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What are direct hire jobs? Direct hire jobs are referred to as where a company intends to hire an individual and offers the position directly in the company.

Direct hire jobs - Benefits and things you must know

When many companies hire a third party for themselves to find a candidate suited for the job profile that they have a vacancy for, some companies prefer to do the process of hiring agencies. The process in which a company acts as a recruiter and hires a candidate without intermediaries is known as direct hiring.  

Direct hiring usually occurs when a company needs to fill up its vacancy of a permanent job rather than a temporary (6-12 months) job or short-term. It happens so as for vacancies like that, a staffing authority needs employees that are reliable and ready to work with them for a long term without any hesitations. But due to the epidemic of COVID-19 in recent years, this process now occurs in the online method along with all the other approaches.  

Due to this online direct recruiting, the employment in the contracts such as content writing jobs, copywriting jobs, technical writer jobs, proofreading jobs, web development jobs, and web designing jobs have gotten some elevation, and due to this, many new opportunities have increased for those working in these respective fields of jobs. The mode of hiring may have changed, but the process of direct hiring takes no less than it does in the offline mode.

Why do companies direct hire?

After getting to know about direct hiring, the first question that anyone can have in their mind is why it happens. That question is significantly related to this topic, and it is pretty essential to know about it. Any company that goes through all this work of interviewing and hiring an employee has its reasons. Some of the reasons why a company directly hire an employee are:

  • To fulfill the staffing of a long-term worker. This is one of the most common reasons why an authority goes through direct hiring for recruitment. A company needs to know about the quality of their possible employee for themselves so that they don’t compromise that vacancy to an incompetent worker.
  • To satisfy their need for workers who need to work in unique positions requiring certain sets of exceptional skills. In the online times, these job professions include medical and creative writing jobs, which were once considered a temporary talent contract profile.
  • To pull off even more than usual workers with talent. This refers to attracting more talented workers by providing them with the assurance that they are getting hired by the company themselves. They also get many more benefits from the company than the usual employees.
  • To fulfill their vacancies of executive levels and require direct hire to ensure that the person who gets picked up for filling that vacancy is competent. This means that anyone who applies for such vacancies is checked to make sure that he/she holds the company’s best interests at heart.
  • To shorten or fasten hiring by removing the intermediate steps that can seem unnecessary to a company. The process of direct hiring provides the company with the ability to test each aspect of the job applicant according to their own needs.
  • To get used to a time where people need more permanent jobs rather than temporary or short-term jobs. Having a permanent job in a well-established company is a dream of many. If a company provides a job offer such as this, there are chances of getting many applicants.

Jobs positions

If you’re looking to get directly hired by a company, then there is a pattern that you should know about. This pattern is the job profiles that get the most amount of recruitments by direct hiring. And these are one for which the process of direct hiring is brought into motion in the first place.  

These job profiles usually are for the ones looking for committed, long-term positions that also offer its holder to achieve benefits that are different from the normal employees. Some of those job positions are:

  • Vice president and CEOs (Chief Executive Officers). Leadership roles such as the ones of vice presidents and CEOs require exceptional skills. The requirement for them to be directly hired is quite a lot as they would represent the company in every way, and so, the company needs to make sure that the applicant holds the company’s best interests at heart.
  • Job positions require their application to be a graduate degree holder in higher studies, such as a master’s or doctorate. The jobs that require its application to hold a master’s degree or a doctorate are the ones that play quite an essential role in the company.
  • Permanent positions. The job profiles that are permanent in a company are the ones that hold essential roles of the company. The jobs that require its applicant to commit in a long-term method need its applicant to stand out in the process of direct hire for them to prove their competency.
  • The field of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) jobs. The job profiles in these fields require a lot from its applicant as the applicant will have to play a key role in the company as one of its builders themselves.
  • New age fields of jobs have also risen a lot in the industry and now are starting to be included in the direct hire job lists. The jobs include a web developer, web designer, content writer, and many more. Medical writer jobs are also starting to become a trend in the marketplace of the IT industry.

Benefits of direct-hire jobs

The jobs which are put up for its applicants to go through the process of direct-hire are the ones that play essential roles in the company themselves. There are a lot of things to consider while choosing whether or not you want to go through the process of direct hiring.  

Direct hiring is not one of the easiest ones and not one of the fastest ones. It is a long, tiring process and can take one to two months before finally hearing back from the company. But it sure is worth it if you get selected. Some of the benefits that a direct job provides are:

  • They provide the selected candidate with the safety of having a permanent job, as most of the direct hired jobs are permanent ones. Having the security of working in your desired company and having the security of not getting unemployed from the next month is bliss for many.
  • They provide the candidates who achieved the direct-hire position with the best level of guidance. This means that anyone appointed in a direct-hire position is more likely to have their employer more interested in their growth and movement towards promoted rankings.
  • The jobs that are present for the process of direct hiring can be beneficial for new talents too. This is because the company representative often visits college fairs and debates to find the fresher candidate of their liking that seems fit to fill the vacancy for that job.
  • It can be very beneficial for you if you are looking to land your first job or is just new with the field of the contract. The direct hiring team is often looking for freshers that they can teach and shape into filling the key vacancies of the company in which he/she gets recruited.

