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What is a WordPress Landing Page? A WordPress landing page, also known as a squeeze page which is used for an advertising campaign or site marketing.

How to create a WordPress landing page - Steps to follow

When you open an online store or website, what is the first thing that you notice?? The pictures? The text? The color? The theme of the page or the all-over presentation of the page? Everyone has a different sense of judgment and opinion. The best websites/sites contain a combination of the above all features giving a unique and attractive texture to the topic of interest. 

This appearance decides whether the buyer is going to stay or not. Now the question is, how can you make such an attention-grabbing site? What is the tool that we can use? The topic we are going to discuss today is WordPress Landing Page. But to understand this concept, let me fill you in first about WordPress. Let us start the discussion.


In simple words, WordPress is a website creation and blogging platform. It is the most famous and simplest way of creating a website or blogging. If you move towards the technical term, we say that it is an open-source content management system (CMS). This system is written in PHP (programming language), then run by the MySQL database. The best part? It's free. 

WordPress can be used by anyone present anywhere in the world. This accessible availability is why almost one in four websites on the internet are run through WordPress. WordPress is a multifaceted CMS. It is designed to be as flexible and functional to the consumer as possible. All this is done with complete security and reliability. This is why it can be used by even beginner-level folks who are not developers at all—making it the key to success for small and large-scale businesses.

Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg invented WordPress as a simple blogging website. It was started in 2003. But due to its easy use and free accessibility, it easily and speedily became a worldwide CMS.

Benefits of WordPress

If you think about why WordPress is such a famous building site, you will find many reasons. Let us simplify and review them below:

  1. First and foremost; Cost-free.
  2. Simplicity.
  3. Uncomplicated.
  4. Flexible.
  5. Security.
  6. Variety of themes and templates.
  7. WordPress plugins.
  8. Open-source software.
  9. No need to be an expert or developer to use.
  10. Easy to install.

Characteristics Of WordPress

A software as big and widely used as this consists of a variety of feature sets. Most of them are amazingly functional. Like:

  • Custom menus
  • Built-in blogs
  • SEO
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Storage database
  • Speed
  • Media file library
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Plugins

All these and more provide a seamless variety of features and tools which help users create a world as unique as their ideas.

Uses Of WordPress

WordPress can be used by an inexperienced individual and a powerful developer, and everyone else in between. Its advanced code and always ongoing updates have become a platform of many factors and ingredients. Making its impact even more powerful. Some of these website types are given below:

  • eCommerce stores
  • Business websites
  • Blogs
  • Podcast website
  • Portfolios
  • Forums
  • Resumes
  • Membership website
  • Event management website
  • E-learning website
  • Emails and almost any other desired factor you can think of

Difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com

WordPress.org is the site from where you can download the WordPress software to use. WordPress is open-source software, so it is free and very easy to download. It is a non-profit foundation of Automattic.

WordPress.com is the version that you can download and start creating websites and blogs on the go. It is owned by Automattic also. It contains many paid upgrade features.

What is a landing page?

When you click on a link in an email, a marketing site, or an ad, you must have noticed that you are directed towards a page related to the topic of interest. Well, that page is called a Landing page and also known as “call to action (CTA)" or “a squeeze page.” A free-standing, independent page that is solely depicted for an advertising campaign or site marketing. The main purpose of this page is to grab the customer’s attention in one go, without the exploration of multiple web pages. And it also reduces the cost levels. Means more goal-oriented work at less price.

Uses of landing pages

You can make as many landing pages as you require for different purposes. Depending upon its usage. Some of these uses are:

  • For sending the customer to a service page or a specific product
  • For paid advertising campaigns
  • For gathering user personal information

Types of landing pages

There is a variety of Landing Pages on the web, but it all depends upon the basis of the business and purpose. In general, there are standard two types based on their goals:

  1. Lead Generation Landing Pages: The basic aim of this type of landing page is to get personal information like name, address, email, etc., it is mostly in the semblance of a Form. It is also called “lead gen” or “lead capture.”
  2. Click-through Landing Pages: The aim is to warm up or excite the customer for a deeper dive into the online store or subscription ahead. Marketers or eCommerce stores mostly use it.

WordPress landing page

If you are a business owner, you will need to promote and bring in the sales. Landing pages are really important in this matter. Where does WordPress come in, you ask? Well. WordPress is the tool or software source through which the Landing page will be created.

Nowadays, in the internet era, when everything is online, people look for the most efficient and fast ways to approach their desired product. For that, Landing pages are the answer. Now, WordPress Landing Pages are created through themes and WordPress Landing Page Plugins. The WordPress Plugins are used for beginners to have a flexible and easy-going experience. 

This means you don't need to be a developer to create a WordPress Landing Page. There are a lot of plugins out there that you can find for creating WordPress Landing pages. Some of these themes and WordPress Plugins are free. At the same time, others are exclusively premium and require payment. Some also have both versions available with the addition or subtraction of some functions.  

Best WordPress landing page plugins

WordPress Landing Page Plugins are highly functional templates that provide unique ways to start a Landing page from scratch. Then further editing can be done through other drag and drop tools available in the software. Here we have rated some of the Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins with some informative details below:

  1. SeedProd: It is considered one of the best Landing Page builders/plugins available on WordPress. It is consumed by over 1 million people all over the world. The SeedProd consists of many amazing and useful features and templates based on simple drag and drop tools. A huge variety of designs and calls to action etc. SeedProd incorporates many top email marketing services like Active Campaign, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, etc. it can also provide a stock of over 2 million pictures for use. The biggest plus point is that SeedProd is the most speed-optimized WordPress Landing Page Plugin.
  2. Beaver Builder: It is another popular and powerful WordPress landing page plugin. It also consists of a powerful set of drag and drop tools and builders. Dozens of ready-made themes. It is also compatible with almost every WordPress theme and also allows switching themes at any point. However, Beaver Builder may be a little advanced for beginners.
  3. Divi: Another popular option. Owned by Elegant Themes, an established WordPress theme, and plugin company. Hundreds of ready-to-use templates. A point and click editor is also available. It can also be used as a stand-alone landing page builder.
  4. Elementor: A very easy-to-use WordPress landing page plugin. It's also super fast—modules for the arrangement of columns, buttons, images, headings, sliders, and more. WordPress plugins integrate several WordPress widgets. Elementor’s also provides an amazing canvas template. Some specially designed page templates are also available.
  5. Leadpages
  6. OptimizePress and many more

How to create a WordPress landing page?

Now let's move towards the procedure of it. A step-by-step process is written below:

  • Select a template from the WordPress Landing Page Plugin
  • Set out a name for your page
  • Add your ideas and content to it. Content must be unique
  • Insert pictures if you want
  • Select a suitable domain name
  • Rerun through all your links and CTA’s
  • Decide and write your SEO title and meta description
  • Finally! Publish it!. Voila!!


Finally, we have concluded today's knowledge fest. I hope you gained something from my efforts above. Let's review it again. WordPress, a global platform for the creation of your content and websites. WordPress Landing Pages are an easy and affordable way of attracting users to your content/product to increase sales. The usage of WordPress plugins is included and necessary for creating a landing page. 

Several thousands of WordPress Plugins options are available for making an attention-grabbing WordPress Landing Page. With the help of this technique, many small and large business owners can attract three times more customers to their product by using their unique ideas and content. WordPress provides a secure and flexible server for even beginners to create their Landing pages. They are making the world full of colorful and unique ideas.

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Dennis Hoinkis CEO, GLOMASTCO Ltd.

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