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Professional writers who create compelling information for use on the digital medium are known as content writers. They're web-savvy people who write articles, blog entries, and other types of written content for the digital medium.  

Content writing jobs have entered a new dimension today, which goes by the name of remote jobs. These are the new-age jobs that can be done from your home's comforts without even being physically present at the office location. Such freelance jobs can be both part-time as well as full-time.  

What is the Content Writer Job?

A content writer's job is to develop print and digital content for businesses that give information or highlights their products or services. Content writers frequently find the material they need to produce each article, blog, or product description to create content that accurately matches company ideals. They work closely with a content manager and clients to write following the organization's editorial style. An effective article writer works independently and meets deadlines regularly.

The majority of article writers have a bachelor's degree in English or marketing. However, if you start as an intern or establish writing proficiency with a portfolio of your work, you can enter the freelance sector without a degree. To be successful in this position, content writers must be proficient in a range of writing and publishing products, including Microsoft Office, G Suite, and WordPress. In addition, it's crucial to have a keen eye for detail and the capacity to operate under pressure.

Duties and Responsibilities of an Article Writer

  • Topics connected to the freelance industry should be researched (combining digital sources, interviews, and studies)
  • To advertise our products/services, write clear marketing text.
  • Using Content Management Systems, create well-structured draughts.
  • Before publishing a blog post, proofread and revise it.
  • Send your work to the editors to get feedback and approval.
  • To illustrate articles, collaborate with the marketing and design departments.
  • To improve web traffic, conduct easy keyword research and follow SEO recommendations.
  • Use social media on digital mediums to promote your material.
  • Identify customer demands and content gaps, and find new topics
  • Ensure that everything is in order (style, fonts, images, and tone)
  • Content on the digital medium should be updated as per the requirement.
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) are monitored and analyzed to provide ideas for improvement.

How to get a Content Writer Job?

The best part about a content writing job is that you don't need any specific skills to attain the job. However, you must be interested in reading or writing and be fully versed with the latest online updates. Thanks to the modern-day jobs, blog, and media requirements, a lot of remote work and full-time freelancers can earn their salaries and maintain their careers simultaneously.  

  • Step 1: Content writing Job is the only profession requiring a detailed plan of action. The writing ability was the one that needed to be double-checked. And anybody, at any moment, who can put their thoughts into words, can make a career out of content writing.
  • Step 2: Candidates must become adept in some soft skills such as SEO, Keyword Research, Keyword Density, and Competitive Analysis after deciding in favor of content writing.
  • Step 3: The best Certificate courses for article writing and marketing are those that educate you on how to write high-quality, error-free articles for various themes while also providing you with the necessary new tools and assisting you in improving your writing talents.
  • Step 4: The finest institutions to choose for a degree in public communication and journalism provide internships every year.

What are the educational requirements?

A bachelor's degree or higher may be required for content writing. Writers with degrees in English, journalism, communications, or creative writing are in high demand. In addition, content writers may require a degree in a specific field, depending on the topic matter. A content writer for an online math course, for example, might need a bachelor's degree in math as well as strong blog writing skills.

Electronic writing certificate programs are available to content writers. Web design, blogging, wikis, electronic rhetoric, and technical writing are just a few of the topics covered in these programs, available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Employers are frequently more concerned about writing and grammar skills than with education. Therefore, applicants are often required to take a writing test by many employers.

Skills required for Content Writing Jobs

Must be able to write in a variety of styles:

The reason for this is that each type of writing has its distinctive style. The news is presented in AP style, with short, informative paragraphs at the top and the piece's body at the bottom. Blog writing is approachable, friendly, and frequently opportunistic. The ad copy is concise and effective. White papers are lengthy documents that discuss a problem and offer a solution. Regardless, each category is content, and each writing style that a writer master increases their value and demand.

Don't choose topics at random:

"Ideation" is a marketing industry jargon that refers to the process of coming up with an article topic, title, and viewpoint to write about, and it all starts with the blog data. The majority of creativity takes place in groups, although freelance writers are frequently on their own. That's why understanding how professional marketing teams come up with ideas is beneficial.

Before they can do it, successful content writers must first:

  • Recognize who their target market is.
  • Make a keyword search.
  • Examine the competition.
  • Make a catchy title.
  • Be original.

It's one's name on the line. Every blog post that bears your name should be unique. With tens of thousands of people writing on the same topics, that may seem impossible, but it's easier than it appears. Every talented writer can give an overdone subject a new voice, viewpoint, or light.

Plagiarism is terrible for SEO, awful for your employers, and worst of all, it's horrible for you. Take efforts to protect your reputation and career. Check your work for plagiarism with an online application before submitting it. It's easy to replicate writing due to the abundance of information available.

How much does it make?

As of May 2018, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that freelance writers, in general, earned a mean annual pay of $73,090. Wages, on the other hand, varied greatly across writers. Professionals in the lowest ten percent earned $31,700 or less per year, while those in the top ten percent earned $121,670 or more. According to the BLS, technical writers earned a mean pay of $75,500 in 2018, with most of these individuals earning between $43,110 and $114,930 each year.

Types of Content Writer Jobs  

There are many different sorts of content writer jobs on the market, each of which caters to a unique requirement in the industry. Each type of content writer aims to become an expert in their field. Professionals may switch from one type to the other based on the freelance industry's needs and wants.

Web Content Writer  

Web content writers' job involves creating material for use on the internet. The majority of digital writers are freelancers; however, many organizations also provide full-time positions. Your tasks as a digital content writer include:

  • Write about the business, including how it operates, products, services, blog, articles, team members' bios, customer testimonials, and email marketing, among other things.
  • Create material that is optimized for the digital medium.
  • Conduct keyword research and determine which keywords will score high in search results.


Freelancers are writers employed by a corporation for specialized work, and they are expected to respond to every query posed by their boss. The work of a freelance writer might include everything from social media management to content creation to email marketing and collateral development.

  • The job needed for social media management is to generate and post educational content on various digital media platforms.
  • The job requirements for content production include conducting research, writing compelling blogs, and promoting and sharing articles on venues like Quora, Medium, and others.
  • The job needed for Email Marketing is to build and manage numerous email campaigns.
  • The job role for Collateral Development is to create marketing collateral, including banners, smart filers/brochures, films, white papers, client case studies, student testimonials, etc.

Creative Content Writer

Current news, blogs/articles on trending subjects, reviews, and other types of content are written by creative content writers and editors. Likewise, they can write statements of purpose, letters of reference, resumes, application essays, scholarship letters, motivation letters, and other documents. The goal here is to turn loose briefs into creative ideas and then communicate those ideas clearly to the rest of the world using creative writing skills.

Marketing Content Writer

Writers may be tasked with creating and coordinating content for newsletters, email templates, company reports, and presentations, among other things. In addition, as a marketer, the writer is required to assist in the planning and implementation of social marketing campaigns to meet specific marketing objectives, as well as stay current on best practices in web writing, social media trends, web usability, web design, SEO, and business/industry trends.


Another professional option is that of a blogger. Bloggers write regularly on a certain topic of interest and form networks, whether they are freelancers or employed bloggers for an established firm or site. Full-time bloggers make money from their blogs and have a large audience of loyal readers who trust them.

Script Writer

The audio/video script writer creates shoot-ready scripts for video, audio, and multimedia training modules. Working requires a high level of attention to detail.

Technical Writer

Technical writers disseminate product or service information. They transmit their information, which they have gathered via considerable research, using any means. However, they mostly create content for e-learning systems.

They also use their expertise for non-technical content, such as writing for information-seeking consumers. All technical writers must conduct primary and secondary research.

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