Things to keep in mind

Getting direct-hired by a company is certainly not a piece of cake. But if a candidate advances to it with a strategic approach with keeping every consideration in mind, he/she can have a shot at achieving that job designation.  

All these considerations that a candidate needs to make before advancing at a direct hiring interview are similar to the usual job interview principles but have quite a few unique ones. Every key point that one needs to know if he/she is invited to a direct-hire interview are:

Make sure to research

This is one of the key points to make sure you cut off your interview preparation list. Ensure that you research every resource and anything else you can find about that company is considered to be important. Knowing about the company lets you prepare for what work environment you’re going in and the company's key goals and whether or not those thoughts fit right with you.  

Knowing all about a company’s resources isn’t hard at all these days as every possible information about a company is present on its online website and its forums. All that you need to do is go through all its website pages to find the keywords mentioned in them to understand what the company puts its emphasis on and, more importantly, what you need to emphasize in your interview.  

Researching about a company also lets you know about the company’s culture and how it was established when it was established, and what service it provides to its customers. With this knowledge, you can evaluate the probability of how well the company will last and how successful it would be, and whether or not it would be a good choice for you to work there.


The first thing that anyone needs to know before going to an interview is that they should practice as much as possible. Talking with the interviewer sounds way easier than it is in reality. While having an interview, there can be many mistakes that you’ll make without even noticing it, as it isn’t in your nature to do so.  

To prevent making such mistakes, one should always take mock interviews from different resources or try telling answers to themselves in a mirror to point out their mistakes and improve on them. You can’t possibly know what an interviewer would ask from anything random in the whole world. 

But there are some common interview questions that many interviewers ask, and those can be practiced. Rather than that, all that needs to be practiced is your knowledge, conveying skills and communicating skills so that you can establish a connection with the interviewer.  

Make sure to connect

In a direct-hire interview or any interview, one of the most important and most neglected parts is forming good communication and connecting with the interviewer. Forming a connection with an interviewer is very important as your future career depends on the review that he’ll give of you.  

Human interaction is one of the basic instincts of human beings. Being able to connect with the interviewer would show your good communicative abilities and how much you’ll be able to fit in with your co-workers without causing any nuisances.  

In job profiles such as a web developer and web designer, the first image of these job holders that one usually imagines is of an introverted person who wears glasses and says awkward things. So being outside the norm would not only please the interviewers but would also let you make a good impression.

How does direct-hire work?

Now that it is known what direct hire is and how you could crack it, let’s talk about how its process starts and goes up until you get a job. The direct hiring process has been a successful hiring process for a very long time in many industries. These industries even include freelance writing jobs and web development jobs. The way that direct works are as follows:

  • Network-sourcing candidates: To find the best workers in the whole marketplace, the company hires a network sourcing agency that can get them the list of best workers in that particular field. This allows the company to get many good options and get the most accurate description of the candidate that they require.
  • Application reviewing and screening: This is a process that happens to review the applications of the candidates so that there aren’t any fakes that reach the interview stage. This step is very important too as it lets the company check the background of that person.
  • Interview: This is the part where the real potential of the candidates gets checked rather than just their resumes. This is an essential part of any hiring process. This ensures that the company gets an employee who can handle real-life situations rather than just hypothetical ones.
  • Making an offer to finalize: This step is for those candidates who passed the interview and are ready to be recruited by the interviewers. In this process, the passed candidate and the interviewers discuss and come to a finalized salary that the candidate would get along with all the additional incentives of the company.

Cons of direct hiring

After considering all the base points of the direct-hire process, such as what it is, how it works, and how to crack it. Now, let’s talk about its downsides, as there is to everything, no matter how good it is. The cons of the process of the direct-hire are:

  1. Expenses: after getting selected in the process of direct-hire, there is a fee for it. This fee is taken as a percentage of your salary for the first year. This fee also covers the expenses that are associated with putting your position’s payroll.
  2. Relocation cost: There are more chances of getting recruited by a company whose office is far from your house or even in another city. This causes the need to relocate, which would eventually increase the living expenses or the travel expenses.
  3. Time wastage: Each part of the process of direct-hire takes a lot of time. Even after getting interviewed, it could take days, if not months, to hear back from the company, which can cause a huge loss of time and mental peace for the candidate.


Now you know all the aspects of the process of direct hire staffing method. Whether it’s the good part where you get recruited as one of the best of that company or the part where you get charged for being the best, it all depends. Whether you want to go for the interview for which you got a call or not.  

Direct hiring can be a long and tiring process and can take a lot of time and even more if you aren’t prepared for it mentally. But the perks of getting picked up as a direct-hire make up for all that time.  

No matter which field of job you’re in, whether it’s web development, web designing, content writing, animating, game development, or any other, the thing that will be constant if you get a direct hiring call is that you’ll be quite extraordinary if you get it. As the person, company, or business called, you have probably gotten your resume checked by an agency themselves and then screened it too.

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