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The jobs careers in writing have gotten a drastic change since the old times due to the whole booming of the internet world. This has caused many new kinds of changes into various fields of jobs and has caused huge amounts of changes to help writers. A writer in this new age has many job profiles to consider when he/she is looking for a job, as all these job profiles require one basic need in common, and that is the ability to write like an expert.  

Writing in itself is a job that requires a lot of creativity from its designation holder, a writer. Since there are not many expert writers in the marketplace that master creative writing, you can search for a good job online for yourself if you are up to work for it.  

Creative writing jobs come in the category of jobs that require the aspirant to be a part of the reader crowd but are still an exception at the same time. It provides some benefits in the exchange to the writer too. These benefits include working in a remote condition, as a freelance writer, as a freelance magazine writer, or many more as such.

Reasons to do a creative writing job

The industry or the job profiles of creative writing jobs do not provide you with a promise to land you a normal day job, but they do open doors to greater marketing opportunities for you. These marketing opportunities are one of the many perks of working as a creative writer. Some of the other perks of choosing a career in the field of creative writing are:

Flexibility of work hours:  

If you have ever worked at a 9-to-5 job, then you know the importance of a job that grants you the ability to perform your work at any time of the day that you want. This flexibility comes with these kinds of writing jobs as they are based on these flexible hours. This is because the best creative writers write only when they search for their motivation.

Ability to work in remote conditions:  

Another perk of being a creative writer is that the only place to search for your creativity is where you want to. This prevents the company from barring you from working in a certain enclosed workplace, allowing you to work in an environment that suits your mood and elevates your specific mood level at that time.

It is good for mental health:  

Creative writing is all about putting your thoughts down in the required niche anyway that you want it. Writing down the things in your mind is a method prescribed by many mental health professionals as it has been seen in many types of research that writing helps lower the chances of mental health problems.

Increase fluency:

Many working creative writing professionals who write in languages other than their mother tongue have often told others that it has helped increase their fluency levels in that language. It is mostly due to writing down anything you think of in that language, which helps in your ability to search and portray your thoughts in that language easily.

Types of creative writing jobs

After knowing about the whole category of creative writing jobs in general, and the perks of working as a creative content writer, let's talk about what kinds of jobs are there in this sector. There are many kinds of jobs that fall under 'creative writing jobs' as there are many jobs that require the writers to be as creative as they possibly can to achieve the main goal of the client's project. Some of the jobs that fall under this category are:


If you have ever seen a movie or a web series whose story was one that you fell in love with, then you know what a scriptwriter does. A script writer's job is to do anything that a writer can do but has to do way more things that make this a whole different field of job. This writing job demands its writer not just to write a script that is fluent and consists of a great story but also to be more creative.  

This refers to the working writer in this field to experience real movie production sets and their set-pieces work. A writer who knows about these essential things can only create a script that can work in collaboration and fully utilizing these set pieces to create a final piece that anyone would love to binge-watch.

Poetry writer

Poetries are one of the most famous pieces of work of any language's literature. This makes it one of the works of a writer that needs a whole load of creativity so that a reader would want to read that piece of work, rather than finding it as a cliché or boring. This requires the reader to be very creative so that his/her work can stand out from the work of others and shine on its own and create an impact on society. Poetries have a life in themselves and history behind their writers or the time and condition that the writer wrote them in, which gives them all the more meaning and makes an inspiration or a lesson for others.  

Content writer

Though this field of job is seen more like one that falls in marketing, it requires way more than just marketing skills from their writers. Content writers are the ones who have to write about a given topic with their SEO keywords in mind so that the web page in which the content gets published reaches its desired marketing milestone.  

But writing about a topic even after searching and reading about it from tens of other websites requires a lot of creativity so that the end content isn't termed as a plagiarized one. This puts a great load on the shoulders of a content writer. Writing a piece of content after doing a search or reading nearly the same thing about it on tens of other websites without writing a single line that matches or seems copied from any other website requires a lot of creativity and the ability to use that creativity in the right way.

Novel or short story writer

This job requires a lot of hard work and patience from a writer with no promise whatsoever about the success of the end product that he/she will get. This makes it one of the hardest jobs for writers in this category of writing. The jobs that have already been mentioned in this list are either the ones that don't require much time and effort or show promise to a writer of the end product that he/she will get. But novel or short story writing isn't like that.  

Writing any of these requires a lot of time and effort as it sometimes takes years for a novelist to complete their novels without having any surety of whether it would pay back any of the amounts compared to the effort that he/she has put into it. At the same time, a short story writer has to be precisive with their word choices as they have to perform the same job as a novelist but in a limited number of words.  


Ghostwriting is a job that is truly and fully based on the creativity of the writer. This is so as the main job of the writer of this field is to portray the client's thoughts onto the paper in such a way that the written words resonate with the thoughts of the client. This is quite a puzzling thing to do in itself as human nature doesn't allow anyone to be precious of their thoughts due to the clouds of their feelings and emotions.

A ghostwriter's job is to see beyond these clouds of thoughts and understand what the client has to say through the keywords in between his/her meddled thoughts. This is a great job for anyone who has decent grammar skills and fluency in his/her language and the ability to understand human nature, as this lets him/her interpret their client's thoughts easily.


The field of creative writing does not come with the sweet promises of providing its aspirants with any kind of permanent or fixed jobs. But it does come with the promise of providing its job holders with the abilities that not many get in their fields of jobs. In addition, the jobs in this field also give their job holders the chance to earn more than just an average salary and even get to earn royalties based on the creative content they've written and gotten published.  

This makes it greater than any other fixed or permanent job that comes with a low fixed salary every month. But beware of the work and sacrifice that it asks from its aspirants as writing creative content that gets famous or viral isn't something that one can predict or decide by themselves. If you put in the hard work and the required time, you can maybe become the next famous writer on the block with a little bit of luck.

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