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What is graphic designing?

The logo of this website, the icon of your browser, your favorite online shopping website, and even the brochures lying in some corner of your house; all are the creation of a graphic designer. Different people have a different understanding of the term graphic design.  

For some, the very first thought may be of the cover page of their favorite book, while others may think of the aesthetic posts that they saw while scrolling on Instagram. Be it anything, the scope of work of graphic designers has taken an exponential increase in the past decade.  

What are your views about a graphic designer? Do you see a person in fashionable attire working on software on her computer or a person with a sober dressing sense creating illustrations? So, next time you see something which communicates some message to you visually, you know that it is a graphic design.

Types of graphic designing

In marketing and advertising

We are wholly covered with ads these days. It is so irritating when we are not able to skip ads on Youtube. Advertisement and marketing go hand in hand. Sometimes we even fail to guess what the ad is about because the idea is so innovative and out-of-the-box.  

A marketing designer spends much time brainstorming ideas for that single campaign because they have to understand the product and its target audience so well. Sometimes, these designers are niche-specific, like only for paints or only for dogs' products.

UI graphic design

A UI (user interface) is how users interact with a device or app. These designers specialize in desktop and mobile apps and video games creation. By working closely with UX designers and UI developers, they create what you see right now. Yes, this web page is designed by a UI designer.

In publication

As mentioned in the introduction, graphic designers create the front page of a book. They work closely with the author and publisher to create a design that is in synchronization with the content. They create catalogs, magazines, illustrations, etc.

In packaging

The cover of your favorite chips packet is designed by a graphic designer. They work with the product manager to understand the brand's voice and product to create an illustration that is best for the company.

In motion

They create animations that are used widely nowadays. Be it the gifs that we love to share or animated logos. This is a recent field in graphic design.

Arts and illustrations

In art and illustration, these graphic designers created stock images that are free to use. They create t-shirt designs, comic books, and illustrations. Many of them work remotely, if not full-time.

What do graphic designers do?

Graphic designers of various fields do different jobs. They give a visual perspective to any piece of information, be it boring. They are the new artists who don't use paints and brushes but their computers and software to change. But to give a basic outline, graphic designers do the following:

  • Meet with the client to brainstorm ideas that will be useful in the campaign
  • Create various pieces and review them
  • Critically analyze the message that the design delivers from the audience's eyes.
  • Re-create the graphics for websites, books, pamphlets, and packaging.
  • Choose appropriate size, font, colors, and pictures that sync with the brand's voice.
  • Review final layout before publishing

How to become a graphic designer?

Did you know that 60.8% of marketers claim that visuals are an important part of marketing? There is a huge demand for graphic designers today than ever. It is always recommended to get trained in designing to stand out. Some ways of getting trained are by undergoing internships and training, attending workshops, enrolling in courses, and self-study. A certificate and a strong portfolio can undoubtedly land you in some job in this field, but to get a high-paying job, a Bachelor's degree is highly required.

Is any qualification required to become a graphic designer?

Yes, professional graphic designers at least have a Bachelor's degree in some form of designing or fine arts. This doesn't imply that designers without a degree can't get a job. However, it gives an edge to candidates (looking for a full-time post) with a degree over those without it. Online courses are at their peak these days. High school and college students interested in art and drawing learn from various online courses (free and paid) and apply for graphic designer jobs as freelancers (remote jobs). This gives them confidence and clarity whether they want to pursue this in the future.

What jobs can you get with a graphic design degree?

If you decide not to become a doctor after getting your doctor's license, years of hard work may go down the drain. But with your graphic design degree, you can open a gate to innumerable opportunities. Even if you want to discontinue your graphic design role, you can become any of the following:

  • Game artist
  • Interior designer
  • UX designer
  • Advertising art director
  • Cartoonist
  • Marketing specialist
  • Production artist

Skills required to become a graphic designer

Becoming an excellent graphic designer requires in-depth knowledge of a lot of technical and non-technical skills. Let us see the essential technical skills necessary to become a graphic designer:

Adobe InDesign

Though launched more than 20 years ago, it is still a graphic designer's best friend. InDesign is used for many tasks, from creating flyers and posters to magazines and infographics. You can't find a graphic designer who is not a master of InDesign and doesn't learn tips and tricks on the program every day.

Adobe Photoshop

A part of Adobe Creative Cloud is the world's most popular photo editing app. Photoshop is a crucial task in any graphic designer's life, from editing and modifying images to resizing and adding effects; it does it all.

UI and UX

Even though there are job postings exclusively for UI and UX designers, all digital designers should know both UI and UX.


Even if it is the most fundamental part of the job, it is worth mentioning that it is one of the most critical skills. This single skill can make or break a design. The five design principles that designers swear by are alignment, repetition, contrast, balance.

Now that we have seen the technical skills required, we shall now see some of the soft skills that are needed to become a good graphic designer:

  • Ideation: forming new ideas or brainstorming alongside working with the product managers and other authorities. An easy way to do this is by researching, then idea generation, followed by evaluation and application.
  • Creativity: you should be able to deliver the message of the brand creatively
  • Communication skills: this comes in handy while talking with clients or discussing the project
  • Teamwork: this is a necessary skill for any job that you would want to do, even if you are freelancing
  • Good time management: what is the use of creating a fantastic design if you cannot deliver it on time?
  • Research: You should always be up for research to get new ideas and come up with a lot of creative ways of giving a voice to your client's brand.
  • Presentation: Your presentation should portray that you are a graphic designer. It should be both eye-catching and informative at the same time. A presentation that is a visual treat has a higher chance of getting approved.

How much does a graphic designer make per annum?

According to a report by Indeed, an entry-level graphic designer in the USA makes around $16.71, which is better than many other jobs. But the sky's the limit for a senior graphic designer.

In another survey conducted by the US Bureau of Lab Statistics, the average salary of graphic designers is $53,380 per year. Different countries have different pay, and it also depends on the company you create the designs for. The past year has seen an upsurge in online employment for freelancers.

Now that you know what it takes to become a graphic designer, from the types of designs and scope of work to the skills and qualifications required, you are now ready to start your journey as a successful full-time or remote graphic designer. 

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