Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager

The world is getting smaller and smaller day by day due to the latest advancements in technology. This is, therefore, leading the whole into becoming a single big market, where all the resources of the world are present in a single place. That place is the internet. Even if we are not talking about the distant future, at this time too, you can find any possible thing that you can have on the internet. Don't believe it? Give it a try on a search engine. Since everything is now available on the internet, there have to be ways by which the people who avail such things to the customers can advertise the products they sell or the service they provide.

That is where a digital marketing manager comes into the picture. A digital marketing manager's job is to get his/her social media skills at work. The more experience digital marketing managers have, the better they would be as managers when setting up social media campaigns. However, rather than just these tasks, a digital marketing manager also has to increase brand awareness, traffic on the website, create or generate better sales leads, and possibly increase the brand's marketing capabilities.

Ways and requirements to become one

A digital marketing manager's job is mostly a full-time one rather than a freelancer or a part-time one. This is mainly because letting a new employee understand their previous marketing strategies and plans will not waste time but also money and efforts of the company as the new marketing strategy of the new marketing manager would differ from the previous one. Moreover, everyone has certain different priorities in mind when devising a marketing strategy, mainly because of the factors such as SEO, content, and the website's resources.  

This creates a certain bar for anyone that is aspiring to become a digital marketing manager. This bar is set up by the mutual concession of different kinds of businesses. Many companies follow this setup while many don't. These certain ways and requirements to obtain the position of a digital marketing manager include:

  • Level of education
  • Amount of training
  • Kind of certification
  • Prepare a resume
  • Keep a still eye on vacant positions

Level of education

All the companies looking to find such experienced managers of social media campaigns often require a certain level of education to be held by the position's applicants. And at the main basic level of certification that any company requires from their applicants is that of the degree in the bachelor's in any field related to that position. Thus, in the case of digital marketing managers, or any marketing field, the employers ask their applicants to hold a bachelor's degree in marketing, advertising, business management, or any other field related to the ones stated.  

In many cases, the employers or the employing party agree in no less qualification than that of the masters in such subjects that have been previously stated. Since this job requires a certain amount of knowledge of the science and technical background, the knowledge of such aspects of websites is also expected to consist of the applicant. Most of these technical parts of a website include:

  1. Ability to work with programming languages: one of the main roles of a digital marketing manager includes improving the back-end of a website according to the marketing requirements. The ability to read certain sets of codes is necessary to be able to manipulate them.
  2. Manipulate SEO: SEO is one of the main aspects of the website when it comes to attracting traffic to a web page. Being able to embed SEO keywords in the right way in a piece of content on a web page is essential for creating greater traffic and increasing brand awareness.
  3. Being able to use the tools at hand: Beating the competition in marketing is all about utilizing the available resources in the best ways possible. In this case, utilizing the best e-commerce tools in the market that keeps coming out is an essential part of the job of a digital marketing manager.

Amount of training

Marketing is one of the fields that require its aspirants to consist of some kind of training experiences to become successful at this trade. This is because, in the field of marketing, the marketer isn't just required to be able to handle the tasks at hand with ease and without panicking but is also required to react in a situation in the best possible way that he/she could without compromising any assets of the company. Therefore, having trained in this field of job before starting as a professional is very important. Moreover, it will prepare you for the things that are about to come in the practical field of work instead of its theoretical parts.  

This kind of training is often provided to the aspirants when they are pursuing their degree in the fields related to marketing. This makes one of the more reasons why employers prefer those with some degree in a subject related to this field of job. This training is often given to the aspirants through the way of college workshops or internships. Internships are one of the greatest ways to achieve such training. It allows the trainee to observe the professionals who are way more experienced at setting up social media campaigns than them.

Kind of certification

Certification is one of the best ways to give your career a rocket start or give it a nitro boost in between. This is because the certificate program not only proves as a good addition to your resume to impress your employer, but it also increases your skillset. Keeping updating your skillset and the changes in time can only keep giving you more experience in this field. Still, it would also provide you the opportunity to be counted as among the experienced specialists who are proficient in both the previous and new skills of the market. Many kinds of certification work for those looking to gain new skills in this field of work. These certifications allow digital marketing managers to advance their careers, increase their skill sets, and gain more in-depth knowledge about their responsibilities. Some of the most common certifications that are prescribed by professionals to work for the workers in this field of work are as follows:

  1. Google analytics certification of IQ: If you're someone that aspires to become a digital marketing manager, then be ready to meet Google on any common day of work. This creates a necessity to learn google analytics for handling business campaigns through the help of this course.
  2. Ads certification by google: As told previously, learning the marketing tools offered by Google is an important task for a digital marketing manager. Handling the ad campaigns on the Google platform is an important stepping stone to success as a digital marketing manager.
  3. Social marketing certification by Hootsuite: Hootsuite is a name that goes as one of the most popular ones when it comes to the category of popular social media management platforms. This platform also offers a social media marketing course for the aspirants through which anyone can become a pro in the art of SMM.
  4. Fundamentals of digital marketing certification by digital garage: Digital garage is also a sub-company of google itself and provides the aspirants of digital marketing profiles with many free tutorials and courses. But the best course that is hand-picked for aspiring digital marketing managers is the digital marketing certification.

