a vacant position for months can be too high after considering the recruiting fee and marketing fees.  

Acquire the finest talent. Being decisive will set you apart from other organizations, and job applicants will also value your favor for their time.  

Realize your business objectives faster. The sooner you find the right candidate for the open position, the sooner you will get to work and ultimately assist your organization reach its objectives.  

What makes FSOM faster?

The employment process at FSOM ensures success in attracting, engaging, and hiring the right people for the right role.

Improved job postings at FSOM

To keep the finest candidates around, one should always start with an honest job offer. At FSOM, we make sure that the job descriptions are both accurate as well as attractive.

FSOM makes it simple

Most studies show that if the job application form takes more than 10 minutes to fill, around 20% of candidates drop out. Job seekers are not inclined to get engaged in extended and exhausting job application processes.  

AT FSOM, we allow job applicants to fill out the job applications on their mobile phones. We make sure to parse their resumes and limit the remaining fields to relevant information that is not a part of their resume.

Refined candidate sourcing by FSOM

Our recruiting team at FSOM leverages the power of social recruiting and employees' professional networks by allowing referrals.

FSOM leverage AI-powered applicant screening

At FSOM, we leverage the AI-based automation of the screening process of the applicants. It provides an automated selection of candidates based on the client's requirements. This noteworthy aspect speeds up the complete recruiting process at FSOM without compromising the screening quality of the job applicants.

Improved applicant engagement at FSOM

FSOM plans the whole recruitment process touch-points and leverages recruitment tools such as email to keep applicants well informed regarding the present status of the job application and recruitment process. We strongly believe that keeping job applicants engaged throughout the recruitment process is significant for the higher efficiency of the recruitment process. Therefore, we keep every applicant completely updated on the ongoing status and never let them drop out because of proper communication.

Benefits of hiring us

  • The saying "time kills deals" rings very true in the employment industry. FSOM holds its promise of the fastest hiring process by scrutinizing the right candidates at the very first stage of shortlisting itself.
  • FSOM offers tailored recruitment services that identify the exact needs of the clients and meet their specific needs.
  • The deeper pool of resources at FSOM offers an extended reach across the globe.
  • FSOM guarantees fully screened and inducted candidates to meet client requirements.
  • FSOM follows a partnership approach guided by trust, and transparency, to ensure a long-term relationship with the client.
  • The quick and responsive team of FSOM reacts to your client queries immediately, and none of the requests are never left waiting.
  • FSOM follows complete transparency and proper communication processes of the proceedings during the entire recruitment process.
  • FSOM pays uniform importance to potential employees and employers.
  • FSOM offers a cost-effective model to reduce the recruitment costs of the employees and maximize ROI.


At FSOM employment services, we offer express and personalized services to businesses and people worldwide. We have the scope and scale to work globally. Whether it be a short/long term position or temp-to-hire position, FSOM is your one-stop recruiting agency. With FSOM, you can connect with the specialized talent and dynamic solutions you need to stay ahead of your competitors. There is a world of opportunity out there.

FSOM is the solution to all your employment needs!

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has been working as a web developer and in online marketing since 1998. After building up a marketing agency and the exit in 2013, he consulted international groups as a freelance consultant. Since 2022, he and his team now offer staffing services in this field.

Dennis Hoinkis CEO, GLOMASTCO Ltd.

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