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There used to be a time when most people who had jobs used to have a routine of going to the office every day to work. Well, it can be safely said now, after the epidemic of COVID-19, that times have changed, and so has everything else along with it. Remote jobs are the ones that rule over the office workforces now, as everything is now done from the comfort of their homes.  

This has changed many things for many people. Most people have gained many benefits from working remotely for their respective employing companies. However, people have mixed feelings towards working from their home as everyone has their perspective towards everything. Due to this, many people still go to work in an office rather than work remotely. Most of the unicorn startups and most famous companies worldwide have allowed their employees to choose whether they want to work on their project remotely or come to the office and work there. This has provided the ideology of working remotely a lot of credibility as many people prefer to work from anywhere they want rather than their usual company offices.  

Best remote jobs

Every new job provider, employer, manager, and business has now given their employees a choice to either work from their desired remote condition or their usual company working offices. Due to growing a liking towards working remotely, many top job holders have chosen to work from their comfortable remote place. And due to this increase in providing people with remote jobs, many employers have also chosen to hire applicants online. So, here are some of the job profiles that get the most traction from employers and can prove to be a good match for your career.

  • Online Tutor
  • Translator
  • Web designer

Online tutor

Among the sectors that got most affected, among many more other sectors, is the education sector. The fear in students' hearts and their parents was too much for them to go or send their students to school or let someone teach them in person.  

This created much ambiguity among parents regarding how their children would get their required doses of knowledge without compromising their safety. Due to this, the number of teachers on online platforms has increased noticeably. If you're good at something, you can teach others that this can be a job for you to score and earn quite well, too, compared to teaching someone in person.  

Being taught online allows the student to learn from their own home without compromising the time of travel and coming back from coaching. Teaching online also saves the teacher's expenses of going and coming back from the workplace and other useless expenses, decreasing the total income at last.  

Therefore, teaching a student online turns out to benefit the teacher and student equally without compromising anything. The best platforms for teachers and students to connect are:

  1. Udemy: Udemy is one of the largest online platforms for learning and teaching things. On this website, the teacher puts out the whole course on a certain topic by creating parts of it in videos. The students can access those courses by buying them and then learn from them.
  2. RCampus: RCampus is a must-have for any teacher as it lets him/her keep track of everything that he/she needs. These trackable things include students' names, the test those students need to take or have taken, their grades, and everything else as such products.
  3. Learnopia: This is a platform that is perfect for teachers and students. Teachers can release their content on this platform in the form of videos, files, pdfs, and even PowerPoint presentations.


In a time where web series and movies released by the OTT platforms rule the world of entertainment, it is the perfect time to show your language skills as a translator and earn a good amount from it. A translator's job is to recreate and shape the given content or document into the language of the client's desire.  

This job mainly requires the job designation holder to consist of fluency in the language that he/she will be working as a translator with. Other than that, he/she needs to make sure that the translated document doesn't consist of grammatical errors and can be called a perfect copy of the original document.  

This means that the meaning of the sentences and the whole translated document should not differ from the sentences and the original document's meaning. Therefore, be called a copy of each other. The job of a translator opens a boatload of possibilities for the job holder's career. This means that the person working as a translator can get even the best jobs in the industries where multiple dialects are required for a job holder.  

There are many more benefits to becoming a translator rather than just the one stated in this article. Now, let's talk about some of the best platforms on which you can work as a translator, mostly as a freelancer for your customer. Some of the best online platforms for translators are:

  1. Rev: Rev is one of the best platforms when it comes to getting employed as a translator. This website allows translators to earn more money than other job profiles on its platforms, such as captioners and transcriptionists. This makes it best for anyone looking for a translation job.
  2. Upwork: Upwork is the complete hub for freelancers, no matter which field of job you're in. Finding work as a translator can be an easy task if you advance strategically and properly improve your profile and portfolio.
  3. One-hour translation: This is a website that handles the workload of some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Netflix, Wikipedia, Spotify, and many more. To get into this website as a translator, you need to be fluent in your language and fast with your typing skills.

Web designing

If you've ever seen a website, logo, or any art piece that is made online, then you know what a web designer does. Web designers are the ones who are the best response by the employers in the field of IT. Web designers are the ones who don't just have to be good at making art online and being artistic, but their job also includes a lot of matters that are connected with coding with a programming language.  

A web designer's main roles and responsibilities include designing a web page or blog to resonate with the associated website or the description provided by the client. Web designers are also expected to have some knowledge about any programming language as it could come in need when any sort of design file needs to be embedded in the website's front-end code.  

The need for designers has been constantly increasing for a few years and is expected to grow even further as more people expect their websites to display their thoughts. Becoming a web designer at these times can prove to be very fruitful for anyone who's aspiring to be one as designing things at the comfort of their own home is as good as a job gets, according to many people.  

There are thousands of websites online that are made for web designers to present their services in front of possible clients to get hired. Some of the best websites that you can find a client or business to hire you are:

  1. Upwork: it is one of the best platforms for web designers and has a clientele worldwide. This makes it a probable option for you to present yourself successfully.
  2. 99designs: This is a website made specifically for web designers to create and demonstrate their designs to the buyers who want a certain suitable design for their websites or anything else.
  3. Behance
  4. Freelancer: Freelancer is another one of the world's leading freelance work from home platforms from where any aspiring freelancer can work on a project posted by a client from any part of the world. Along with people and teammates for your team from all around the world.
  5. Fiverr.


Finding a place for you to display the services that you can provide and get hired is not that hard in the time that is currently going on. The job profiles that are mentioned in the above article are the ones that can be the ones for you if you work hard to learn the skills that are needed to perform your task.  

Working for the best business on the other side of the world from where you live is all possible now due to the recent pandemic's circumstances. This article provides you with everything you need to know about the topics related to working as a remote worker.  

Working remotely allows the worker to work from any place if his/her choice has he/she is comfortable. This allows the workers to work without any boundaries caused by the limits of one's reach. 

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