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Content Writing

Written inscriptions have been the key source of knowledge for humans for a very long time, and it still hasn't changed today. This is because reading increases knowledge and increases the capability of enduring long sessions of work without getting exhausted. But these inscriptions and writings don't just create themselves.  

These writings are works of many writers in their genre of writing. If you have ever read anything on the internet in modern times, you know what a content writer does. Content writers are the writers who write content that is to be displayed on web pages. But the work of content isn't just about writing content but expands to way more technicalities.  

A content writer has to write content so that the content is only fit to read and uncopied and is also the bestseller. This means that in the online world of websites, the websites that get seen by the most people are the ones that are only just written well but are also search engines optimized correctly. The discussion of these technicalities will continue later.  

Many jobs listed on the marketplace resemble content writing jobs such as copywriting jobs, proofreader jobs, creative writing jobs, medical writer jobs, technical writing jobs, ghostwriter jobs, and many more.

Roles and responsibilities  

The articles already said that a content writer's job doesn't finish at just writing quality content. Content writers are used specifically for writing content that is to be displayed on the website pages for many reasons. Apart from these, there are also some roles and responsibilities of a content writer that content should be aware of and keep in his/her mind. Some of these roles and responsibilities are as follows:

  • Making sure to provide the best research combined media. This refers to the part where a content writer is required to study the topic of the project from various online resources, studies, media, and experiments to come up with the best content that consists of a mixed knowledge of all of those resources.
  • Write plagiarism-free content to promote the marketing page of the client's website. This refers to the content being able to write a unified piece of data without any copied content on it from other websites. This creates the optimization capabilities of a web page.
  • Proper use of CMSs (Content Management Systems). There is no need to know intensively about these systems, but some knowledge about how to input the content on the web page is needed. This ensures that the content is written in a way that fits right along with other website elements.
  • Properly editing and proofreading the content before submitting it for publication purposes. This refers to the content writer being able to make all the required changes in the content and proofread it so that the content can be called fit for reading.
  • Submitting the data to the client before the deadline. This refers to the content writer being able to submit the content before the deadline so that the last part of essential editing can be made by the client's editors along with other proofreaders if required.
  • Coordinating with the teams of designing and marketing. This is one of the key roles of a content writer. He/she should be capable of working with a team as required in this field of job. This is so that both the content writer and the designing team can decide how much content each headline contains and other topics.
  • Proper use of SEO. SEO is the key technicality that every content writer needs to learn to be called a content writer. SEO works with keywords to be put up inside the media or the content for it to be displayed as the top result when a search is made on a search engine using those keywords.

All these roles and responsibilities aren't choices for a content writer but are more of compulsions. These rules are the ones that go without saying, so don't expect any client to recite these verses for you. Nevertheless, these are the necessities that a content writer is supposed to consist of.

Qualifications of a content writer

Though the usual job profile that trends in this writing area is the freelance writing job, there are still some qualifications that a content writer should consist of. Content writing is all about writing, and no degree holder can write and a person who has a vast imagination and the capabilities to write intriguing content; such kind qualifications justify and satisfy the decision of employers to hire such writers over others who have no such qualifications. Some of these qualifications include:

A bachelor's degree or equivalent

A bachelor's degree is highly preferred by clients and employers that are looking for potential candidates. Agree in English or any other equivalently related field gives the employer satisfaction that the applicant has put in his/her time and efforts in persuading this job and its field.  

But there are still many content writers out there in the marketplace with no such qualifications and are still reigning as one of the highest-paid ones amongst all their competition. Before starting to make a fuss and debate about this topic, make sure to read the other points in this article.

Proper work samples

Sample blog posts are the key points in the resume of a content writer or any such field that is famous for its freelancing counterpart. Sample blog posts show the employer the way you write and the niche you're good at, but i9t also shows the employer that the applicant has already put his/her efforts in this field of job.  

Work sample blog posts are also the best way to portray the experience you have in this field and experience the jack of all trades, no matter which field of work you are in. Finally, work sample blog posts also show that you have what it takes to be a content writer, even if you don't have a properly qualified degree to show for it.

Being able to communicate properly

Communicating properly is one of the key qualifications that a content writer needs to pass at. This refers to being proficient in communicating in both ways. These ways include both the written and the spoken ones. The written one is needed as the content that he/she writer has should connect with the readers, and the only way to do that is by forming a connection with the reader through the written words.  

Being proficient in the speaking part is required so that the content writer can talk and understand the client's ideology and how he/she wants their content to be written. It is a skill also required so that he/she can properly collaborate with other workers of the website, such as designers.  

The ability to meet deadlines

This is a qualification required to be completed by an applicant, no matter which field of job you're in. To get a good job or a project to work on, your history of delivering your works on or before the deadline matters a lot. Deadlines tell a lot about a person's personality, such as how much they procrastinate, how punctual they are, or even how much they can stand on their word.  

