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Who is an ads manager? Ads manager oversee a business's several advertising accounts and work with employees to create brand-specific marketing campaigns.

Ads manager - Role and responsibilities for the job

Advertising managers oversee a business's several advertising accounts and work with employees to create brand-specific marketing campaigns that are both innovative and consistent. In addition, they manage and collaborate with other employees and business houses to set project goals, track, approve, manage accounts, conduct reporting, and assess the status and impact of projects.

What is an Ads Manager Job?

Advertising managers work in a fast-paced, creative environment. They develop and manage ads and other relevant accounts for business houses, with the primary purpose of creating interest in a product or service.

Advertising managers create, develop, manage and bring advertising apps to life in collaboration with art directors, sales agents, business houses, and financial personnel and are frequently the go-between for agencies, audiences, and clients.

Advertising managers are frequently called upon to lead brainstorming sessions with other creative professionals to produce concepts that will pique the public's interest. They might also use focus groups to test their ideas before launching them. They would also oversee the project's budget, timeline, and quality to guarantee that the project's requirements were met.

These executives may outsource the creation of advertising campaigns and oversee the work of third-party firms. These managers may also work for huge ads and apps that do all of their work in-house. In that situation, they may be in charge of a massive group of audience. In any case, they would inspect the advertising agency's work to ensure that quality standards are met.

What does an ads manager do?

A standard advertising manager will accomplish the following:

  • Consult with department heads or personnel about issues like contracts, media selection, or products to be advertised.
  • To plan advertising strategies, gather, create, manage, set social standards on Facebook, Instagram, and other relevant social media apps to organize and report data.
  • Plan your advertising and reporting, including the media to use (radio, television, print, web, and billboards, for example).
  • Advertising contracts are negotiated, and relevant reporting is done accordingly.
  • Examine ad layouts, which are sketches or plans for a commercial.
  • Launch market research studies and analyze, and get started with the results.
  • Develop price strategies for upcoming products, social app - Facebook and Instagram combining the firm's objectives with Ad Manager
  • Advertising managers oversee a company's advertising efforts and work with employees to create brand-specific marketing campaigns that are innovative and consistent. They manage, conduct reporting, collaborate with other employees, set project goals, get started with social reporting, and track, approve and assess the status and impact of projects.

What are the responsibilities of an Ads Manager?

  • This job serves as the principal point of contact for media sales and collaborates with other departments to ensure that products and services are delivered on time.
  • Overseeing the operations and personnel of the advertising department so that the audience gets satisfied.
  • Establishing and meeting project goals, budgets, and schedules with personnel, clients, or an ad agency.
  • Creating marketing methods to enhance consumer interest in products and services.
  • Get started with planning to execution, keep an eye on the project's development to ensure it stays on track.
  • Negotiating contract terms and specifications with customers or clients, or other third parties.
  • Organizing and directing research projects and ensure that reporting is as per the requirements.
  • Data collection, analysis, reporting, and presentation to other stakeholders, such as management and clients.
  • Participating in the recruiting and assessment of advertising department workers.
  • Expert guidance on marketing, reporting, and advertising strategies for new and existing services and products.
  • Investigate potential audience as well as competitors.
  • Produce reports on new developments in the industry, including industry trends, audience demands, competitor analysis, and new product and service concepts.
  • To create proposals for potential audience, use clear and compelling written communication abilities.

What are the educational requirements?

Depending on the level of work one is going for, one may get to meet particular prerequisites to get a job as an advertising manager, such as:


Most advertising management professions require a bachelor's degree in advertising, journalism, marketing, or a related field. Marketing, consumer behavior, business, market research, sales, communication, technology, visual and digital arts, and photography, even social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and likewise are all possible courses.


Sales representatives, purchasing agents, and public relations specialists are examples of people who have worked in sales, advertising, reporting, or marketing as advertising managers. Internships provide training for those without official work experience. Many advertising managers start in support or administrative roles, such as marketing assistant or junior copywriter, and work their way up through the ranks.


Professional certifications can help current, and future employers verify a professional's qualifications. For example, certifications for advertising managers can help them better understand their daily obligations, test their professional skills, and develop their careers in the social field.  

The following are some of the most frequent certifications in this field:

  • CAS (Certified Advertising Specialist)

The Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) administers this certification, recognizing a professional's knowledge and experience in the promotional products sector. Professional competence is recognized by the CAS certification, which fosters continuing professional education and growth. Professionals must pass a difficult set of instructional courses, each followed by a section question that requires an 80 percent passing score to earn the certification. In addition, every three years, recertification is necessary, which includes a minimum of 25 additional education credits.

  • MAS (Mass Advertising Specialist)

This certification displays a high level of dedication to the promotional and social apps like Facebook, Instagram, and likewise industry and is recognized across the country. At least three years of promotional products business experience and a current Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS) certification are required and the completion of about 15 courses and tests and 35 MAS-level elective credits. In addition, every three years, recertification is required to keep certification, which entails completing an extra 25 hours of education credits.

