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A marketing manager is a person whose job is to figure out the best market strategy. The position of a market manager varies based on the company's size.

Marketing manager - Roles, Skills, and qualifications

Marketing is one of the important aspects of enhancing your business. Your customers will never know your business exists until you market your business. However, marketing is never a simple task, especially in today's world when the number of companies attempting to create a presence in a particular field is rising. 

Companies that are hell-bent on selling their services or products invest heavily in assigning marketing to certain individuals who are experts and know the ins and outs of business marketing. Professionals in a company's marketing department attempt to develop fresh and innovative strategies to advertise their products and get the brand name in people's thoughts. 

Who is a Marketing Manager?

A marketing manager is a marketing expert who performs the task of finding the right market strategies and tactics to achieve the company's goal.

He is responsible for researching and finding the best market strategies, estimating the market, finding the right customers, and finding ways to get better conversion results. 

Role of Marketing Manager

For the customers and potential customers to know what the brand stands for and what it stands for, the marketing manager is responsible for clearing these thoughts in their minds.

The role of a marketing manager varies depending on the company's size and how his roles are specially defined. Some companies hire more than one marketing manager and allot different roles to them. 

The most common tasks of a marketing manager are the following.

  • Brainstorming strategies to promote a product
  • Manage launch campaign for new products
  • Conduct surveys and research on the best platform to market
  • Evaluate the advertising campaigns and analyze the progress of the campaign.
  • Understanding the change in the market and the evolution of the market
  • To identify the areas where the demand for the product exists.
  • To determine whether the idea or product will sell or not before it is being released or produced.
  • To keep track of the customers and observe their feedback.
  • To determine the target customers based on certain parameters like age, sex, location, and behavior.
  • To estimate the budget of the advertisement campaign needed to be spent.
  • Promote engaging messages and content to attract customers and visitors.
  • Explain to clients why they should use their services and goods and explain how their product will address their problems.
  • Need to lead his marketing team and maintain good coordination and cooperation.

Skills needed to become a Marketing Manager

The marketing manager job is very dynamic. It would help if you were a very critical thinker and must also have very good communication skills. Here are the top skills of a marketing manager.

  • Good communication skills
  • Good planning to execute a promotion
  • Ability to understands the impact of the promotion
  • Must be good at estimating the demand for the product or services
  • Adapt to changing trends in the market
  • Creative in crafting promotional messages.
  • Digital marketing skills. Digital skills are a must, especially for brands trying to expand their business into the realm of the digital world.
  • Must be adept at performing market research and study activity.

How to Become a Marketing Manager?

To become a marketing manager, you need to be very well equipped with all the skills and experience required by a company. You need to complete all the essential courses to be able to apply as a marketing manager. Here are the following:


Getting a degree in marketing is the most important qualification required to be eligible for the Marketing Manager job. All companies look for this minimum educational requirement which proves that you have undergone an intensive marketing course for a minimum of 3 to 4 years. 

The 3-year course helps you prepare yourself with all the skills and basic knowledge of the how-tos and know-hows. You will learn how to perform research studies, make marketing strategies, learn about economics and finance, business management, business ethics, learn techniques that improve reachability, public relations, etc. 

Obtain Experience: 

Being a fresher can always prove undesirable for many firms. Firms prefer someone who already has hands-on experience and has working knowledge to work without spending on training. After completing a marketing degree, you should not sit and wait for a good-paying job to start your career. 

Some universities or colleges offer internship courses to students after graduation. It would be best if you took advantage of these courses to build your portfolio and get exposure. In addition, several corporations visit colleges to recruit students. Never pass up the chance to take advantage of these opportunities. As the quote said, 'Small beginnings are the launching pad to great endings.'

The road is tough for a fresher in this competitive world. So try to remove this "Fresher" tag from your portfolio so that major companies can prefer you once you apply for your next job. Marketers who have experience get a real-world exposure and, therefore, become more knowledgeable and confident to solve all kinds of problems.

Find Entry-Level Job: 

To gain a great deal of knowledge to prepare yourself for a top-level marketing manager job, you should get an entry-level job. The marketing career is like a ladder where you climb up the ladder step by step. Don't look too far up; set your goals high but take one step at a time. You can't expect a job of the highest caliber if you are not equipped with the best skills and experience to carry out the task. 

A marketing manager is responsible for his duties and is also responsible for the efforts of others in his team. Therefore, he has to have the qualities that are required to be a team leader. He is the one to hire, train and motivate the people in his team. He is also the one who has to do strategic planning, team building, and manage budgets.

Job Prospects of Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager is ranked number 15th as the highest paying job. This job is very flexible, and you can have a good life-work balance. You can work well into your 60s. It is a very enjoyable career to choose if you love planning, execution, and showing people new ideas and solutions. They can work on-site or can work from home, depending on the situation. 

How much do marketing managers earn?

Marketing managers earn a salary of $135,000 in 2019. The best-paid earns nearly $190,000 a year.

Career Trajectory

  • Coordinator: The entry-level job of a marketing manager is a coordinator job. This Coordinator can be specialized in many aspects like marketing coordinator, project coordinator, social media coordinator, or marketing specialist. These usually work for 2-3 years at a salary of $30,000 to $40,000 a year. This is where you perform all the groundwork of a marketing job. All kinds of researching information and the basic method of advertising are learned at this level.
  • Marketing Manager: After working for 4-5 years as a coordinator or a marketing specialist, you can get promoted to a marketing manager. Here, you can take home a salary of $50,000 to $70,000 a year. You will be hired as a sales manager or product marketing manager, or public relations manager. He is responsible for performing market research, customer behavior, and competitor activities.
  • The next Career opportunity is Marketing Director: After acquiring seven years' experience, you will get promoted to Marketing Director. Marketing managers submit their data and reports to him, and he analyses their findings and directs a strategy that will work for the company. He earns a salary of $80,000 to $100,000.
  • Vice President of Marketing: With 12-15 years of experience, he is the company's spokesperson, and he offers advice and hints on the improvement of the products and services. The salary of a VP is between $100.000 to $200,000.
  • Marketing managers can have great career projections with experience. Those who have worked their heart out with so much dedication can find themselves a job as a Chief Marketing Officer. He oversees all the daily tasks of planning, execution, development of all marketing strategies. He reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company. He takes home a salary of $200,000 to $300,000 a year and has experience of about 20 or more years.


Marketing managers are the backbone of the company's success. Without a proper marketing strategy, products would not be sold. Marketing managers decide whether the product should be produced or not based on their market predictions. They can tell the competitiveness of the market for that product from their research data. 

All major businesses spend so much on marketers, especially in this social media era; businesses spend a lot on digital marketing on platforms like Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Social media has been a preferred medium for many businesses in the last few years, and demand for tech-savvy marketers is rising exponentially. It is said that the demand for marketing managers will be very high for the next ten years and is projected to grow by 7% from 2019.

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