This means that deadlines give the potential employer your first impression and give them the second surety that any employer needs rather than just knowing about the abilities of a possible employee. So from now, whenever you get a job Or a project, make sure to meet its deadlines and try your best to complete your work before the deadlines, if there are any mistakes in it.  

Having the certificate of proficiency

Being proficient in a language is one of the greatest achievements in itself, but to show that proficiency to others, you need a way to portray it. And the best way to show others that you're proficient at a language is by getting a certificate for your proficiency from a recognized Institute.  

Employers prefer employing a content writer who is proficient in a language, but they also prefer those who have gotten qualified to be called a professional in that language. There are many ways by which anyone can get certified in a language. Since this article in itself is in English, let the language in which a content writer writes be English, too, for example.  

Then, the evaluation examination that can be taken to portray their proficiency in that language can be IELTS (International English Language Testing System)  

Skills that a content writer must have

Now that we have covered the roles, responsibilities, and qualifications of a content writer, let's talk about the additional important stuff that is very much neglected by most of the aspirants of content writing. Content writing is often referred to as the art of writing combined with marketing skills and the side fillings of creativity.  

Content writing cannot be called the same as writing an essay on a topic in school. So there are some skills that a content writer needs to become the jack of this trade. Some of these skills are as below:

  • Ability to write plagiarism-free content. Since one of the main roles of a content writer is to write the content by reading about the topic from various sources on the internet, there can be many chances when the writer can write the same lines as those he/she has read online. These same lines are called plagiarised content and can decrease the web Page's crowd reaching capabilities.
  • Ability to write without any grammatical errors. As a reader, the first thing that he/she can ask for is readable content and does not prohibit him/her from reading the content fluently. These ripples in the fluency of contentment arere created by grammatical errors and hence should be avoided.
  • Ability to write quality content. This refers to the content that is written to be of the highest quality possible. The quality of content means that the content should have been taken from the trusted sources and pack all the essential things that it needs in the given word count.
  • The ability to manipulate SEO. SEO management is one of the key tasks that a content writer should be highly skilled in. Manipulating SEO refers to the art by which a content art embeds the right keyword about the topic of the content written in the right places in the content.
  • Ability to be creative. A reader only reads intently when he/she finds its content interesting or rather intriguing. This piqued curiosity is what ensures the success of a continent, and mastering the art of being creative enough to write such intriguing content is a part of the job of a content writer.

Platforms for content writing

Now that everything from top to bottom about content writing is covered, including what it is, a content writer's roles, responsibilities, and skills that he/she needs to consist of. Now, let's move on to know where to put all of this talent to work. The most common places for content writers to find work are the ones that hold an employing crowd from all around the world. Some of the best online platforms to find work as a content writer are:

  1. Fiverr: Fiver is one of the largest online platforms in the world of freelancers. Despite being concentrated on freelancers, the job opportunities for those looking to land along in the trading job profiles are emphasized. This website offers a boatload of opportunities for content writers.
  2. Freelancers: This platform for job seekers to find a job and vice versa has quite a self-explanatory term for itself. This platform offers a huge amount of opportunities for content writers as it has a huge percentage of its population that fall in that same job profile.
  3. iWriter: This is one of the elite platforms for content writers. This website hires content writers on its own and then assigns them to certain clients that have projects that match the criteria of The writer themselves. This website is not a piece of cake to be a part of as it has a test and an interview for anyone who applies for a place in their team. But that also confirms the perks that it provides its employees with.
  4. People per hour: People per hour is a new rising star in the industry for job seekers and providers. And has done a fantabulous job at it. The employees and the employees are matched at this site through an algorithm that most talented web developers have derived themselves. This is a game-changer for any new content writer trying to find work as a fresher or even for a professional looking to be a part of a new project.
  5. Upwork: This website can be called jack of all trades when consumers match the job finders to the job providers. This platform has been ruling the freelancing online world for quite some time now and has many good reasons. This website is often called the best place that a content writer can ever start finding work at.


Content writing is one of the star players in the category of job profiles that have been born in these new tech times. The field is a great start for many aspiring to become members of more promoted stages such as copywriting, ghostwriting, and so on. This field is great for anyone who knows that he/she can write so that any reader would not stop reading and continue from the start, all the way to its end. 

The field offers many promising years to anyone who aspires to be a part of it as the population of people who want to create their websites will not decrease any soon in the future and will increase. Therefore, the need for the people who can give a style and life to their website will not get out of demand. 

This ensures the aspirant of a safe and possible future in this industry and gives them hope of potential that they would progress from that point. If you are ready to become a content writer and put in the required hard work to learn everything about this trade, this article might have been a help to you.  

This article is all that you need for starting up your career as a content writer. Everything that you need to know about content writing, such as what it is, what qualifications are needed to become one, the roles and responsibilities of a content writer, and where you should go after learning all about this for putting this hard work for you. 

About the author

has been working as a web developer and in online marketing since 1998. After building up a marketing agency and the exit in 2013, he consulted international groups as a freelance consultant. Since 2022, he and his team now offer staffing services in this field.

Dennis Hoinkis CEO, GLOMASTCO Ltd.

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