Skills required for the job

To be successful as an advertising manager, one needs a combination of hard and soft talents. Interpersonal and analytical capabilities are common characteristics of advertising managers. Because the advertising industry is constantly evolving due to the rise of digital media and the digital landscape in general, analytical abilities are required. Managers must assess industry trends to identify which plans are most likely to succeed for their company or clientele. 

To manage their time and budget efficiently while leading and inspiring staff members, other vital talents are good communication skills, inventiveness, solid decision-making skills, reporting skills, and well-developed organizational skills. As anyone can see, the job of advertising manager comes with a high compensation because it entails a great deal of responsibility.

The following are some examples of specialized abilities:


Advertising managers must be able to successfully interact with their team, management, and other employees. Additionally, this position necessitates the ability to persuade buyers in their target market.


To establish the most effective advertising strategy for their products or services, advertising managers must investigate and analyze industry trends and set similar social standards on google, Facebook or Instagram.  


Advertising managers are expected to come up with new concepts to set and regularly engage in advertising campaigns.  


Advertising managers must be decisive and practical because they frequently must select between conflicting advertising ideas proposed by their team members.


Advertising managers must use their organizational abilities and social skills to properly manage their time and budget while also guiding and overseeing their workforce.


Desktop publishing, data visualization, website building, and video editing are all jobs that advertising managers must use social software for.

How to become an Ads Manager?

To become an advertising manager, follow these steps:

Make an effort to get started with an appropriate education:

A bachelor's degree in advertising, journalism, or communication, or a bachelor's degree in a business-related discipline plus a master's degree in a specialized advertising field, is often needed for advertising managers.

Acquire some work experience:

Support tasks such as marketing assistant, junior copywriter, or other administrative positions can help you gain marketing and advertising expertise. In many cases, internships can substitute for formal professional experience and even lead to a full-time position.

Acquire professional credentials:

Though it is not normally needed, you should explore getting professional certifications in advertising or marketing, or social apps like Facebook, Google, Instagram, and likewise as many employers value such credentials and may give certified applicants preferential treatment.

Make a resume and a portfolio:

On anyone's resume, list the highest level of education, as well as any applicable certifications and professional experience. Emphasize industry-specific accomplishments as well as those that demonstrate your transferable skills. Creating a comprehensive portfolio of your most successful projects can help you stand out from the crowd.

Make an application for entry-level positions:

Examine the current job market in any area and apply for openings that match your qualifications. Making a fascinating cover letter that emphasizes anyone with abilities and attributes will showcase one's qualification for the position. Next, prepare for an interview by researching recent advancements in the advertising sector so anyone will be prepared for inquiries and talking points from the interviewer.

How much does an Ads Manager make?

The majority of advertising managers work full-time; however, some work as contract consultants. Advertising managers' salaries are determined by their level of education or qualification, appropriate work experience, and the size and location of their firm. Click on the payment link for the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed.

  • Advertising managers make an average of $110,221 a year.
  • Wages typically range from $54,386 to $223,378 per year.
  • Earnings for top-level advertising managers start at $107.39 per hour, and annual salary increases to $223,378.
  • Earnings for senior-level advertising managers start at $76.85 per hour, and an annual salary comes up to $159,854.
  • Earnings for a mid-level advertising manager start at $52.99 per hour and an annual salary of about $110,221.
  • Earnings for junior-level advertising managers start at $36.54 per hour, and the annual salary is $75,998.
  • Starting salaries for advertising managers start at $26.15 per hour, and the annual salary comes up to $54,386.

What are the personality traits of an Ads Manager?

Advertising executives are often entrepreneurial, which means they are natural leaders who excel at influencing and convincing people. They are also artistic, which means they are innovative and creative, and they thrive in environments that allow for personality and self-expression.

What is the work environment like for an Ads Manager?

Jobs in advertising, promotions, and marketing management can be stressful, especially when deadlines are approaching. People in these positions may also be required to travel to meet with clients or media representatives. These individuals usually work in offices and have the following characteristics:

  • For lengthy periods, one will be seated at a desk.
  • Typically, there will be a 40-hour workweek with occasional overtime required to achieve deadlines.
  • Computers, fax machines, printers, and office phones are all used in the workplace.
  • Close collaboration with clients, employees, and senior executives.
  • Working with the understanding that their work has a direct impact on the company's bottom line
  • Travel is required on occasion to meet with press liaisons or businesses.
  • Advertising managers' education, talents, and experience are transferable to a variety of businesses.

These professionals can help with the following tasks:

  1. Healthcare or Hospitals
  2. Government
  3. Manufacturing industry
  4. Education
  5. Corporation

What are the opportunities for advancement?

If anyone is thinking of using the position of advertising manager as a stepping stone in their career, then they might end up in one of the following positions:

  • Director of Marketing
  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Head
  • Ad Manager

Advertising managers oversee a company's advertising efforts and work with employees to create brand-specific marketing campaigns that are innovative and consistent. In addition, they manage and collaborate with other employees, set project goals, and track, approve and assess the status and impact of projects.

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