Prepare a resume

A resume is the only part of you that a potential employer confronts even before you; this makes it as important as you in your physical presence in front of them. Furthermore, this makes it a necessity to make one as good as possible.  

Thus, a resume is, in its most vague explanations, the document that consists of all your achievements, certifications, your education degrees, your experience in the field of work, relevant stating of your skills, and any other thing that you may deem necessary for any potential employer to know about you.

Preparing a good resume that fulfills and checks all the necessary boxes is a very hard task. This is because many things must be considered while starting out any of the information bars stated above. For example, when filling out your skills section, you need to be highly aware of the keywords that you put into it as they are the only highlights that any employer looks at in your resume. For example, SEO is a good keyword in the resume of a digital marketing manager.

Keep a still eye on vacant positions

After going through all the pains that one needs to go through to be designated as a digital marketing manager, the next thing that you need to do is get hired as one. Unfortunately, the part that is most overlooked and is paid the least while aspiring to become a digital marketing manager is how they will get employed after successfully becoming one. There are many methods by which a person can try to get a shot at a job, which mostly include the ways such as cold calling, sending email, giving a description of a product, etc.

But one of the best ways to get a shot at a job is by looking for the possible vacancies that a company might be having. This is a very effective way as when you pinpoint some companies that you would like to work in, the only thing left for you to do is keep a constant check of whether or not there are any vacancies in that company. There are many ways to keep checking for these vacancies, such as on their website, in the jobs section of a newspaper article, or through any other online media, they prefer to display such news.

Skills to become a better one

Like most other trendy jobs based online, this one also requires some of the basic soft and hard skills. These skills make the work not only easy but also quite efficient, which eventually leads to betterment. Any employer doesn't mention these skills until the interview stage. These aren't the skills that every digital media marketer needs to be one but are highly preferred to be consisted by the applicant. Some of these said soft and hard skills that an aspiring digital media marketer needs to learn are as follows:

  • Ability to strategize
  • Proper time management  
  • Proper communication
  • Other technical skills

Ability to strategize

Knowing about every way by which the marketing potential of a web page can be enhanced is a very good and professional thing. Still, it is useless unless he/she knows how to implement those efficient and potentially better ways in different aspects of the website or use all those different ways altogether in a strategic way.  

This is why having the ability to implement all those ways through certain ways by forming a strategy is quite an important skill to be possessed by an applicant of this job profile. This mainly includes analyzing the buying patterns of a company's customers.  

This can be used to strategize the advertisement procedure better and the budget quota to put into those advertisements, depending on its geographical location or online web page IP address.  

Proper time management

Time management is one of the greatest soft skills that anyone should learn to master, despite their job field or even doing a job. Time management allows you to perform all the tasks you wish to do in a day without compromising your time or the important tasks you need to perform other than those related to work. Time is one of the most precious things on the planet and cannot be bought, no matter how much is offered.  

This is what makes it precious and something to be consumed thoughtfully. In the case of a digital marketing manager, perfecting the art of time management is not a choice but a necessity. This is because a digital marketing manager has to be aware of the trends in the target audience at that time and needs to make certain adjustments to his/her website's advertising strategy.

Proper communication

Communicating is another of the most important soft skills that anyone should learn, despite their job field or employment status. This is because the base of human interaction is communicating. Not being able to communicate properly or be awkward or absurd often can lead to a decline in social status and hence, in the amount of customers too. There are many courses online that can teach you how to present yourself correctly in front of others and be assertive along with it too.

In the case of a digital media marketer's job, the main goal is to communicate with their website's readers, viewers, or visitors. The only way that it can be possible to communicate with someone through words is when he/she already knows how people react in the non-virtual reality to those points of communication.

Other technical skills

Other than just the technical abilities that a digital marketing manager is expected to have on their resume, many technical skills are also incorporated in the field of work of this job profile holder. Most of these skills are the ones that are not related to the marketing team's work. These often include the ones related to the financial sector, web development sector, word processing, and data processing or analyzing.  

These are not included in the main work processes of a digital media campaigner, but it sure proves as an asset to the ones that learn them. These technical skills are the ones that create the differences between an ordinary digital marketing manager and one that is a professional at this job and is well renowned in this field of job.  


Digital media marketing is one of the best ways anyone who knows how to market a product or a service on online platforms can create money out of it. There are many ways by which one can come to hold the designation of this job profile. But this job field requires a certain level of education and skills from its job holder without which a certified manager is as good as not being one.  

Nevertheless, this marketing field shows promise to its aspirants as the reach and earning opportunities through digital media are increasing day by day, creating more revenue and achieving a bigger portion of the world's marketplace. If you are ready to put in the required amount of hard work and time, this article contains all the basic information you might need as a beginner in digital marketing management.

About the author

has been working as a web developer and in online marketing since 1998. After building up a marketing agency and the exit in 2013, he consulted international groups as a freelance consultant. Since 2022, he and his team now offer staffing services in this field.

Dennis Hoinkis CEO, GLOMASTCO Ltd.

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